Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm feeling tired & overstretched. Here I am at this hour, after I "finished" some of my more urgent office work. Today, I feel so tired and having bodyache all over the body that I decided to take a cab home. I fallen asleep in a short while when lying on the bed and by the time I woke up, it's already 10pm+. The 2hr nap does help a bit, at least I no longer feel giddy... however, I still felt tired... Looking forward for the New Year holiday, I truly need a break as last weekend has been a hectic week even though it is a long weekend holiday as I've been busy catching up with friends and bringing my cousin from Malaysia around. Time to sleep le... the Zzz monster is here to get me again... Nitez, my friends...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Singlehood Vs Marriagehood

Once reached 30s, people surrounding you will start asking, are you attached? If yes, when are you planning into marriage? This is especially true for the gals...

Is it a crime not getting married when you are already in your 30s? We all know that globally, there are less men than women, and with overseas competition, it's becoming more and more difficult for the single ladies to get an ideal male partner, especially if you are a plain Jane. As we all are aware, most guys looked out for appearance vs character, which has been proven and reconfirmed each year when the statistic board came up with their survey result with those in singlehood.

Gals, love to be loved too, be it the most career minded women that I've known, will come a time, wish to settle down with someone she loves. But when will this someone appears? At her most vulnerable times, she will yearn for a shoulder to lean on... She will envy friends who are having a happy family and hope to get rid of her single hood soon.

But for friends who are in a marriage, they will say, they envy us, the singles. We have the freedom to act according to our hearts. They always need to think twice before making any decision for fear of the impact on their other half. They will reminisce the good old days when they get to save a lot, but after marriage, their savings simply goes to the house utilities bills, household bills, child education & child enrichment courses, etc... They will envy the singles who can just go for a tour without worries, while they can't simply leave their children behind. But if the whole family were to go on a tour, that will be additional expenses and the budget can only allow them to go to nearby countries.

So, is being single or being married better? I would say there will be pros & cons. As much as I love the idea of setting up my own family some day, I do not wish to settle down for the sake of getting married. Getting married is a lifetime commitment, I need to make sure he's the one that I wanted to spend my life with... however, sometimes, even if you think he is the one, this may not be the truth... Life is simply contradicting! So friends, what are your thoughts?

This reminds me a quote from a story by Ajahn Brahm "Poor me, lucky them":
It is precisely the same for single people who envy those who are married, and the married people who envy those who are single. As we all should know by now, when we get married, we are only exchanging "single-person's suffering" for "married-person's suffering."Then when we get divorced, we are only exchanging "married-person's suffering" for "single-person's suffering." Poor me, lucky them.


歌曲: 勇气
作词: 光良
作曲: 瑞业

放在我手心里 你的真心
放在我手心里 你的真心
我虽然心太急 更害怕错过你
放在我手心里 你的真心



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hereby taking the chance to wish all and family a joyous Christmas!
Hope you have enjoyed yourselves on the special day!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stressed Up!

I received an assignment recently. This is coming real late and time is really tight. I'm sort of stressed up with my recent heavy work load with this coming new assignment which I need to accomplish within 3 days. I hope I can do a good job on it. Will share more details later...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Card Challenge

I'm hosting a card challenge in Groovy Java Scraps Cafe. You need to sign up at the Groovy Java Scraps Cafe in order to view the thread. My Challenge will be a simple one, as, with the bad economy, we all need to tighten our spendings, so my challenge will be creating a Xmas card simply using cardstock & Pattern Paper only.

The first one to post a Xmas Card will be entitled to below RAK.

But I'm not restricting to Xmas Card only! I'll get my family to choose their favorite card and the winner get this.

Come and join us and have some fun. Deadline for submission will be Singapore Time 21 Dec 7pm. International participants are welcomed! Enjoy!!!

Hmm... Think the size of the photo is too big and is cropped, so the actual RAK is more than what you see in my blog, do check them out at the forum!

Happy Dong Zhi 冬至快乐!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Wanna Break Free!

I can't imagine what will I become if life were to continue this way for the next few months. Not only that I'm physically tired, but also mentally tired. Now, I really have no wish to think too much what will happen next...

I don't really have the mood to celebrate Xmas as currently, only "STRESS" is up on my head! I need a break! Maybe I should consider hiding in an island over the long Xmas weekend since I need not work on 26th Dec... Any suggestion to where I can hide? Maybe a place without mobile phone and internet connection, where no one to disturb me. Just a few days of peace and simple life...

Is it too late to plan for a short break? Hmm...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Asking for the hand publicly?

Last Sat Nite when chit-chatting with Ning over MSN, she shared with me a proposal story her guy friend who proposed to his girlfriend in a dance event. While her other friends think that this is terribly romantic, Ning find it embarrassing if she were the female lead role. Then she asked my views on it.

First thought, the guy is romantic. Second thought, the guy must be courageous and confident enough to propose in the public. Why I say this? To propose in the public, the guy must be confident enough that he will succeed. If not, he must be courageous enough to face the rejection and embarrassment.

Also, the guy must poised the question at the right timing, else it will only place the gal in a difficult spot. To reject on the spot cause the guy embarrassment, however, if she's not ready yet and she nodded her head, she may back out any moment, causing more hurt feelings. And should she accept the proposal because of the peer pressure, the marriage may not last. Even if with the correct person, the timing still plays an important role!

I wouldn't ask for such "romantic-ness" unless the timing is correct when both are ready to go to the next phrase of life... but sometimes even both factors are available, the thing will still not go through, as life is unpredictable...

Tell me more about romantic proposal stories, I would love to hear them... I have heard a nos of them and left a deep impression... Ask me about the stories? I'll share to you next time...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Card Making...

Initially was procasinating about whether to make cards for my ex-colleagues as I'm pretty busy at work and having low energy level. But since I'll be attending Edwin's Wedding dinner on next week and happened to be home alone today, I decided to make good use of my time - to watch VCD & make more Xmas cards...
Now, I'm trapped, the more I count, the more cards I seems need to make, and time is pretty tight, so I decide to "mass produce some of the designs" with a bit of difference here and there by placing the embellishments / cut outs, etc in different position...
Here's a sneak preview on what I've made so far... in fact, to be exact, only one card is complete, the rest has yet to be completed with stamping / further embellishing...

K, time to go, need to check out my company and webmail and do a bit of sorting... The thought of going back to work on tomorrow really make me feel dreadful... With the rest of the gals sharing the same thoughts, I need to action fast coz if I were the one who stay behind, you probably will soon see me in newspaper and I definitely hope not... nitez...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interesting Xmas Tree along Orchard

After the Fairy Tale Class at Laines, I started to Jalan around Orchard Area.

Spotted this Beary Xmas Tree in Takashimaya, how would you like to bring a bear home? Green, Red or White?

Then I spotted this cool Xmas Tree outside The Heeren. The Xmas tree is made of Coca Cola Bottles!!! I love it, And the best part of it, you can spot the shape of a Coca Cola Bottle on the tree. Cool!!! Coca Cola is always my favourite!

Christmas Cards Creation

Just to share some of my card creations for the past 1 month

A Birthday Card for someone special...
I create the dimension by popping up the kitten stamped image and the square mount with 3-D Pop Dots. Shaded the image with Marvy Markers and written the phrase "Happy Birthday!" with my Sakura Glaze to get the embossing effect.

A simple stack of stamped coupons tied up with a string of faux pearls & lace...

Christmas Cards for Swapping with TSL members!
~ Loving the distressed look of the Xmas card, I've stamped the phrase "Season's Greetings" in 2 tones to create a dimension.
Looked at the Christmas wooden ornament which further creates a dimension in the card...
~ I've had fun with the Gold Leaf Pen to color the border of the card with Gold color

I love the cut out of the flowes from the PP, it's just go so well with the Prima PP and create a Xmas feel...

More cards! Especially for my angel Pals & Jaron!
~ A Simple green Xmas Ornament Card distressed with inks and hand stamped with Greetings. Cute little Jaron is so excited and loving it, thinking that how come I know he like Mars! (He have mistaken the Xmas ornaments as the Mars... heheee :P)
~ Glittered PP with a touch of Xmas wooden Ornament, I've actually accientally broken the round frame of the wooden ornament, so I cut off and color the edges with my Gold Leaf Pen, then layer it on a scallop paper punch out. Dor has fancied this card when I took out to take a pic of it , and coincidentally, this card is meant for her :)
A simple Xmas Card embellished with a Christmas flowers, how do you like the Christmas feel?
This is the Xmas card that I make at Sophia's place during last crop, I've since then improvised the design by outlining the Xmas ornaments and the border of cards and message frame with my Gold Leaf Pen.

~ I'm having fun with my newly bought Tim Holtz distressed stickes... scattered the stickles around the card to create a distressed yet glittering effect...

The window pane is hand drawn and the presents are cut out from pattern paper (PP)

Open up the window, you see the angel guardian...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks for dropping by...

Today, when I check out my Nuffnang Analytics, I've got a shock! For the 1st time I've 18 unique vistors from various countries, like United States, Singapore, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Spain & India dropping by my blog within a day. This is something very rare as I hardly even have 20 unique visitors a month.

I do not know how these overseas vistors dropped by my blog but I really thank you for dropping by, and I would love to hear comments on how you think about my blog or my works. I welcome all comments, be it positive or negative...

Have a great day and great weekend ahead!

Make & Take @ Laines

This is a much belated post... I've done this make & take at Laines private party for the members on 27th Nov 08. Have had much fun altering the container... Ed has given me so much inspiration to create the dimension by popping up the Snow flake cut out and formed a group of dancing the Nov Santa Clauses...

I've cut out the holly leaves / Xmas ornaments / Xmas presents from several PPs for the side decoration; and colored the light bulbs of the "Merry & Bright" Rub On with my Marvy Markers...

Oh yes. I missed out to decorate/alter the teadlight candle... Shucks! This shall be done later...

Recent LOs...

Made these 2 LOs of similar group of photos, 2 different type of feelings...

1st LO: Cheeky as I am, but I'll always by my mom's baby...
~ This is done during the Nov Crop session at Changi Simei CC using diecuts...

Can you see that I've used the spellspinder frame dies to emboss the mini photos?

2nd LO: Cutie Pie
~ This LO is for the mini Challenge by Sophia during our last crop at Sophia House. The PP and white daisy are RAK from Sophia.

I've actually cut up 1 Prima Crystal Swirl into 3 parts. Look! The 3-D butterfly is created using my newly bought EK butterfly paper shaper... Added in more dimension by adding the MM Epoxy flower & Prima blue daisy to the stalks of flowers on the PP.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mommy's Birthday Celebration Photos

A little bouquet make a Big difference! See the wide grin on mama's face...

Zooming in to have a closer view of the bouquet that brightens mom's day...

What's in the bag?

A Simple Pearl Pendant with diamonds...

Rounding up the session with a group photo...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Actually I've quite a fair bit to post on what's happened for the past few days, but I'm really very tired with all the work that is piling up over the long weekend. Hey, ain't my Malaysia / Singapore customers supposed to be having a holiday and shut down on the 8th Dec? But I see emails coming in from late Fri night throughout the weekend :(

I yearn for a shoulder to lean on... but find my bolster is the best support I can count on... For the past few weeks, I tends to doze off during mid way watching TV... it's really a sign of fatigue. K, Zzzz monster coming over me, need to go to dreamland le...

Nitez, my friends, hope you have a good sleep tonight...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HaPpY BiRthDaY to Ya, Mama!

Today's Mama's Big day. Am supposed stressed...

Have some hiccups on the coordination and I'm dead stressed. Coz if Zzz not joining us, will head for Jumbo Waterfront instead of Jumbo Riverside, but been waiting for Zzz's call but it never came. Finally got Zzz and immediate make a booking for a table of 6 as Zzz can't make it. Shortly after booking made, sis informed that dad is delayed by his work and I rushed off to change the dinner time slot.

Super busy with my work and trying my best to finish as much as I can, then I rushed off to buy a last minute present which I already had in mind but no time to make the purchase. The sky is not in favour for me and it's raining cats and dogs, got myself drenched even though I've got an umbrella.

Finally got to Bugis SK and got a pearl pendant which the salesgirl, Cheryl, recommended. She's got great taste and good recommendation, the pendant is something simple yet elegant and reasonably priced. Then I rushed off to cold storage to get a mini bouquet of rose for mom on behalf of dad, something cheap and decent. And notty me, despite mom's numerous reminder not to buy cake, I proceed with that. What's a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? Moreover, today is her 60th birthday!

Tata, finally reached Jumbo waterfront after a long long queue at Parco Bugis Taxi Stand! Timing is quite nice, I reached only 15mins after the rest arrived the restaurant. Get daddy to present the mini bouquet of rose to Mom and Didi & Ho thought it's their anniversary. The whole thing is planned by me, inviting these special guests beforehand then I advise to my family on the dinner arrangement.

But Ho, is very alert and with super great memory, she vaguely remember mom's birthday is somewhere around this timing only then we reveal it's mom's birthday today. We had a great time over the dinner with a few simple dishes. and after dinner we had a stroll along the bridge connecting Coasta Rhu Condominium & the waterfront. The only regret is probably Bro & Zzz can't join us for dinner. Bro is on a last min mission to bring the tour group to Malacca, but luckily he did remember to send mom a Happy Birthday Greetings.

Can see that mom has really enjoyed today and glad that my efforts paid off. Whatever stress that I've gone through the day is all thrown aside upon seeing mam's wide grin on the face.... Oh yes, thanks Didi & Ho for coming over in the noon, mama really enjoyed your accompany.

Photos to be posted later... the Zzz monster is coming over me, have been super lethargic recently with the increasing work load & stress...

Sunday, November 30, 2008





Saturday, November 29, 2008


I've received this special inviation, which I need to provide a short profile and a photography of myself. However to my horror, I couldn't find any recent photo of me alone! What happened? I've long lost the feeling of being the object of photography... All these while, I have been taking photographs of others /foods / interesting sights or objects, but not myself. That's why, when I scrap, I hardly scrap myself, I'll scrap about my friends' kids, any if any of myself, you will see that these photos are most likely taken years back...

Profile of myself? I'm just a simple person who loves to think complicatedly. Isn't this contradicting? Yes, indeed I am! Not only that I'm a typical Gemini who is of 2-sided characters - introvert at most times but can be as crazy, noisy @ times; I'm also a very contradicting person. While I hope to live simple, I tends to think too far, and much complicated & complex at most times; while I'm a very emotional & sensational person, I can be very practical & sensible @ times and much of an horror to people surrounding me (a war of sense & sensibility).

Hmm, so can I use this short write up as my profile? Hahahaaa...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Random Rattling...

Today is supposed to be a happy day for me...

I managed to complete a LO in less than an hour, which is a feat for me. As lazy scrapper like me, can take hours and even years to complete a LO :P

Went to Laines and get to make a lovely Xmas Make & Tag, will post this later... coz I decided to make some adjustment in the alighment to make it look better.

After the Make & Take, we had a lucky dip and woo hoo, I managed to get the coupon with 2 items @ 40% off. And best of it, after I made my purchases, I managed to get another lucky dip coupon with 2 items @ 40% off.

However, later part of the day, bad news just keep rolling. Went to the Swatch group to change my Tissot watch battery, however, the price is really scary, one battery @ $36! As mine is a 2-faced watch, this means I need to pay $72 for the batteries alone, which is 1/6 of the original watch value, this is almost absurb! So now I hold on to the battery changing... :(

I also get to know that today will be last day of my best pal in work, this really sadden and dampen my spirits. I hate to feel lonesome & helpless in work, no more Khaki to share my thoughts/complaints nor joke around... And worst of all, she is the "victim" of "retrenchment" which we both deeply feel that this is simply bullshit from the management as all this while they don't see eye to eye in each other. That there will be headcount freeze, and our US counterpart will be taking back some of the responsbilities for the remaining CS. How true is this? We shall see!

Just logged into company web mail, there is another 200 emails in my inbox, can you imagine this morning I just cleared 200 emails? Although most are FYI and need no actions, but I spent almost an hr just doing the sorting and scan through the emails... I have no wish to action on the emails as anyway Monday will be the day!

Coming Monday shall be the beginning of my toughest/darkest period in work. To hell to thee!!! Wish me good luck!

Good News!!! So Excited...

I'm so happy when I logged in this morning to receive an invitation... As to what's it's for, I shall not reveal yet. I'll review once things are finalised. This is so exciting! >o<

Monday, November 24, 2008


歌曲:求婚(Song Title: Proposal)
歌手:赵咏华 (Singer: Zhao Yong Hua)
作曲:姚若龙 (Composed By: Yao Ruo Long)
作词:李正帆 (Lyrics By: Li Zhen Fan)

you say you've a cute little dog, which always complain of you not knowing how to take care of it

& say, you have a beautiful kitchen, which never smell of fragrance of home cooked dishes

I do not cry, laugh, nod my head nor shake my head

seeing you perspire like rain

waiting you to state a hundred reasons for proposal

to measure the weightage of me in your heart

You say you will simply spend every cent on hand, and you really need some one to take care of
your fianance

& say, your friends will always bully you because of your foolishness, and you really need an intelligent partner to help you avoid falling into the trap

I do not cry, laugh, nod my head nor shake my head

pretending that what you've said is yet to move me

I insisted on a hundred reasons for the proposal

who ask you to make me wait so long for this day to come

You say, lying on your broad shoulder, will definitely feel the warmth and get sound in sleep

& say, despite your poor memory, you shall never forget anything instruction from your wife



This is another classic song of Zhao Yong Hua, the lyrics is a bit cheeky and brings out the difference of men vs. women. Most times, man's mind will overrule their head; of which, woman, usually is the oppposite. That's why most time, man love to propose on a very practical ground while woman long for a romantic proposal. This, I strongly agree! Some friends have shared how their other half proposed on the ground to buy a flat for building a home of their own, while they wished for a more romantic proposal, despite knowing the fact that building a home means it's time to look for roof above them. Why some gals long for a romantic proposal, is not only it's a precious memory of their love journey but also help the gals fulfil their vanity (getting friends envy over the proposal story).

I've always resisted the idea that a guy propose on the basis of having the need to get a flat, preparing for their marriage. The actual reason of proposal is because you need to get a flat, or, because you love me & hope to grow old together? Even if deep down in my heart, I know the reason; I would still very impractically yearn for my future partner to proposal romantically... Yup, this is WOMAN! Woman = sensational animal. To woman, the proposal is equally important as the wedding, and this is one rare occasion for them to act wilful and become most "impractical". Even for the most practical woman, they most probably yearn the same, don't you think so?

Pls pardon me for my poor translation, this simple translation is for the benefit of visitors who have difficulty in reading & understanding my chinese blog post.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

最浪漫的事 The Most Romantic Thing

歌曲:最浪漫的事 (Song Title: The Most Romantic Thing)
歌手:赵咏华 (Singer: Zhao Yong Hua)
作曲:姚若龙 (Composed By: Yao Ruo Long)
作词:李正帆 (Lyrics By: Li Zhen Fan)


Seating on the carpet, back to back

listening to music, talking about our dreams

I hope that you be more gentler

while you hope that I'll always place you in my heart

You say that you wanna give me a romantic dream

for leading you the way to paradise

even if it meant taking whole life to fulfil

you shall remember all that I've said

The most romantic thing that I can think of

is to age with you together

collecting bits of happy memories

for the sake of reminiscing by the rock chair in the future

The most romantic thing that I can think of

is to age with you together

until the moment we are too weak to go else where

I shall still held you in my hand like a treasure

“最浪漫的事”是我挚爱的经典歌曲之一,而它也实实在在的诉说着我的情怀与心境。我心目中最浪漫的事就如歌词中提及最浪漫的事。一直以来,看到那些年迈的夫妇,手牵着手,感到十分羡煞;更期待能够找到一份执子之手,与子偕老的爱情。可是,在这个速食年代, 这样的爱情依然存在吗?

"The Most Romantic Thing" is one of my favourite classic songs, it has typically spell out my definition of the most romantic thing. I've always envy old couple who will hold hands, walking side by side, growing old together; this is what I hope to see in love. However, in this fast pace & ever changing world, do such love still exist?

Pls pardon me for my poor translation, this simple translation is for the benefit of visitors who have difficulty in reading & understanding my chinese blog post.

Listen to my heart?

Recently, I've been facing this dilemma again...

Should I listen to my heart and proceed with what I've been wanting to do all this while? This is been my dream since young and I've always been hesitating to make the very first real step... "Fear" is the word, "uncertainty" is the word, & "courage" is something I lack of... I fear for the uncertainty for making this decision, as I lack the courage to face the reality should I fail. However, 华英雄ever mentioned in one of the gathering when the few of us are talking about this topic, it's only when you give up something, then you will be willing to strive for the other thing which you wanna pursue and will by all means, make it happen! This I know, deep in my heart, especially with previous experience. But I still fear...

Although I'm single, me too have many commitments and concerns. My parents are aging without any insurance & CPF. Dad is growing old and probably need to retire soon without much savings. Mom is with many sickness and at the risk of having stroke striking any moment... Although I recognised the fact that money is not everything, but I can't deny the importance of money.

With the increasing living standard, inflation and medical charges, $$$ will be of a big concern in the near future. I do have some savings for rainy days, but these savings will not be sufficient to sustain living for long run should dad retired / mom fall sick again.

I wanna get out of the rat race... I know the way there but I dare not face the uncertainty... Recently, I've been receiving messages to go for it, but I'm unwilling just let go and follow my heart, as this will mean zero payout to my one whole year effect. I'm still struggling... Should I listen to my heart and head for it? Should I? Should I not?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sneak Preview of Xmas Cards

I've been rather productive last Sat and I've finally managed to do up the 2 cards for the Xmas card swap plus additional 2 more for my friends. Here is the sneak preview. I did not show the full design of the cards yet as some of my friends / swap partner may be popping by... :P Will show thme after Xmas...
I've much fun playing with the gold leaf pen. I'm still not very skillful and still got a long long way to learn the different techniques using the gold leaf pen. Did you managed to spot any traces of it?

Lovely Buy from Daiso

I'm loving these from Daiso...

I've always have a fetish for maple leaves... This is the last bunch I found in Daiso, if not I would have grab more for some craft work. But since there is only one bunch, I would love to keep it as I have accidentally broken the maple leaf that I picked up from Rome as memento during my Year 2000 Europe Tour :(

I've always love Christmas even though I'm not a Christian. It's a season of sharing and giving... These Christmas flowers have helped to create a atmosphere of Xmas and I'm loving them... What about you?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fabulous Giveaway @ Modish!

Do check out Modish for their fabulous Giveaway!

There is $778 worth of fabulous handmade stuff! The best thing is, international residents qualify for the giveaway too!
This is a whole lot of simply lovely creations! Do check out the link on the list of contributors of the giveaway! I've already spotted a nos. of really nice stores which I'm hoping to receive my Xmas gifts from there, will share more in future posts...
To qualify for the giveaway - check out Modish Blog.

Free Classes at Bad Girls

There will be 22 free classes from 15Nov - 23Nov ' 08 at Bad Girls! Just looking at the sneak preview of the projects make me excited! Do check it out at Bad Girls!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crop @ Sophia's Place

I know this is a long overdue post... but I just want to share how much fun we've had at Sophia's place during the crop on 1st Nov '08.

Initially, I hesitate to join the crop as I've not photos to scrap, but changed my mind; decided to join the crop just to meet some new friends and catch up with old friends.
Started on one of the Xmas card during the crop session and this is still incomplete, will get it done by today though... This is using the Bazzil cardstock & Basic Grey PP. And I've stamped many images / sentiments by courtesy from Sophia.
Finally meet Unazukin (Meiling) & Mama2omar (Aniza) in person...

The adults are busying scrapping their way through /chit chatting / photo taking...

While the kids are having their own fun too...

Of course, we will not be ill treating ourselves, Pizza for lunch & many more finger food, snacks & fruit...
After the lunch, we decided to have an ATC swap, and these are my humble works...

And we wrap up the session with a group photo but too bad June has made her move earlier...
Back Row from right: Yannie, CK (Me), Meiling, Aniza
Front Row from right: Edleen, Sophia, Haryati
Photos posted by Courtesy from Edleen, Sophia & Me.... :P