Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's up, babe?

I've been pretty busy, or rather, super busy for the past 2 weeks. Busy with what? You may ask...

Naturally, busy with the tight work schedule as customer has now ramped up and started to pull in parts before the Chinese New Year holidays to meet production schedule. Have been staying later most of the days, not only me but whole group of CS, even though who are sick really think twice before they go on medical care. Have just finished reading company webmail *yawn*

And of coz, busy with packing up the room to welcome sis' visitors and also preparation for Chinese New Year...

Other than that, I'm also busy with....

Hehe, here's some sneak preview of what I'm busy with recently, I'll tell you more later coz me have been not been having enough beauty sleep and pimples have now start popping up like nobody business... gtg, nitez...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Farewell to The Velvet Cat

The news of closure of biz of The Velvet Cat is rather saddening. It is one of the local online scrapbooking store which I bought most from, even compared to the LSS (Local Scrapbooking Store).

The Store owners, Mel & Lina, whom are twins, are a friendly couple of gals who try to hold monthly open house with "Make & Take" session occasionally. This is where it holds my wonderful memories of learning simple yet so interesting mini projects. I used to thought they are one the most popular local online stores.

Nevertheless, I glad to know Mel & Lina. I can understand that they have other priorities in life for this moment, and it must have been a great struggle for them before they decided to wind the biz. Thanks for being such lovely hostesses to us everytime you hold the open house. Take care & all the best!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally, a SDU Member!!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a degree nor have I just completed one, so I'm not eligible to join the Singapore SDU (Social Development Unit). The SDU I'm referring to, is, Scrapbooking Design University, lol!!!

Made With Love (MWL) has finally brought in the course and having a special promo and since the offer is much better, we (MF & me) dropped our ideas 2 register with Laines Papeterie. The original offer for the launch class is super yummy, can't really recall all, but for 2 to register, the 2nd pax get to pay 50% only, split the cost among two, that will be $210 each instead of original $280. It also includes freebies like $50 MWL voucher, An Album, free upgrading of Member card and special graduation party, and many many more....

Due to overwhelming response, we did not managed to register for the launch class and was on waiting list, and another promo package is given to us. 15% off course fees for a pair of registrants, which is $238.00 each, and free upgrade of Member card. So for me, the offer is still not too bad a deal for I've difficulty filling up the basic Frequent Shopper Card since most of my purchase are done online, mainly in US, else Local Scrapbooking Store (LSS) when they having sale .

P/S: Surname is Chai, the shop assistant has indicated wrongly, blur him, keke :P

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crop session by Scrappin Kids - 12-Jan-08

Was invited by Liza to join the crop session by Scrappin Kids. This group targetted participants are actually mothers, however, the crop session is open to Singles as well.

The crop is session is held at Savannah Condo Park in Simei Area. It was actually around the corner from Melville Park and all I need to do, is walk in a bit further. However, the security guard actually direct me all the way all to PIE. Yes, your eyes are not playing trick on you, I actually ended up spent almost 1hr walking around Simei PIE, tired & thirsty that I almost gave up. You must have asked why never check street directory, the problem is, internet connection has problem and I try accessing via GPRS but have difficulty zooming so can't see the direction clearly.

I should arrived on time, and in fact, earlier; but with the stupid extra walking journey, I was late for near 1hr. If not Wati called to inform that Yati is still on her way, I would want to go home instead.

Luckily I made my way to the crop session. I finally get to meet Liza whom I liaise virtually before but never met before, and make new friends, and best of all, learnt new card making skills. Not only that, I even get to try the yummy cupcake by Deedah. Not only does it taste nice, it is also very yummy for the eyes. Look at the variety of colours & designs, are you drooling now?

As I was late, I did not get to make an altered name tag for a partner. Instead, I got one from Leena. Love the way she put the blings on the AC thickers Alpha.

Then, I managed to learn to make the tag card from groovie Lia. Lovely use of the dolly paper... Like the combination of using stamping, inking, layering and ribbons on the card.

Then time for Bingo game, our team managed to score the highest and both my partner & I get to win 2 single AL flower stamps each. Followed by that is the challenge. We are suppose to use the sketch by Lia for our layout. Below is Lia's masterpiece to showcase as a reference.

And here is my take. Journal reads: This hand made gift from you is more previous than any other. I wasn't too satisfied with the journaling, will reconsider to do a new journal instead.

Sort of realised & regret my insensitivity to the muslim participants whom makes up the major ethnic group that day, for scrapping the piggy layout, but luckily they are very open minded and did not get offended, instead they marvel over the cuteness of the piggy.

Of course I did not win the challenge as compared to the rest, my layout is much more simpler with minimial of techniques used. But I do enjoy myself and quite happy that I finally scrap and complete one layout :)

We end the session with taking group photos and I look forward to the next crop session. Tired (because of the 1hr walking) but super happy for the day as I've achieved much - a tag card & a 6"x6" LO. Lol, this is how a lazy scrapper get excited over a mini LO done.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just some updates...

You guys must be wondering how come I'm MIA. Have been having problems logging in due to some internet connection problems so I did not get to update my blog for the past 1 week. I'll be doing some recent updates that what's going on for the past 1 week...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Unlucky Day

Time for my medical check up at Changi General Hospital. The doctor asked how I feel, but actually I still feel something stuck in my throat and in fact worse, except that the vomitting has stopped by the medicine. But Iwas told as my throat had swollen much, the doctor is unable to diagnose if there's really something stuck in my throat. So I gotta schedule another appointment 3 weeks later. But that day happens to fall on 7-Feb which is during CNY, so it was rescheduled to 4 weeks later which happens to be Valentine Day - 14/Feb. What a date? Haha...

On my way back, received a sms from Dajie asking how I am after reading my blog. Was thinking to reply her later, however, the clumsy "humpty dumpty" had a great fall... You can see bruises and cut around my palm & knee caps and in fact at my elbows... If not for the jeans, i guess those injuries on my knee cap will be worse. And I actually sprain my left thumb, how ridiculous it is?

Can this be considered as law of attraction? The bad things simply come after one another... lol...

Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Visit to Changi General Hospital A&E

The throat is not getting any better and I suddenly realised that the uneasiness might not be caused only due to the vomitting, but rather, I may have tablets stuck in my throat mid way as recently I have been feeding on some bigger tablets of medicine which I find difficulty in swallowing. Could it be that it is the medicine that can't get down, causing food unable to channel properly leading to the acid causing all the discomfort? I decide to consult the company doctor for fear that I may require to X-ray my throat. As the doctor can't determine the throat uneasiness is caused by vomitting or really because of having tablet stuck in my throat, she referred me to Changi General Hospital A&E (Accident & Emergency).

The visit @ A&E is real painful and long process. It started off with registration @ counter25 at 8:44pm, then room 15 for a general review of what's happened to me. Then I went to room 8 to be treated by the doc. I was asked to go to room 29 for an x-ray session on my throat and before going back to room 8 for further consultation. After the consultation, I was told to go to counter 11 at the nurses' station to wait for my turn to go to room 37 to do a scope check by the throat specialist. I was lucky enough to have the doc came in 15mins' time, just before I went in the room, I realised there have been other patients waiting for more than 1 hr for her. But due to prioirty given to patient with more urgent attention required, I got to go in first.
Doing a scope is no fun at all, the doc will first spray some antiseptic to your nose to numb your nose portion, then insert the "snakey" tube from your nose. You gotta breathe in & out from your nose so that the tube can be inserted more easily. I wasn't aware until the throat specialist doctor had difficulty inserting the tube from my nose down to my throat, then she told me. I was told that if I had accidentally swallow a tablet, it is too small to view from the X-ray but she couldn't trace anything from my throat. It may be true that tablet got stuck but it will get dissolved in a few days' time. Just before I leave the room, she asked me to hold on, she found a very fine visible line in my X-ray and need to do another round scope. Yucks! Another round of of scope check? After the session, I felt my throat with all the bitterness and I kept returning to toilet to spit out the antiseptic that has flowed to my throat.

Back to room 8, the doctor has advised that everything seems fine so I just need to take some medicine to stop the acid that caused me to feel nausea. Went to counter 27 to have my next appointment fixed on 17-Jan and collect medicine at counter 18 and finally ended the process by making payment at counter 26.

I was considered lucky enough to complete my consultation within 2 hrs, I have many patients who came in much earlier than me still seating around waiting for another round of examination.

Seeing some many words, can't visualise? Here's a diagram for your better understanding....


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Merlion Again

Was in the washroom performing the Merlion's stunt for the past 1 hr. Feeling super terrible and lousy... I suspect the bit of stuff that got stuck in my throat has blocked my airway and causes food eaten not digested properly with more got stuck near my my airway. This is probably the reason why for these few days I have been suffering from gastric juice oozing out any moment. This is terrible.

I've tried so hard to vomit out and even try coughing hard, hoping to churn out the bit of stuff, but, eventually after half an hour's struggling, I see no result. And worse of all, I saw blood being vomitted out again...

What happened? If this were to continue, I probably will die soon... If things are not getting any better, I think I will go and consult the doctor, if not, I will probably really die soon. Haiz... why is all these unbelieveable things happening to me?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Was in the toilet vomiting again earlier… Yucks! I hate it, esp., with the gastric juice vomited out together, the feeling really sucks. I was in the toilet for almost 1/2hr, and kept vomited. I thought, finally, I can vomit out the little bit of stuff that has been stuck in my throat for the past few days, but to my dismay, there are still some final bits… But feeling is much better than previously.

I remember that I used to envy this colleague who has this amazing skill to vomit when she had eaten too much, all she need is to open her mouth and all the stuff will be out. And best of all, the good stuff that she ate, like bird nest and abalone will remain untouched in her gastric, pending for digestion.

But now, I feel that I do not envy at all. For the past 1 week, I have always been disturbed by the gastric juice before I started to vomit. And when I vomited real bad, running nose & tears will come along. And with the stench & aftertaste, this is no fun at all. And I’m definitely of no interest in getting anorexia although nowadays, food is not much of an interest to me, as compared to before. I still eat as normal, just with lesser portion.

I hope, soon, I can get rid of the final bit in my throat and I can be back to normal life style, “God” bless!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Food for tonight

Class gathering was cancelled so I stayed at home and have a R&R day at home. Ever since Mom back in home town, dad has been eating outside food most days which he do not enjoy much, so sis & I decided to cook dinner for today. Whipped up some simple dishes with combined effort together with sis, she has helped to chop the celery & carrots & helped with cleaning/washing after the cooking :)

Here's dinner for the night!
1. Kau Kee Soup
2. Stir Fried Celery, Cabbage & Carrot
3. Pan Fried Fish with ginger slices

Nothing too fantastic, but still edible :P

Friday, January 4, 2008

Past Week Journal

Just an update of what I've been doing for the past 1 week...

Had a catch up with Robin Khoo & MF at Novena area. Went to 师奶茶餐厅, a HK cafe to have our dinner. I've ordered this 鸳鸯双扒饭with Shanghai sauce and MF ordered this 鸳鸯双式意粉。The food tasted not bad, but the mango juice with Pamelo is sort of disappointing. It can never be compared to those I tasted in HK & Macau.

Went to Crestar Family Day organized by Dor's company. Together with MF, Mei & Dor we had for Sentosa. Original plan is to prepare a birthday surprise for Dajie but too bad, she can't make it... Dor had won a prize but the prize was actually some kiddy story books as the sponsor is the book publisher and what do you expect??? keke :P

Tried the skyride + luge. The luge is quite exciting and we had much fun...

We watched "Song of the Sea" during the evening, it is quite nice.... a combination of laser effects, musical fountain & fireworks. I guess "Ah mah" will probably enjoy it if she were there...

Will upload the photos from my camera later... keke :P

Vomitted when I reached home, I always have this problem when I over ate since back in 1-2 yrs ago. Will vomit if I overload my stomache and, in fact I did!

Head for home after work. Decided to whipped up some simple dishes instead, luckily they are still edible based on the fact that most of "ready" food which need minimal preparation -- leftover roasted pork & chicken fried in dark soy sauce, stir-fried cabbage with carrot, hotdogs dices with baked beans...

Dad found this pair of 3-D specs, which he decided to put on to act as Mr Cool Man... Quite Epic yah? Well, he's actually is indeed a cool man who rarely smile, keke :P

Meifeng is back from Aussie & we had a mini gathering together with Ong Susu. Met up at Aji Teh we actually shared 5 side dishes, 1 fried soba + 3 desserts. Guess we are simply too hungry and busy digging in, thus forgotten to snap the photos of the yummy food we ate, but I've not forgotten the yummy desserts.After that, we went to McDonald's to continue our chit chat session, before we know it, it was already 12am+ so we shared a cab home, by the time we reach Tampines, cab fare was already $20+, in the past, I need not pay more than $17.00. The cab fare hike is really terrible, not only for us passengers, but also for the cab drivers. Eventually the one who benefitted are the shareholders of the cab company...

Back home, I vomitted again, and in fact vomitted BLOOD, but this time round is not so much of over-eating, but rather is not feeling well. Had not been feeling too well since the Sentosa trip, after that day's vomitting, I keep have a feeling that something is stucked in my throat. Since I started to vomit, I tried to cough and all ways to try forcing the "something" out. Probably I tried too hard that my throat got injured and bleeded. True enough, 2 bloody lumpy stuff were vomitted out, wrapped in the blood are some undigested food. But still I have there's some more in my throat, but no matter how hard I tried, it just wont come out. I give up after 1hr+ of trying...

Took half day off today, but ended up leaving at 2pm only. Coz I still have quite a fair bit of undone job and I do not want to stress my backup coz she is just back from her 1 week leave, there bound to be many things to follow up, moreover in the morning, we had a meeting of almost 1hr which actually ate up quite a fair bit of the precious time. Was supposed to accompany a friend to a "doctor" but the friend last minute fly, so decided to go & shop at Bugis. Realised that is a major revamp in BHG, the last time I came, variety is much lesser, at concidentally, I met Angie who is now working as sales assistant for Subway Apparel.

Then I went around Parco Bugis and realised many shops are gone, and replaced by new fashion boutique. Picked up a chinese book from Kinokuniya and soon it's dinner time. Had wanted to go to 题宣小竹for the fried rice and bubble tea. But eventually headed for Mos burger where there is lesser crowd and where I can stay longer to read while taking my dinner.

After dinner, called dad and realised he has yet to eat, so I decided to ta bao the fried rice from题宣小竹. Never did I realised that price is up from the usual $5.00 -> $5.30 -> $5.50. The last time I came, is still $5.00! I will highly recommend to have the fried rice there as ta bao has a much lesser portion , the container isn't even half way filled. Ended up, dad gotta take another pack of instant noodle to fill up his stomach.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Resolution

I have not been setting any New Year Resolution since Poly days. I remebered being asked to set New Year Resolution during my secondary days, but I've never achieved any of it. That's why ever since then, I realised I lack of self discipline & do not "follow the law", thus find it extremely hard to fulfil and eventually abandon the idea of setting New Year Resolutions.

But for a change, I decided for 2008, I wanna set some New Year Resolutions and make them more realistic and achieveable. And to achieve them, I probably need some reminders/help from my beloved friends and family.

1. To have a total makeover... (this is not so much on my physical appearance, but rather on
other aspects)
- To have a new haircut to start afresh.
- To improve on my EQ (in terms of better control in my temper, emotions).
- To stay as positive as possible and learn to be more optimistic.
2. To read at least one book every 1-2 months.
3. To attend more scrapbooking classes and crop sessions to improve on my scrapbooking skills
and techniques.
4. To spend more time with my family.
5. To excercise more and make it an effort to go to California Fitness twice a mth utilising my
UOB Lady's Card previliges, burning off fats, stay healthier & more agile. MF, don't forget
to ask me along when you go to California Fitness!!!
6. Cutting down on snacks & chips!!!
7. Polish up on my photography skills.
8. To stay focus on one thing at a time, rather than many things at a time...

Noticed that I did not use the word "try"? This is because the word "try" is a more of a causal remark than committed. (As implied in "Happiness Now" by Andrew Matthews that I'm reading right now, which I find it quite true) So from now, I will need to minimise using the word "try"!!! (Hahaha, just amended the stmt "try to to minimise using the word "try"!!! ) Looks like I still have a long way to go to change my mindset!