Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2008

Just got this mail from a friend. Have you heard about this? On 29th April 2008, Ben & Jerry's will be celebrating their 30th Birthday with their Annual Free Cone Day. The first free cone day was celebrated back in 1979 to thank loyal customers for their support during Ben & Jerry's first year in business. Visit the participating scoop shop on 29 th Apr during 12pm - 7pm to get a free scoop of any of the 5 funky flavours - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, New York Super Fudge Chunk, Strawberry Cheesecake & Chunky Monkey. The participating outlets as below, enjoy your dessert & stop drooling!!! keke :P

The Cathy #02-12
Raffles City #B1-80
United Square #02-K1
White Sands #01-39
Vivo City #02-135/136
Jurong Bird Park
Singapore Zoo


父亲转播道到第八频道, 正好播映《贱精先生》。其实,电影已进入尾声,所以,并没什么兴趣追看下去,但,电影中却出现了一句词,令我留下深刻的印象 —— 前方是绝路,希望在转角。 觉得这一句,极具励志。

奈何,这一句的英译竟是:If you see dead end ahead, may be there is hope at the corner. 这根本是直译,词不达意!如果要我翻译这一句, 我会译成: Though dead end is ahead, hope may just be around the corner. 如何?希望这样的翻译较为恰当…

Friday, March 28, 2008

With love... from sis

Just got this from sis... It is lovely & now it becomes my MSN display picture :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happiness is ...

Happiness is ...
... having a box of yummy rich chocolate where you can enjoy together with your loved ones...
Bought this box of "Prestige" chocolate at Eastpoint after my medical appointment today. Given its richness & smooth, its price of $1.25/10g is rather reasonable. Having tried the Godiva Chocolate before, I would say "Prestige" dark chocolates are not too bad, rich & smooth & yet more affordable than most brands in the market.

My happiness can be very simple... Although most times I wish for a lot better things in life, but actually, to make me happy is very easy. A box of yummy rich chocolates and the thought of my family enjoying the chocolates makes me happy, though expensive to me, is money well spent !

Back to my medical appointment, the barium test result is negative, the doctor can't diagnose any problems with me. After all the X-rays / tests / scope, etc; the doctors can't really trace the source of my throat uncomfortness. After 2 months of medication, my throat condition is not showing much signs of improvement. So basically they believe the main cause is due to acid reflux. Again, today's doctor asked if my job is very stressful... I vaguely recall during my first appointment, the doctor has suggested the few possibilities - acid reflux, stress, nose problem.

I do belive the main cause is acid reflux when I first kept vomiting with acid. Now, I wonder if stress is actually the main culprit. Although aparently, I'm working with shorter hours and knocking off earlier, having more spare time for personal as well, however, the stress level do not seems to be going down. In fact, the stress is more than ever, and I started to have self doubts & has developed fear!

Fear differs from the dreadfulness that is developed in previous jobs. The dreadfulness is caused by the many restrictions, office politics, system constraints, etc... But now, fear is referring to me afraid of myself not being able to meet the standards, the fear of not knowing what will be talked behind my back next. In this hyprocitical place, people seems nice but in actual fact, you know that they are ready to shoot at you anytime. I do not mind feedback, though maybe negative & hurting at times... I may react slightly negative in the initial given my pessismistic character, but usually I will cool down and give it a good thought over it. The thing that I hated most, is when I was assured everything is fine; and the next moment, one just turn behind my back and tell a different set of theory.

Just logged in to company's webmail and there is 248 emails in my inbox and I spent almost an hour just to briefly browse through and sort out the emails. Is all these building up my stress? I'm sicked of working 8-6, but I do not have the courage yet to make the first move as I have many concerns. I yearn for the encouragement of my loved ones, but sadly, I get more disapproval than what I wished for...

Disappointed... but nevermind, happiness is, I just got a selling space on Groovie Java Scraps Cafe to sell my stash from 29/Mar - 2/Apr! Dear friends, wish me good biz, ok?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday...

So how's your Good Fri? I hope it is good for you. It's definitely for me!

Went out with the Angels & Chen Chen for a gathering, we had our lunch @ the Fisherman Wharf opp the Central. Then we had a great session at the Seattler's Cafe and Chen Chen had a great time, he was so excited that he breathe so hard that we sort of got worried... but great that he enjoyed it. No photos to be posted at this moment as photos are snapped using MF's & Lilian's camera.

Then, off we go for our shopping spree at Central. First stop @ Mitju a shoe boutique located on the first floor has caused me to burn a big hole in my pocket. All in all, I bought 3 pair of shoes @ less than $60 & a hand carrier bag @ $24.90, is waterproof and will the nice workman ship, I considered it reasonable. I quite like the shoes offered by Mitju, it is a savior to people like me who don't really wear high heels, they offered a large flated shoes and shoes with heels less than or around 1 inch which is still acceptable.

Coincidentally, my pair of new bought turquiose shoes matches my new bought bag very well :P

Then I bought this unique T-shirt at one of the boutique which is offering sale. Sale price is $15.00 only. The front is of T-shirt material while the back is like of shirt material which is with baseball shirt stripes. Love the details of the T-shirt with the blings & earrings... Can't recall the boutique's name as I have rejected the plastic carrier to save the earth.

Oops, I bought some Japanese Sesame oil for Salad & Japanese biscuit at the basement as well :P
Then I have my second round of spree on my way home at the Tampines Central. Baleno is having sale and this is what I've got...

A $6 T-shirt with printed kitten & lace sewn over it, meant for casual wear.

4 pairs of Baleno Dedorised Antibaterial Socks @ $2 each which is 50% off usual price. Ready to gear up for more excercising..., hopefully without much further delay!

Total damage for the day is less than $150 including all meals with all the fun & shopping therapy. How can I say that I don't have a good day? keke :P

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yummy Delicious Wu Xiang Guan Chang

Does anyone fancy Wu Xiang Guan Chang? This is a stall which i would highly recommended, in fact, it has been highly recommended by several food programes. I got to know of this stall during my poly days, recommended by the glutton queen, Lina -- Lao Zhong Zhong, which is located at McPherson area (Previously located at Jackie Kopitiam).
Now I have the luxury to eat it everyday as it is located nearby my office, but frankly speaking, I've only eaten once ever since I work in this office. In actualy, I've only eaten thrice so far!

First time, I "da bao" home during my poly days, and 2nd time is with my colleague. And happened that dad is home early today, so I thought of "da bao" home for him to try, which is my third time!

As mentioned in those Food programes, the stall is passed down by the dad to the son and over the years, standard has maintained. And I find it very true as what I've tasted today, is of no difference what I tasted 10yrs+ ago. And till date, they have stilled insisted to do the guan chang by hand.

Actually a piece @ $0.60 - $1.30, or half a guan chang @ $2.00 sound reasonable, but when all in a pack, price can be rather unfriendly to my packet. This pack cost me $8.80. But given the standard, it is pretty worth it!

See the orangy slice of "wu xiang" is actually water chestnut egg, if I'm not wrong, this is supposed to be something traditional and now few stalls sell it. And look at the fried prawn xia bing, in it actually consist the tofu, this is something you don't see it in most stalls as well.

Last but not least, let's talk about their sauce. They do not offer the pinkish sweet sauce. Only chilly sauce available. The taste of the chilly sauce is actually quite sweet, which mom & I guessed that they have mixed some sweet sauce to the chilly sauce. But strange is, the aftertaste of the sweetness is actually followed by super hotness. So, at first taste, you find the chilly sauce sweet to resist, but after a while, you find it extremely hot and burning your tongue!!!

Ask me to rate them, I will give a 9/10. The cleaniness & neatness of the stall which each individual category is placed neatly, is already worth giving high points, and with the yummy taste of the Wu Xiang Guan Chang & the special chilly sauce. I wanna give full marks, but i believe there's always room for improvement so, a 9 points for them!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Totally Worn Out...

I am so tired... This week has been extremely busy doing my work and backing up for my colleague. I was totally strained that I almost wanna tear... I yearn for a long sleep... A good sleep without disturbance.... I gotta hold on to it, "You gotta stay more positive!", a voice in my head told me so...

Work is piling up, & stress is building up, & I think my immune system is starting to fail... Have been sneezing on & off for the past 2 days, though not officially down with a flu...

Tomorrow dept meeting is gonna be "shooting" time and I shall be the TARGET! I've unintentionally overlooked some stuff for the past few days & unintentionally made a few mistakes...

Well, despite the fact the human err & that over here, on the surface, they say it's good to learn from mistakes and they don't mind error so long it's not too serious... but you know deep in your heart, mistake is not permissible. Even a smallest mistake may bring you to the "fame of shame"...

I wonder how long can I still stay positive. I'm trying very hard, but trying hard may not bring me to anywhere. Hope Miracle does...

Had wanted to log in to company ERP system via remote access to clear some work but now, had decided to drop my idea and have a good sleep. No point worrying so much, no matter what, a problem is a problem & I'll still need to face it somehow. Wish me good luck bah, nitez...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy Week again

Had a busy weekend again.... Have been staying OT or late at home to work from home for the past 1 week...

Wed - 12/Mar
Dad is sick of the outside food when mom is away for HK/Macau/China trip during the past few days, so I decided to whip up something for dinner. However, when I called him, I realised that he's joining his friends for dinner, I decided to whip up something from what I bought from NTUC earlier coz I'm sick of the idea eating outside food or instant noodle. My all time favourite - baked beans, honey baked ham & eggs (had wanted to cook those half boiled egg that's watery but busy with some other stuff & overcooked it ":P). I love bake beans, sometimes, I can just have a can of bake beans with one fried egg/2sticks of hotdogs as a meal during weekend.

Fri - 14/Mar
Well Well, mom is coming back today so I try to go home earlier to do some clean up. Decided to cook for dinner. This is what I cooked for dad & I, nothing too fantastic but at least edible & not to extend to tasting terrible :P

Then sis & I work hand in hand to do some clean up of the house, she sweeped the floor while I'm supposed to mop the floor after that. Then, came to recall that I've yet worked out my homework for the SDU course... So time for cutting the stripes of paper into cubes of papers & ink the borders. I love inking. See the below for the difference, those paper that are inked had a vintage look... yummy, I love vintage but this is one technique that I've yet able to achieve... & I'm sort of glad to attend the SDU course, learn much & benefitted from it

Sat - 15/Mar
Hmm... Today is my last day of the SDU course and today's class is much relaxing Made with Love (MWL)that we actually ended the class on time... By courtesy from , they actually prepare some dessert specially for us... in celebration of our graduation of the course. Yum Yum...

Not sure of the name of the dessert, but for sure the foamy portion is egg white and beneath the egg white is.... Cereal!!! So healthy & nutritious. Thanks MWL!

Got my stuff from Lia and I simply love the stuff I bought from her!!! (Aiya, forget to take photos. Alas! Now too lazy to take lia... Just make do without it ok?)

After the class, went for dinner & shop around plaza sing with MF. Just before I went home, I decided to turn back to Times Book Store & join as a member ($15 for 2 yrs membership fees with a shopping bag as a welcome gift) & enjoy their 25% off as I suddenly recall that there's a book I wanna buy and I reckon with their special sale for members @ 25%, it is not too bad a discount if I were to buy more English books. Ended up, I walk out of Times with $80+ (including membership fees) poorer, with a richer food for the brain.

Sun - 16/Mar
Went for a KTV session with SL, CH & Zhong Hua Ying Xiong - Sol. Followed by, is tea time @ Secret Recipe with 4 of us sharing the award winning Marble cheesecake & hot favourite Chocolate Banana Cake. SL had Camomile Tea; Master Sol, a Mocha Latte; CH, an ice Blended Mocha & me, a Vanilla Latte (coz I just had Hazelnut Latte yesterday @ MWL which is one of free drink choice :P)

On my way home, I realised that Prints has got a 20-70% for their products, however, even with discount, the stuff are still quite expensive so I walked out of the store empty handed.

Oh yes, just wanna share that I have just bought loads of buttons and these are ready to be listed in my yahoo auctions soon :P Lovely colours, variety of shapes & sizes... Check it out at My Yahoo Auctions

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Have you wonder if I have gone over MIA recently?

Well well, I've been busy since last week. Last Thu & Fri, am busy with the self development training course by the company & we are not "suppose" to bring our hp along with us, so I almost have no time to response to phonecalls or smses. And Fri evening, I was rushing to leave the office with my fellow colleagues & missed out to bring home my hp...

Sat, I've spent almost full day at MWL (Made With Love @ Plaza Singapura), attending my 1st 2 classes of SDU course. I have had much fun learning the foundation and trying out the variety of tools & techniques. Will post the details later, coz me gonna rush with some work in a while's time.

And today, I've been busy packing stuff, getting ready for next round of Yahoo auction listing, hopefully by next week :P & Now, off I go to my work, tata for now & take care my friends. I'm doing fine, just being busy recently... & next week will continue to be busy with my cross training on other accounts. Nitez...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Every extra small little step is a step nearer to my goal

Life have been busy for me recently. Work, Auction Listing, Swapping & "Working Out".

Why working out is marked with the inverted commas signs? Well well... I cannot say that I'm really busy working out, but nowadays, I try to walk home from the bus interchange at times... The journey is not too far yet not too near either. It's approx. 20mins of walking, but usually it takes me near 30mins as I will take my own sweet time, popping into Watson / Shop N Save occasionally to see if there's any good deal. At times, I will also pop by to the market place to buy the cheap veggies. One big bunch for 50cts, and 3 bunches for a dollar, isn't this a good deal? Muahaha... Oops! When did I become a "ah soh"?

On my way home, I'll usually on my MP3 which is a gift from my dear sis, listening to the songs that she has downloaded to me, or listen to the MP3 music from my Sony Erisson HP. I was told that slow walk is no work out. In order to really work out, one has to at least do brisk walking for 30mins which is only equivalent to 10mins on the treadmill. Not sure how true is this... however, I personally feel that I making a step by step changes...

Small steps though, but every extra step made, is a step nearer to my goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle... slow it may seem, but I would rather "Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast." (Quote from William Shakespear - Romeo & Juliet)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Reviving My Yahoo Auctions Listing

Have not been doing my Yahoo Auctions Listing for the past few months. I've only got it revived just week before Valentine and response have been quite good which is relief to me, all thanks to the Valentine grab bag & buttons grab bags. And with more ribbons / buttons listed, my listings has attracted a new group of crowd. Will be doing more grab bag to close more deals & hopefully with more cashflow, bring in new items to attract a new crowd.

Wishing all a great week ahead, Yippy!!!

Time to go to bed... recently my biology clock has gone hay-wired again, need to tune it back to gain the energy to face the new challenges that come along...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

More Altered Coasters... For A Tag! Charity Drive

Recently have been busy with altering coasters for a charity drive, which is driven by the Scrappin Kids. These tags are meant for Club Rainbow's Annual Party on 08 Mar as door gift for the kids. Hope the kids will love their door gifts...

YL came over last weekend and do her part, these are her first altered coasters. Materials proudly sponsored by CK. As a first timer, YL really did a good job! All I helped is, give a bit of suggestion here and there to make her design more prominent :P

I Feel Good!!!

I feel so good after 1 hr+ of work out @ California Fitness Orchard today. Especially after the work out, the steambath session perks me up!

Dor joined me for the session on today and this is her first visit. She is impressed by the nos. of equipment available & the nos. of people in the gym despite that time is already 8pm+. In fact, she agreed that she felt more motivated to work out with the crowd of people who are striving their very best to get into their best shape in the gym :P

Haha, I gotta admit I was less disciplined during this festive season. Had quite a fair bit of the high calories food, and poor me has gained back the miserably bit of fats that I have managed to loose after much effort. Gotta put my excercise plan & diet plan in place to get back to the momentum...

Hoosh!!! If you can make it, I can make it! Pls cheers for me - 加油!加油!加油!