Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spam Chain SMS

Did you receive below SMS on today?

"Today is the day when Singtel, M1, Starhub celebrate the mark of Singaporeans sending a total of 60 billions local messages. Forward this msg to 10 person and you will have $49 of outgoing calls free!!! After so, you may check your phone bill to verify. :)"

Frankly speaking, would you believe in such an SMS? The chain sms starter is simply testing our intelligence! What's so great in about marking 60 billions local messages being sent?

If it says, to mark 44th birthday of Singapore, the telecom service providers are giving out 44mins outgoing calls free, one may still have a bit belief of in this, but giving out $49.00 worth of outgoing calls frees to all, this is simply impossible! And why $49 worth? Do you know how many mobile phone users are there in Singapore, and some own more than 1 line and these figures will translate to how much revenue being cut! The telecom service providers must be out of mind if this ever happen.

Come on, we are not 3 years old kid, I must be foolish if I were to believe in this spam chain SMS, ha!

I will believe in unless this has been published on newspaper and announced officially!


P/S: I've been receiving the same SMS since yesterday night... So friends who's taking luck to give it a try, do not send this SMS anymore. My friend who's working in Singtel has confirmed that the above is untrue, do not fall into the trap of those nuisance people who create this spam chain SMS. ;P
[updated 07/27 11:20a.m.)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

End of Stash Sale

Today is the stash sale, somehow, many of the potential customers have something on and did not turn up last minute. Naturally, sales is affected and total sales is S$47.20 only and 30% of the proceeds is S$14.17. Hmm... Will be rounding up for the donation, but still can't decide how much...

I'm wondering if I should do some onlines posting of sale of the craft stash. But time is really tight as I've so many things on hand... And I wonder if the effort spent will be worthwhile... Let me sort out my things on hand then decide...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extending my helping hand...

While I'm preparing my scrapbook/handicraft stash for the garage sale on coming Sat at Our Craft Place (12pm - 4pm), it suddenly cross my mind -- While I trying to clear my stash to get back a bit of cash, why not do a bit to extend my helping hand?

Most of you may be aware that little Charmine has managed to raise the fund for her treatment in US, however, she will need a bit more for her follow up treatment. So I decided to do my bit to help raise the fund... I'll be contributing 30% of the proceeds of the garage sale on this coming Sat and will be rounding up the figure. I'm not sure how much I can raise since the stuff are selling at low price, but still, I believe every bit counts, do give me your support.

Some things that you can expect in my garage sale are as below, hope this is what you are looking for? Will be listing the items separately later...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thanks, my Pal...

Just received an email from a pal whom I have not been in touch with, for quite some time. I thank her for being kind enough to share with me her down turn in life and how she has gone through step by step to sort out her thoughts and iron things out... I thank her for being out there, ready to lend me her listening ears...

Thanks, my pal... I will definitely try out the method you taught me and will definitely be able to walk out and reach for the rainbow... :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fund Raising for The Feisty Princess -- Charmaine

Most of you in Singapore would have heard about Charmine, the little girl, who has contacted a rare cancer and in need of a huge sum of money for treatment in USA. If you have not heard about it and would like to know more, pls check out

My friend, Shanice, has came up with a fund raising activity as below:

1 hrs Fun Jumpers Workshop & Fun Games
Venue: Bishan Park Dog Run (small field)
Date: Sat 11th JulyTime: 7 - 8pm
Fees: $50 per dog & ownerAdditional dog @ $10 each

1) Fun Games eg: Doggie Race, Hurdle Race, Best Costume
2) Fun Jumpers Workshop

Do register with your name, contact number & full payment.

As this is for Charity, there will be no refund.Do register by 10th July Fri.
Email your registration & enquiries to:

This has been listed in Dog owners around, pls do give your utmost support to this event, thanks!

Friends, pls help to spread words around, thanks!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not into blogging... for now...

I know I've not been blogging for quite some time, coz I'm really not into the mood to blog... I've actually many photos and nice things to share... But guess I'm simply preoccupied with the many issues on hand... Thanks for all the concerns extended to me, I coping fine right now, although at times, still feel a bit vulnerable, but I'll pull through...

Feeling very tired from work, or maybe "sick of" will be a better term... think it's really high time to move on as I not feeling happy anymore about the job and I'm going no where... And I don't deny, my efficiency has dropped much maybe after the many months of struggling without a break at all. Still feeling lost where to head to but I think a break will do me good. Although now it may not seems a wise decision for me, but I believe my "God" will help to go through this difficult time!

不管是耶稣也好,神明也好,观世音菩萨又或佛祖也好,即使是可兰经也好;凡是宗教都教人向善。宗教是一种信仰, 宗教是一种精神寄托;请不要胡乱评论及批评。这是对自己及他人的一种尊重!