Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas to all... I hope that all of you had a great time...

I feel really blessed to be able to continue this tradition to celebrate Xmas wif my angel pals. A good whole of 17yrs together, although at times some may not be able to make it due to personal commitment... This is much understandable as we know, as at times, some may need to have private moments with other loved ones.

Yesterday, when travelling back to home after Xmas celebration, I saw this old lady sitting outside the MRT station during the mid night hours, selling tissue papers. While most people are having a great time with their family / frens/ loved ones; she is struggling to survive. At this hour, shouldn't she be resting at home, having sweet dreams? I just can't help to feel sad upon this sight and reverse my way to make a purchase from her.

This morning, my spirits got dampened by my friend's hubby call. He informed that my dear pal has got IVF (In Vtro Frtilization) complication and gotten stroken on yesterday 3pm. He must have saw my Xmas greetings to her, asking have not been hearing from her for quite some whole and asking for a gathering soon. Why is God so cruel? All she wanted is a child, why give her stroke as a Christmas present? Friends who dropped by the blog, I hoped that you can help to pray for my friend who is still in ICU ( Intensive Care Unit) now. Thanks for sharing your love!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blog Candy from Yenni

Hi Friends,

Do check out Yenni's Blog for her awesome creations, she creates some of the most awesome cards. Do check out her birthday blog candy that will end on 12 Dec, she is giving out a awesome lot!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010




Friday, November 19, 2010


A rare moment for Rest & Relax - to have some ME time...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An unforgettable night

Had a good 2 hrs of great songs by Natalie Cole with guest appearance by Canadian Tenors & "Nat King Cole"!!! The duet of "Unforgettable" & "When I fall in love" by both Natalie with her late father is simply great! I simply enjoy the night and what a unique way to "celebrate" Halloween! Thanks Shirley (sis' friend) for the tickets to this great concert!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling sick...

Had wanted to go out for photography during the weekend but I'm simply too lazy to move my butt? Actually I'm feeling terrible with bad headache for the past few days.

I hardly had headache, but once I got it, it's usually very bad. Though this round is not as bad that i need to use my fist to knock against my forehead, the headache is just like a buzzing noise in the ears, simply can't get rid of it...

Am I falling sick or am I too stressed? I guessed both as I'm starting to cough a bit now and then.

Had been feeling stressed upon hearing the latest news, having headache over how I can work out with the top management and the team to be mentally and readily prepared for the upcoming...

This is sort of disturbing and sort of interfered my original plan, I'm not sure that I wanted to be so cold hearted and just proceed with what I intended... In a dilemma again... If I were to hold back, it may not be as bad, but can real bad too, so should I or not?

Hmm... think I should not brood over it too much, just leave it to "God / Goddess" bah...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's no place better than home...

Having the need to travel to & fro from Singapore & JB can be tiring. Being away from home simply makes heart fonder. Missing the time when I had "argument" with dear sis and TV session together with mama during evening after work. There's simply no place better than home...

Tomorrow will be home again, hurray! And looking forward to the Canon Marathon on 10/23, haha... Well, I'm not an expert in photography and never even dream of being qualified for the top prizes, just feel like having the fun as this has always been my dream to be able to participate. Soon, I can claim one dream accomplished! This will definitely be a great experience! Woohoo...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi from JB!

Hi Friends!

I'm working in JB from Every Mon - Fri, starting from this week till 19/Nov, will be back on weekend though. So it will be a while before you see or hear from me though I will try to drop a note or 2, whenever it is possible. Meanwhile, take care!


Friday, October 8, 2010


父母恩情海洋深”。。。 献给全天下的父母。。。

-- 不孝女敬

Friday, October 1, 2010

Macro / close up shooting -10/10/10

Today is the first time I tried Macro / close up shooting with extension tube. Was really having issues with focusing the object. I'm seriously bad in manual focusing and not used to using the 13mm extension tube. Was having a hard time to get good picture and the super duper hot weather has affected my mood and momentum in photo taking. (Lame excuse, isn't it? haha...)

Ok, here's a few to share with u guys...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Fav Quote from TV Drama -- The Family Court (走进走出)

As I subscribed to Mio TV, I get to enjoy to watch the family court in advance in the MobTV channel. As I watched episode 23, there is this quote that I especially like and would like to share with all.

This is when Shen Xiping 沈希平(Tay Ping Hui) proposed to Huang Shuya 黄舒雅(Chris Tong):


A truly romantic and meaningful proposal... I had wanted to translate to English but due to my language limitation, I choose to leave it in Mandarin since this phrase is sort of playing with word "punning" and without a proper translation, the actual meaning will be lost... If I ever get to watch the TV version with the subtitle, I will try to post the English version too...

Updated 10/08/2010
An Annoymous has sent in the English Version, here you go:
In love, apart from admitting one's mistakes, one must rectify one's mistakes.
One should pray for one's love in silence, instead of making numberous demands.
Love can be romantic, but it can't be squandered away.
More importantly, we should be firm in love instead of giving up easily.
If you're willing to put your hand in mine again, I'll never let go of your hand again
Would you marry me?

Thanks Annoymous for sharing :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Dear Frens,

Wishing you & your family a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

-- Sending my love and greetings across the bridge (causeway)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Durian Puffs from D' Pastry

Loving these durian puffs are from D 'Pastry @ Ubi. Love them for their thick durian paste, they are tastier than those of Puteri Mas @ Joo Chiat, whose price has increased and yet standard has dropped much. These are second to those of Goodwood Park Hotel. Yummy...
I simply can't get enough of these... "Burp".... excuse me... Muahaha

Makan @ Founder Rou Gu Cha (Bak Kut Teh)

Brother Benny's birthday is drawing near and he's yearning to eat the Founder Rou Gu Cha @ Balestier Road. I've never been there so I do a google search and manage to find a review from IeatIshootIpost -- $8 for a bowl of 2pcs prime pork ribs!!! I'm wondering if it really taste so good that it's worth the value.

After trying out, my verdict is... let the picture tell the story...

The braised Pork Trotter is well marinated and taste great, and I do not find tons of oil in the gravy itself. Thus, highly recommended, not all of us eat the fatty portion but as you can see, we basically finished the pork trotter...
The mixed pig organ soup comes with a reasonable mix of the pig organs with slices of pork.

The Bak Kut Teh soup is in Teochew style and has a nice peppery flavor and the prime pork ribs are tender and yet not overcooked, very good control over the cooking time. These ribs comes in a reasonable portion, though $8 for a bowl of 2 is rather expensive, but is definitely worth the value... We have had 2x refill in the soup and yet we still almost managed to finish all...

The salted vege (咸菜 / 雪菜) is very nicely cooked with a bit sweet flavor but yet retaining the salty flavor. Most times, in other restaurants / stalls, these are cooked with too much of sugar and thus the sweetness is very artificial.
Asked if I will go again given its price. I would say, YES! Nice flavored Bat Kut Teh soup and side dishes. Best of all is, I never felt thirsty after the meal, meaning there must be nil or minimal MSG used in the cooking. Thumbs up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Water Droplets Photography

Had so much fun on the water droplet photography, all thanks to Shifu, Francis Lee, for organizing the workshop. It is so amazing that lights can actually freeze the moment that we can take a clear pic of dripping water...

Here's some photos to share with all... It's probably bad shots in the eyes of the professionals, but to me, it's a feat! As I'm a newbie in handling DSLR though I've been taking lots of photographs in the past with my powershot camera and Sony Ericisson Cybershot series HP... The credit, needless to say, all goes to Shifu who patiently aparts his skills... and my dear Pal, Jenn, who selflessly loan her DSLR to me before I got mine :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy or Sad?

Should I be happy or sad?

I probably should be happy since it's finally here... but I probably be sad since it isn't any fantastic as looking forward to? But deep in my heart, I actually know that I shouldn't expect for much more...

I know I can have the choice to be happy or sad. Be it happy or sad, I called for the day!

I know I should feel greatful that it at least it came and better than last round; although it isn't in any way, comparative to the efforts put in. Sleepless nights over the presentations and other assigned projects by the management; staying up through the nights to follow up with overseas counterparts on important emails be it for myself or for my juniors, etc...

I try to be contended, but I simply wish for more... coz I wish to provide better for my family, and to remove the strains that have been bothering us for quite some time.

I hope to get out of the burden and lived for myself, but I know I simply can't just act as what I want/like coz they are my beloved ones.

I guess, this is probably part of human nature -- always contradicting and asking for more...

But I know, one day, I will live for myself, and love myself more... And I hope this day will come really soon with some proper planning and backup plans.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


渴望能够达到这种 -- 拿得起,放得下精神与境界。然而,这谈何容易?

Monday, August 2, 2010






Thursday, July 22, 2010



Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Die Cut Machine

OMG! Did you see this??? A new die cut machine by Sizzix, designed  by Tim Holtz. The Tim Holtz Vagabond Signature Sizzix Machine is motorized and folds up as a suitcase. Isn't it cool? It's gonna launch in August, can't wait to hear reviews about it...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


期待今晚的摄影课程... :)

I'm not Liu Qian, the Taiwanese Magician and I can't possible present you the miracle; but I do hope that I can capture the magical moment under my lens...
Seriously, I'm looking forward to tonight's photography class... Another 17.5hrs to go!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Customer Service @ Bread Society Sucks!

Today I bought a pc of D-Cro AuxAmande from Bread Society and had a real bad experience with teh counter staff/sales assistance. Although I just bought a pc of bread only and do not constitue much to your today sales, it doesn't mean that you have the right to place the bread in the plastic bag and place it on the tray, and turn your back to me. It does not give you the excuse to forget what customer service is! Previously I also bought $20 worth of bread from your store!!!

This is extremely rude of you gals! And your service truly sucks! And I just came to realised Bread Society is under Breadtalk! What bad image these staff are presenting to the customers?

If the management of Bread Society / Breadtalk ever see this post, I welcome you to contact me, if needed, I still have the receipt with me -- Check# 4239!

Customer Service in Singapore has a long way to go, why hasn't it improve and progress as much as HK does??? In the past, it is well known the HK Sales assistance are extremely rude and I truly experience that 12years ago, but now their customere service has improved so much and shockingly, much better than that of those in Singapore?

When can Singapore Customer Service ever compete with that of Japan? I'm not sure if I live long enough to see.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bowling Competition???

Never did I expect to participate in a Bowling Competition. The total nos. of times I enter to a Bowling Centre is less than 10 for sure, probably 5 or 6 times only.

Why will someone like me be enrolling to a bowling competition? Haha, I was actually "arrowed" to represent the WEC to participate the fun bowl competition at Kallang Leisure on yesterday. But this is really a great experience.

It was stressful for me as I hardly bowl and I use to wash down the drain. Especially for the 1st game, I score only 74 points which is way behind by the other gamers. I'm the lousiest player among all which puts me ashame, even the seniors are playing way better than me. I almost wanted to hide myself like an ostritch.

However, the nice part is, getting to make some new friends - Angela and Alice from Mounbatten WEC. Nick who travel all the way from Bukit Merah. And not forgetting Ryan, Jason & Steven. I'm not sure if I can still recall them few months down the road due to my poor memory. But I'm sure it's great to have these passerbys in my life.

Not only did they never boo at me, but they encourage and cheer for me when I hit strike /spare by chance, and moan when I nearly hit the pins to get a spare, but somehow missed them. The 4 guys who are really great players, always cheers for the few of us ladies; even their partners (Nick's & Ryan's) do so, which really lifted up my spirits. Thanks to these kind souls!

As we played the games, I started to improved along the way and finally managed to a score of 100+ in a game which eventually did not placed me to the worst scorer in the compeition :P (Which I have been secretly praying hard that I'm not the worst scorer.)

But the experience in Kallang Leisure Bowl is not too pleasant as we have been having problems with their Bowl Alley and the 4 teams of us need to switch the lanes again & again. Eventully, the rest of the teams have finished their games but needed to wait for us for near to an hour to complete the last 1.5games.

Nevertheless, this is a fun experience that I do not hate being "arrowed" for once! :P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! 父亲节快乐!

To all the fathers out there, hereby wishing you a Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi, I'm actually back from my USA trip! In fact, I'm back for 2 weeks and haven't got the chance to blog, so sorry...

I'm having terrible jet lag during my stay in LA and stressful with my coming presentation, so I ended up slept at 3am+ or 5am+ in the morning and woke up only 9am+. With the travelling and not proper planning done, the LA trip is a real terrible one which I do not get to enjoy to the fullest. But still I enjoy my stay, what else can I ask for since I only paid for the hotel stay for both Sis & me to go to LA. (I downgraded my biz class ticket to to get 2 economy tickets in exchange). All in all, we only pay S$1000 for a week's stay in LA, apart from our own expenses, which is a real bargain.

Coming back from Louisville is another round of pain & stress, as I've failed the mission. So many follow up need to be done during this period, my cousin and wife to be, came to Singapore and also several community projects to be involved.

I've fallen sick since last week. What a terrible way to "celebrate" my birthday, but I'm really grateful to have bunches of great friends to SMS or drop a birthday greeting in my FB's wall.

Thanks, and I love you all! And I'm terribly sorry that my HP get spoilt during my trip in LA and so now my SIM cards have records of limited nos. so when you guys sent in SMSes, I gotta check who's that? It's not that I've forgotten you guys but, really, even if we seldom contact, you still have a place in my heart.

And once again, thanks everyone who sent in their well wishes...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saying Hi from Los Angeles...

Despite that I'll be going for my personal tour with sis, before proceeding to Louisville for meeting & training. I just don't have the mood... I'm having a tough time adjusting to the time difference now is approx 11.12pm at L.A. and I feel so sleepy now when my usual sleeping time is in the wee hours of 1am or later..., yet I can't get to sleep...

I simply can't help but worry about my coming presentation and work etc.. We also did not have sufficient time to do a proper planning on the trip...

Anyway, I'm so glad to have met Kristy of Far Flung Crafts on the same plane... We din had much conversation exchange though, coz we are all trying to catch some rest... But somehow I did not managed to rest enough as after transit in Narita, the passengers changed to a family of 3, with a little spoilt brat, making lots of noises, and moving his hands and legs and hitting me ocassionally...

Now sister is sleeping soundly, I feel so tired but somehow just can't sleep. Will try to get some sleep else this will be a wasted trip as I don't get to enjoy the fullest!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! 母亲节快乐!

Hereby taking a chance to greet all mothers out there, good health always & a Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Wanna Watch Jay Chou's Concert!

Hated the fact that I need to go toi JB plant, as I'm hoping for the chance to get Jay Chou's concert ticket for performance on 25th Jul which will be released on today 9am. Urghhh!!! There is many firewall and restricted sites in JB plant so eventually I lost the chance to hope to get the ticket! But anyway, deep in my heart I know chances are slim... Well Well... just too bad, as I'm definitely not ready to give in to pay a high premium for the tickets... 塞翁失马,焉知非福!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Creations to share..

Ed is "complaining" that I've not been creating... The true fact is, sometimes I will rather spend time on brainless game in facebook to distress.. But I did created some stuff during my "MIA period"...

OK, here is my humble creations for the past few months... Pls do feel free to give some feedback & comments..., esp my dear Ed if you are reading this post!

Nov '09 -- Farewell Mini Album for Candy, using the Webster's Pages 6"x6" PP
Finally use my zutter..., The cover page is embossed on the edges with Prima Flower stamps and the musical notes stamping done in the clock (did you noticed I actually stamped upside down? keke :P) Glittered the flowers tooo, Chinese words are hand written by me...Altered an envelop to fit the album size to contain our love notes to her, stamped the background and cover the edges with MT masking tape. OK, gotta admit the stamping is badly done as this album is a last min work to rush out as farewell gift for her... This is also the reason why the abum is placed on an ugly background with holes. This is the "table" that we managed to find in airport near the departure hall to do our final touch up!

(P/S: Did you realise the top left corner is a lips marks of a guy? He's my best pal in current co and it's his wifey who help him put on the lipsticks in the airport, we all had a good laugh there!)

Dec' 09 - Xmas creations
Some simple 6"x6" Xmas mini LOs for my closest poly pals... Did you realise these LOs are using purely PPs, with some cutting, tearing & inking only?

Some simple handstamps sentiments on a 3"x3" handmade tag to go along with the Xmas presents...

2 very simple Xmas cards... basically using PP, stamping & inking only...

Jan'10 - Altered Canvas - Friends Forever
Using various series of PP & fabric tags that are proudly sponsored by Kristy of Far Flung Craft...

Feb '10 - A belated altered canvas wedding gift...
Painted and inking on the background, with lots of glittering using with both Ranger stickles & Plaid Glitter. First time using the plaid glitter that I bought some time ago. After this, I realised I still love Ranger stickles the best, though it's more expensive coz it can give better effect than Plaid to achieve what I wanted... Quote & heart stickers from Creative Imaginations and birdcage transparency from Hambly... I have also used the the Prima Flower Say it in Pearls Butterfly Swirl, which I have slightly altered the way the swirl goes (much higher of the top left swirls).

This is how the prima swirl originally looked like... I've done without the butterfly too, coz I only feel like placing it only if there's a pair of them. Picture taken by courtesy from webpage of Scrapbook Doodle.

Mar '10 - Farewell card to colleague
First trial with the Ranger Rock Candy Distress Paint. Having fun with it... Will definitelty try on other projects!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Labor day & National Scrapbooking Day!

Hi All, Time flies real fast, it's the 1st day of May and 1st Saturday of May, Happy Labor day & National Scrapbooking Day! Before I know it, we are almost coming to mid of the year...Hope you guys out there had a great time?

I had a great time meeting up my drearest Ong Susu on yesterday. It's great to know that there will always be someone there for you, willing to share a listening ear, listening to your trouble, or even nonsense at times.... Giving you some advice, a pat on the shoulder & all the empathy you needed. We have known each other for more then 20 years, though we hardly meet up and hardly catch up with each other ( we meet less than 3x a year on the average), yet our friendship is always there! When we meet up, we have no qualms in opening up our hearts, sharing the deepest secret!

And today, Cary, my JB counterpart came over to Singapore and meet up with my boss & me for lunch. She has yearn for MOS burger and cross the border just for this! We treated her, her BF & fren Mos Burger, Lee Wee Bro Otah, Tori Q Yakitori and 1A curry puff. Hope these stuff are not too heaty for them...

And best of all, I managed to sqeeze time to go over to Regine Groove to meet up with the Groovie Gals of Groovie Java Scraps Cafe, it is the 3rd anniversary!!! Ooh hoo, Congrats!!! Sorry that I'm late and did not get to meet up with you June, I certainly hope that we will get to meet up soon!

And thanks Regina for the RAK of chipboard scallop album & for lending some of the hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamps , Magnolia Stamps & Donna Downey stamps, etc... I had much fun stamping these images (I stamped 3 cardstock sheets full of images!). I'm inspired to make some cards... Oh yes, talking about hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamps, these are the stamps that I have been eyeing for the longest but never get a chance to lay hands on these as these are hand made rubber stamps that are limited to selling to Sweden & Norway only. And I was so glad to get a chance to lay my hands on these for today! Once again, thanks Regina!

Thursday, April 22, 2010








Getting on the nerves...

As the day draw nearer, I getting more and more nervous, with a bit of excitement and looking forward to, yet feeling sort of vexed with a bit of anxiety...

While it seems that there is still much time available, I came to realised that I may be running short of time. There are so many uncompleted tasks off hand and some many stuff to follow up, but I must find sufficient time to get myself well prepared for the coming "war".

The clock is ticking every second away without my knowing, I desparately need to juggle my time and strike a balance between work, volunteering & personal life. This is one other "war" that I've been fighting all these while.

I've been leading a "messy life" for the past 2 years, things just don't go right and go the way I wished them to be... I guessed I've lost my way... but I have not got the courage to face the truth & reality... While I thought I could, the fact is, I never did!!!

When can I let go of all these burden on my shoulder and start afresh??? I know the answer lies on me... Hope I can make the step out real soon...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A post dedicated to my friends

My dear frens, I know I have not been a good fren, catching up with you gals / guys...

Although we hardly met up, for months or for years, you will always occupy a space in my heart...

Pardon me, for I've been struggling in my work with understaff situation for the past 1 yr+ ...

Pardon me, for now I need to travel thru & fro JB plant weekly, hrs are short there and network/system is slow there, thus always the need to catch up my work by staying at late nights clearing my work...

You may noticed that I do drop by facebook and playing crazy at times, publishing calls for help to accomplish the games' missions, and sometimes, I just MIA for an entire week...

Playing games in FB is my way of destressing, however, too long hrs in front of the PC / laptop do makes me feel sick at times...

I know I hardly blog, I know I hardly reply those forwarded msgs or forward similar msgs as compared to the past... but still I care...

Feel free to drop me a sms / call if needed, I'll always be here for you... :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I won!!!

I won!!!

2 days ago, was watching the news in living room and mom came across the news of google china censorship and she's asking what's 谷歌 (google)? I was telling her this is one the powerful search engine that is very popular and able to find many info. She's asking if possible to find anything about her? I tried, but nope, coz she totally have no online activities at all as she's not internet savvy... I was showing her that I'll be able to search my info like my blog info, etc. And tada, I realised that I won the hambly giveway in Celine's Blog. OMG, I did not even realised that! Although I do pop by Celine's blog occassionally but due to recent work, I hardly blog nor surf around... Wonder if the giveaway is still valid since it's past such long time. No matter how, I'm still happy and excited over it!

Just earlier I was checking out Laines blog which I missed out to pop by for several weeks until this Mon and came to realised that I am one of the 20 lucky winners in "What Laines means to You"! And I got myself either a $10 voucher or $35 class voucher. What will I choose? Of course the class voucher to motivate myself to scrap more & learn more!

This is what I've written, my heart felt thoughts:

Laines is a fantasy land, where I get to see beautiful & inspiring things, with new arrivals to look forward to on each week...

Laines is a land of creativity, where I get the chance to learn new techniques, refresh my skills & unleash the creativity...

Laines is like a nuture land, where i grow new friendship, and bloom my friendship with friends who are sharing the same passion...

Laines is like a big family where i feel I belong to. I'm always greeted warmheartedly by these lovely bunch of ladies, who knows me well what I liked, and what I eyed...

Laines is a place where I captured all my memories... The happy moments where great discounts & giveaways are given. The joy of friendship, be it old or new. The excitement of learning new technique during classes. The stressfulness where I rush from work to attend the class... Bits by bits, these fill up my memory space...

Laines has simply become part of my life which no matter how busy I am, or where I am, I simply can't part with...

Posted by: Chok Keun Mar 22, 2010 10:09:37 PM

Think the medicine is starting to take effect on me and I'm feeling drowsy... Had wanted to log in company's web mail to sort emails but guessed I'm simply conquered by the Zzz monster, time to dreamland, nitez...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day! 三八妇女节快乐!

Happy International Women's Day to all the ladies out there! For the guys out there, do treasure the women in your life...


So Sorry... overdue updates...

I've been travelling to & fro JB for work in the past 2 months and will continue to do so, so I hardly had much time to maintain this blog, I'm terribly sorry as friends who are concern about me had no idea how I'm getting along, as promised... will be posting some stuff that I previously promised to do so, do bear with me if you find the post too long & much overdue...

Meeting the World Class Sprinters @ 12 Dec 2009
Afer collecting mySony Ericsson C905 from Wisma Service Centre, I proceed to Takashimaya for window shopping as it's been long since I last shopped. Then I saw some crowd while walking along the basement fair and came to realise that there is an Autograpgh Session with the World Class Sprinters - Asafa Powell, Dexter Lee & Veronica Campbell - Brown @ the Official Olympic Store. So I took chance to get their autograph & had a photo taken with them... It is sure crowded, that's why u see many other people in the background...

Wonderful Xmas Celebration @ 25 Dec 2009
As Usual, I had my Xmas Celebration with my angel pals... and this is the small gifts I prepared for them... Together with the sourvenirs I bought from my previous HK/Macau/Zhuhai Trip... So What's in store for my angel pals? A mini Album with a readily scrapped Xmas LO for each of them, from now on I will continue to add on the pages as each year passed. This will definitely be a beautiful memory, but I do not get one :( unless I scrap one for myself too...
How can we missed out good food while we get good company? Pre-ordered Honey Baked Ham & honey Ribs with many other yummy food, including Jelly Hearts made by our dear Dor...

After Makan is time for our gift exchange...
And these are the lovely pressies I got...

Jumbo Seafood @ 27 Dec 2009
Before the year ended, we went to Jumbo to utilise the cash voucher that I purchased earlier @ 30% discount off. $140 for $200 worth of voucher. See the loads of yummy food we have had, there is supposed to be one new dish, sort of scallop with stewed pear but these went into our stomache before I managed to snap any photos, muahaha...

Love to look at how the family enjoyed the dinner...