Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Fav Quote from TV Drama -- The Family Court (走进走出)

As I subscribed to Mio TV, I get to enjoy to watch the family court in advance in the MobTV channel. As I watched episode 23, there is this quote that I especially like and would like to share with all.

This is when Shen Xiping 沈希平(Tay Ping Hui) proposed to Huang Shuya 黄舒雅(Chris Tong):


A truly romantic and meaningful proposal... I had wanted to translate to English but due to my language limitation, I choose to leave it in Mandarin since this phrase is sort of playing with word "punning" and without a proper translation, the actual meaning will be lost... If I ever get to watch the TV version with the subtitle, I will try to post the English version too...

Updated 10/08/2010
An Annoymous has sent in the English Version, here you go:
In love, apart from admitting one's mistakes, one must rectify one's mistakes.
One should pray for one's love in silence, instead of making numberous demands.
Love can be romantic, but it can't be squandered away.
More importantly, we should be firm in love instead of giving up easily.
If you're willing to put your hand in mine again, I'll never let go of your hand again
Would you marry me?

Thanks Annoymous for sharing :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Dear Frens,

Wishing you & your family a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

-- Sending my love and greetings across the bridge (causeway)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Durian Puffs from D' Pastry

Loving these durian puffs are from D 'Pastry @ Ubi. Love them for their thick durian paste, they are tastier than those of Puteri Mas @ Joo Chiat, whose price has increased and yet standard has dropped much. These are second to those of Goodwood Park Hotel. Yummy...
I simply can't get enough of these... "Burp".... excuse me... Muahaha

Makan @ Founder Rou Gu Cha (Bak Kut Teh)

Brother Benny's birthday is drawing near and he's yearning to eat the Founder Rou Gu Cha @ Balestier Road. I've never been there so I do a google search and manage to find a review from IeatIshootIpost -- $8 for a bowl of 2pcs prime pork ribs!!! I'm wondering if it really taste so good that it's worth the value.

After trying out, my verdict is... let the picture tell the story...

The braised Pork Trotter is well marinated and taste great, and I do not find tons of oil in the gravy itself. Thus, highly recommended, not all of us eat the fatty portion but as you can see, we basically finished the pork trotter...
The mixed pig organ soup comes with a reasonable mix of the pig organs with slices of pork.

The Bak Kut Teh soup is in Teochew style and has a nice peppery flavor and the prime pork ribs are tender and yet not overcooked, very good control over the cooking time. These ribs comes in a reasonable portion, though $8 for a bowl of 2 is rather expensive, but is definitely worth the value... We have had 2x refill in the soup and yet we still almost managed to finish all...

The salted vege (咸菜 / 雪菜) is very nicely cooked with a bit sweet flavor but yet retaining the salty flavor. Most times, in other restaurants / stalls, these are cooked with too much of sugar and thus the sweetness is very artificial.
Asked if I will go again given its price. I would say, YES! Nice flavored Bat Kut Teh soup and side dishes. Best of all is, I never felt thirsty after the meal, meaning there must be nil or minimal MSG used in the cooking. Thumbs up!