Wednesday, January 26, 2011

【China's Got Talent】Feet Pianist Liu Wei - 【中国达人秀】 刘伟

他的人生中就只有两条路 -- 要么赶紧死;要么精彩活下去!


[注]如果你想看更多刘伟的精彩表演,请留意大年初二 Channel U, 5PM 的《2011 梦圆东方 跨年晚会》,刘伟将会和王力宏同台演出哦!

Liu Wei shared that in life, he has got only 2 options - either to die ASAP, or to live splendidly! If you were him, what will be your choice?

He greatly inspire all to walk out of difficulties and face the reality.

[P/S]If you would love to watch more of his great performance, keep a look out on 4/Feb, Channel U, 5pm 2011 New Year Celebration Show. He will be performing together with another talented singer - Wong Lee Hom!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lunch at Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

Brought Mom to Imperial Treasure Restaurant some time back for a late lunch. We had a sumptuous meal and enjoyed it...

Their signature Fried Rice with Scallops, taste great but we have tasted better ones which offer better mix of seafood ingredients, and we find this a bit too oily as well...

This is super yummy, I think it taste better than those Chinese Restaurants that are on same par, they are simply generous with the portion of the various eggs which made theirs stand out!!!

Oops! Does this looks a plate of worms? Looks rather scary right? Its taste is actually not that bad, but I guess we should eat it while it's hot, so as to be able to get a fairer review of its taste.

Fried Silver Fish, the flavor is a bit too bland -- less tasty, but healthier :P

Loving this signature custard bun from the Imperial Treasure Restaurant. See the oozing custard? Are you starting to drool? In the bun, I tasted salty egg yolk too, something different from the normal custard bun we had from elsewhere. 5 Stars awarded!!!  After that, I realised that this is actually salted egg yolk custard bun which is commonly known as lau sa pau, which is slightly different from the usual custard cream bun.

I want an IPA Sunny 16 Dog Tag!

Don't you think these Dog Tag are super cool? I so wanna the Dog Tag!!! Go check it out here!

I've Won!!!

To my surprise, I realised that I've won a Autumn Leaves Messy Dates Calendar stamp set from Roni in the Welcome January Giveaway when I check out her blog today!

I did not realised that there are so many observances during January until I came across Roni's blog post. We are supposed to pick one favorite observance / holiday, and my choice will definitely be...
13 Jan - Make Your dreams Come True Day! And in deed, my dream comes true!!!

I chance upon Roni's blog back in 2-3 years ago when doing blog hopping and was since then an ardent fan of hers. She is a great mixed media artist and is never afraid to share her techniques and tutorial online, which is why I enjoyed reading her blog so much!

I used to visit her blog everday, but now, with much busier schedule, I no longer do that everyday but still make it a point to check out her blog every now and then. Do check out her blog and get inspired!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


一个人就好 - 刘力扬
词:徐旻铃 曲:施佳阳 编曲:郑楠

街 挤满了欢笑
太不适合 眼泪凑热闹
快跑 快寻找 无人的转角
不优雅时候 一个人最好

爱 说退就退潮
我松开手 回忆却没放掉
未来 不来了 地球 继续绕
躲回温暖的梦 我一个人就好

为什麽 越相信谁能依靠
越换来 又一次灵魂寂寥
有没有永远 再不会让心绝望的解药
如果说 越踏出世界一脚
越不能 保留住天真微笑
那从今以後 我一个人过 就很好

心 很平静地跳
只是寂寞 潜伏像海啸
突然某一秒 偷袭我眼角
眼泪自己擦掉 我一个人很好

为什麽 越相信谁能依靠
越换来 又一次灵魂寂寥
有没有永远 再不会让心绝望的解药
如果说 越踏出世界一脚
越不能 保留住天真微笑
那从今以後 我一个人过 就很好


Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 = bad year?

I don't know why... Once we are stepping towards year 2011, I've been hearing bad news only... Is it a phenomena that 2011 is going to be a bad year?

Before Xmas, one of my best friends got admitted due to IVF complications and stroke, now that she is finally transferred to normal ward. I'm sad to see her current state, the gal who is once very articulate and speaks loudly, now speaks slowly and softly, & at times, speak with no sense... the gal who used to make very big moments, and always got told off to behave more demure like a lady, now need the support of others to move about, this make my heart aches... I rather that she continued to be complaint by us for being " too loud" and " too big movement".

The fact that she is finally pregnant after so many years, may not be a totally good news. The timing just isn't right... Doctor said that it is advisable to abort the baby given her current condition, but... this is so cruel... Everyone are caught in the dilemma, whether to advise her to keep the baby... Given her current condition that she can't move about by herself, it may be tedious for her, and the fact that she is under medication, the baby may be affected as well, but we all know, this baby is so precious to her...

I seriously hope that she can move about by herself soon, though back to her agility may not be possible in the near future... "God", please help her with speedy recovery since you already gifted her the miracle of a baby...

Then, came another piece of news of my friend's 2.5 yr old kid admitted since last week due to bladder retention and serious constipation, with bacteria infection. It got so serious that she can't walk and just today, she went for surgery to remove legion in her spine that is affecting her nerve. And to make it worst, chances of full recovery of her nerve function is only 10-15%. I pray and believe that she will be among the 10-15%.

Also, another close pal of mine who is facing depression, seems to have worsen and it is advised that he should go to Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for consultation; however, he simply refused. To see his condition got worsen and yet I can't do much to help him as he is in a state of self-delusion & self-denial, and shut away from all... I felt so helpless...

At the same time, I saw how his mother suffered from his state of mind and mood swings. I fear that, anytime, this may just trigger her depression that is now under much control.

I already have my own set of problems that I have took so much pain to handle these... And to see my loved ones / friends around me, suffering; I felt much worse...

It's been a long time since I last had a good sleep... as I'm suffering from serious Insomnia for the longest time. Everyday, I need to make myself so tired that I just K.O... I fear that one day, I may just collapse...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucky Winner!

Oh I'm so happy and I just wanna share this good news with you, my dear friends...

I just came to realise that I'm the lucky winner of the recent Pixie Dust Papier Giveaway. Thanks Kristy! I do not know how she actually landed to my blogland and dropped me a note, sharing that there is a giveaway by Pixie Dust Papier, and so here comes the chance and yes, I won the prize!!! I'm suddenly feeling so lucky!

Oh yes, BTW, Kristy is so kind to have a round 2 giveaway to 2 random winners.

1 lucky winner will a gorgeous card -- Hummingbird Love, by their DT, Lori Hairston:

While another, will win the below gorgeous kit, loving the sweet colors! And OMG, I'm drooling over their Pixie Dust Paperie Signature Crinkled Ribbon, they just look so so great with the texture!
Go try your luck and be inspired at the same time! Good luck!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love from Germany!

OK, I know I'm late in posting this, but I just have to share with all, the love I receive from Germany...

Truly awesome handmade Christmas Tags and Christmas ATC from Gaby, Germany. I chance upon Gaby's blog through another awesome scrapper, Lay Hoon's blog when doing blog hopping. I fall in love at first sight with Gaby's awesome ATCs when I landed in her blogland. And I'm really glad to have the chance to be able to swap some handmade stuff with her...

Don't you simply love the gorgeous Christmas tags from her and this awesome Christmas ATC? I simply love the different texture on it. Hmm... My photo may not do justice to her beautiful tag. Thanks for love, Gaby, and thanks for the extra book pages. I love your stuff so so much!!!

And here's what I sent back to her, just some really simple stuff and I'm glad that she like them...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Give Away by Pixie Dust Paperie

Check out Pixie Dust Paperie for the great stuff offered and great inspirations by their DTs!

Wanted a chance to win some blog candy? Check out here...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy 2011 to all my frens!!! I wish you and your family a wonderful 2011, with bundance of joy and laughter! May you and your family be in good health always and be surrounded by love! And wishing you and your family a prosperous 2011!