Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fantastic Giveway by Roni

Check out this fantastic giveaway by Roni, an outstanding mix media artiste whom I admire and also one of my inspiring source. She's always ready and willing to share techniques and tutorial on her blog, check it out and get inspired!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all mothers out there - Happy Mother's Day!
祝天下的母亲 - 母亲节快乐!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Predictions for the GE - Tampines Constituency

Before the results are out, let me make the most daring prediction for the Tampines Constituency. Although the old horse may have upset many citizens with the high cost of living - housing, ERP, etc... which may have driven some votes to the opposition, I believe the young horse who lately join in will to help win back some votes. He has the charisma and in good books with the younger generation. Some had even openly posted to the young horse's FB wall, that with his joining in, this has twisted his decision on the GE voting.

Many people has shouted loud in new media to topple against the old horse, however, reviewing the strength of the 2 political teams, I believe that the white rice will still win over the pink lemondae. Frankly speaking, I do not know much about the opposition members who are contesting and had no idea what they have been doing or contributed all this while; however, anyone who lived here, can see the development and growth of the Tampines town under the current constituency.

For those who votes with rationale, will not vote for oppostion for the sake to oppose, or just to pull the old horse down. Thus, I belive, eventually, the winning votes will still go to PAP.


Wow, it's been a while since I last blog, u guys must have wonder where I've gone? Hehee... life's been pretty busy for me... Busy travelling to & fro Singapore and JB plant as usual, and busy cracking my brain for contingency plans for all different scenarios now that we have 2 ladies giving birth soon one after another while we are still short handed and still in search of new CS in JB.

It's been real heated round this year for the General Election (GE) in Singapore this year and for someone like me who never give a damn care on all the politics, etc started to read newspaper and online on the daily updates on the different political teams. It's interesting to speak around and hear what others gotta say....

So many friends shouting out to support the opposition so that our voices can be heard, but eventually where the votes goes to, only they themselves know... But cool isn't it? For the first time, we heard the govt apologise for some of their mistakes and they started to address to issues that were of great concern to the citizens... but still a lot more need to be done... It's not about hearing the voices of the citizen just before the GE but this should always be the case...

So friends, are you ready? Soon, will be the time to cast your votes. Cast your votes wisely, do not vote for opposition simply for the reason you want to oppose. OK, mind you, do not see me as pro-PAP just because I'm a grassroot leader.Hey you, I a volunteer to the residents, not a volunteer to the party... Anyway, you decide what you want and took charge of your rights, I have no voting rights at all...

I just feel that it is important to evaluate the individual team members, be it the PAP or opposition. Do not blindy vote for a party just because it is lead by a particular politician whom you admire; you may admire a particular politician, but this does not mean all team members are just as great. The party are split into several groups to compete in various GRC and there are bound to have some stronger teams and some weaker teams. So you really should care who are competing for the GRC and measure all the pros and cons before casting your votes.

In my view, where I feel that opposition is needed to have more voices heard, I still feel that it is still better to be lead by a particular team as an overall, else, very soon, the political scene in Singapore will be very soon be like Taiwan where seeing politicians fighting in a parliment is a common scene. So in general, although I feel that it is essential to have more dishes to spice up my meals, white rice will still be my main course.

Above are just my personal views, you may or may not agree with what I said. But do not attack me simply for the reason that I do not share the same view with you. Each and everyone has their own freedom of speech, pls respect each individual's wishes...