Tuesday, August 23, 2011

谢谢寂寞 -- 谢佳见

初次在收音机听到这首歌,便被这富有磁性及感性的声音吸引着。错过DJ的歌曲介绍,于是凭着记忆中的歌词 -- “谢谢你寂寞”在网上搜寻,庆幸找到了,原来歌曲就叫做《谢谢寂寞》。

观赏MTV时,发现男主角极为熟悉,感觉上好像是大马的戏剧小生。经过一番网上搜寻,终于解开了我的疑惑。其实,曾在好几部电视剧见过此男生,也对他有一定的印象,但,就是记不起他的名字。这次,我终于记得了,他叫做 -- 谢佳见

只有让你 感动的旋律
只有听见 真实的声音
-- 谢佳见



忘了是几点了 天亮了 感觉我还活着
快乐不快乐 你让我不懂了
世界仿佛跟我闭上眼 谢谢漆黑一片

最后还是要谢谢你寂寞 混乱的思绪终于能放空
阻止我 满身是伤 在人群里 拼命逃亡
最后还是要谢谢你寂寞 终于我习惯一个人的痛
这是我 一碰就碎的梦 谢谢寂寞

世界仿佛跟我闭上眼 谢谢漆黑一片
好让我看不见 让我永远一辈子都失眠 yeah

最后还是要谢谢你寂寞 混乱的思绪终于能放空
阻止我 满身是伤 在人群里 拼命逃亡
最后还是要谢谢你寂寞 终于我习惯一个人的痛
这是我一碰就碎的梦 啊

无所谓 我无所谓 一个人崩溃
不想成为 任何人的负累 yeah
最后还是要谢谢你寂寞 混乱的思绪终于能放空
阻止我 满身是伤在人群里 拼命逃亡
最后真的要谢谢你寂寞 终于我习惯一个人的痛
这是我 一碰就碎的梦谢谢寂寞

Friday, August 19, 2011

Noise Singapore

The Noise Singapore is back with the Apprenticeship Programe.

If you are keen to learn more from professionals from the creative industries, then this is one programme that you should sign up for! Currently there's 2 category of apprenticeship available - Art & Design (which includes Graphic Design, Illustration
& Multi-disciplinary art), as well as Photography.

If you are keen in applying, pls click here!

You will need to ensure you can commit to attend 10 mentoring sessions (to be arranged between mentor and apprentices) between October and December 2011. Apprentices’ works will be showcased in a TAP group show in March 2012.

However, before applying, you gotta make sure you are not more than 35years old. Deadline for application is 28 Aug, do not miss out this great chance to get a professional mentor!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011




For the benefits of visitors who can understand English only, I've translated the quote as below...

Quote of the day:
You can never be sure, if tomorrow will be a better day than today; but one can be sure, you will be older than today by tomorrow...

Work can always be bothersome, and hectic life is never ending; thus all the more, you should love yourself, love your life, and love those who loved you...

Encourage each of...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy National Day to my Singaporean Friends!

Wishing all a Happy National Day and a great holiday! Enjoy your day filled with beautiful fireworks!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cool MTV - Bright Siren

Check out this MTV by Androp - "Bright Siren", which is from their album "Relight".
OMG, look at the nos. of hotshoe flashes involved in the MTV and the effect created by these flashes, so cool!!! And I believe, the cost involved is definitely not cheap, but looking at the MTV, I guess Canon must have sponsored the MTV as we actually get to see the brand of the camera very clearly ;P What do you think?