Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's in the box?

Anyone care to make a guess what's in the box? lol...  The answer will be reveal soon...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watsons' Member Preview 28 Mar 2012

Gosh, today there is Watsons' Member Preview event from 12noon to 11pm only, at only 24 Watsons stores!  I happened to be on leave and around Orchard area, thus I take chance to check out the great deals at the Takishimaya Branch.

There are simply too many temptations, there are like buy 2 get 1 free for L'Oreal Paris Products, and Vichy Thermal Spa Water at 62% off, and Majolica Majorca Limited Edition Blood On Lip and Cheek Tint at S$10 instead of usual S$17.90, etc.  TheeFreebies are given for various products purchase and also for total purchase of $100 / $200 / $300. There are too many great deals to share. 

Needless to say, I spend a bomb from this member preview event, sufficient to entitle for freebies...  Curious about what I bought?  Here's a picture... needless to say, I bought those items that I share the great deals on the above :P

Monday, March 19, 2012

泰语版《分岔口》:Tur Young (Do You Still) by Potato

或许有许多人还不知道陈维联所演绎的《分岔口》,原是翻译自泰国歌手,Potato 的Tur Young (Do You Still)。


Chun yang bpen kon tee ruk tur moht jai
 I’m still the man who loves you wholeheartedly
 Chun yang dai dtae kid teung tur reuay pai
 I still can only think of you constantly
 Chun yang doo roop taai tee rao chit glai yoo took wan
 I still look at our pictures of when we were close everyday

Chun yang ror koi hai tur nan glap mah
 I’m still waiting for you to come back
 Chun yang gaa bpa-dti-tin took keun wan
 I still cross off each day on the calendar
 Pror kam dieow ra-ya taang tee mah kwaang gan rao wai
 Because one word stood in our way and kept us apart

*Dai dtae kid laaw gor song-sai
 I can only think and then wonder
 Yoo trong nan tur bpen yaang rai gor mai roo
 I have no idea how you’re doing over there
 Faak pleng nee hai pai taam tur doo
 I’ll send over this song to ask you
 Yahk ja roo nai kwarm bpen pai
 I want to know what’s going on

**Tur yang kid teung chun took nahtee yoo reu plao
 Do you still think of me every single minute?
 Tur yang jam reuang rao nai wan waan dai reu mai
 Do you still recall yesterday’s memories?
 Tur yang mee jai hai chun kon diow
 Are you still faithful to only me?
 Yang ror chun kae kon diow
 Still waiting for only me?
 Tur yang kong bpen meuan derm yoo chai mai
 You’re still the same person as before, right?
 Chuay bauk hai roo tee
 Please let me know

Chun glua krai tum hai tur nan plian pai
 I’m afraid someone is going to change you
 Chun glua sing tee mai nae naun maak maai
 I’m afraid of so many uncertain things
 Chun glua kam wah sia jai
 I’m afraid of regret
 Tur ror chun dai chai mai
 You can wait for me, right?

Repeat * / **

***Tur yang kid teung chun took waylah yoo reu plao
 Do you still think of me all the time?
 Tur yang doo roop rao bai derm derm yoo reu mai
 Do you still look at our old photographs?
 Tur yang mee jai hai chun kon diow
 Are you still faithful to only me?
 Yang ror chun kae kon diow
 Still waiting for only me?
 Tur yang ruk gan meuan derm yoo chai mai
 You still love me like you did before, right?
 Chuay bauk hai roo tee
 Please let me know

Repeat * / ** / ***

Above Tur Young Lyrics are extracted from AnothaiDara.
P/S: The lyrics in violet is the English translated version for the benefits of those who can't understand Thai and wanted to know what the song is about.



這窗 到底打開不打開 會是一片晴天或陰霾
還是閉上眼 讓全世界 暗下來
末日 到底是來或不來 我們到底是愛或不愛
那未知的將來 到底是誰 安排
~ 生命像一座迷宮 未來懸在二選一的分岔口
眼前是絢麗的彩虹 還是殘忍的黑洞
* 為什麼越愛的人越受傷 為什麼 好人會有壞的下場
這一切 跟我的想像 永遠都不一樣
難道都已刻在我手上 無法 被更換
我不要每次都流淚收場 我不要 每次摔得遍體鱗傷
這一切 到底是怎樣 我頑強的抵抗
要怎麼摧毀迷宫的牆 我要不一樣
生命像一座迷宮 害怕一不小心就會採空
眼前是絢麗的彩虹 還是殘忍的黑洞 *

意外地发现《分岔口》原来是翻译自一首泰语歌曲。原曲乃是由Potato 所演绎的"Tur Young(Do You Still)"。

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fashion Steps Out (FSO) @ Orchard 2012

This year’s Fashion Steps Out @ Orchard (formerly known as Fashion Season @ Orchard) will head start
on 17 March with  100 regional and local models will take to the runway in a fashion show of highstreet brands on this opening night of FSO.

Get star buys from high-street brands at the Fashion Bazaar held at Mandarin Gallery from 23 - 25 March.

Due to Opening Fashion runway, along part of Orchard Road, Part of Orchard Road along Paterson Road & Scott Roads will be closed from 7:00pm to 10:30pm

SMRT bus services 77, 106, 167, 171, 190 and 700A will be temporarily diverted from 8:00pm to 10:00pm on 17 March 2012 due to road closures along Orchard Road for Fashion Steps Out (FSO) @ Orchard 2012.

Affected bus stops as below, for more details, check here:

Some SBS bus stops will be affected too, but there isn't much info on their page.  Here's the affected bus route that I managed to retreive from

For information on bus, MRT and LRT services, please contact TransitLink Hotline at 1800-225-5663.
For information on SMRT services, please contact SMRT Customer Relations Centre at 1800-336-8900.

Happy Shopping and enjoy the fashion walk, and fellow photography lovers, happy shooting!!!  I bet there will be more cameras than models in the FSO Opening!  Lol...

P/S: Above info and pictures extract from OrchardRoad.orgOneMotoring and SMRT.

Friday, March 16, 2012

iPad3 is here in Singapore!!!

Well well, iPad lovers out there, your long waited iPad3 is finally available Singapore!  For other viewers that are still unaware, today, 16 Mar 2012 will be the release of iPad3 in Singapore.

In the past, Singtel is always the first Telco to release iPad3, however, surprisingly, this round M1 is the first to officially announce the launch of iPad3 on 16 March 2012 in Singapore.  But it seems that M1 is too anxious to announce the launch of iPad3 and missed out to update their website from iPad2 to iPad3, lol...

M1 will be offering HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) 10GB Data Bundle Up to 21Mbps Speed at S$40.00/month.  M1 iPad3 Plans & Prices as below, you may even extend the warranty to 2 years with AppleCare Protection Plans at $94.00 

There is a $50 off iPad2 at M1 and the prices as below.

To check out more details from M1, click here.

On the other hand, you can shop online at SingTelShop as early as 12.00am 16 March and they offering free home delivery as early as 3:00am 16 March.  They are offering 10GB Local Data Bundle with Typical Download Speed Range: 1.7Mbps - 4.8Mbps at S$40/month.

Singtel Price Plan for iPad3 as below.  However all iPad3 models are already out of stock at SingTelShop as of now!!!

And they are offering $100 off iPad2 models which seems a much better deal than M1.

So, are you one of the lucky one who has already got hold of iPad3 in Singapore?  Do drop a note and share your experience :)

P/S: All Picture and Price Plan info are extraced from M1 and SingTelShop official website and is accurate as of time of posting.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good Bye East Coast Park McDonald’s!

After 30 years of operation at East Coast Park, McDonald’s™ East Coast Park will be ceasing business on 18 March 2012.  They will giving a free Blueberry Melts with every Extra Value Meal™, only at McDonald’s™ East Coast Park. From 12-18 March, after breakfast hours.
It is sort of sad to learn the closure of ECP McDonald's as this is the place that during our younger days, we love to hang out at, especially when we are having BBQ in the East Coast Park.  There are so many fond memories at McDonald’s™ East Coast Park.  We eat, chatter, joke and have fun...  Those were the days...

For those who love to reminisce about their sweet old memories at ECP McDonald's, there will be a fun walk from East Coast Park McDonalds' to East Coast Seafood Centre + Closure Event on 18Mar 2012, 7:00am -10:00am.  For more details, pls check out their Facebook Event Page.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I so wanna this... @ IT Show 2012

Have you guys head to the IT Show 2012 that started on 8 Mar 2012?  Any good buys there?  All I know is I so wanna this @ IT Show 2012...

I so wanna this Hansa miniature camera that is given free along a purchase of Canon EOS 7D, EOS 60D or EOS 600D DSLR camera in the IT Show, urghhhh.....

But I just bought my EOS 550D a year+ ago and I'm not ready to upgrade it any sooner as I'm still exploring and experimenting with my camera.  OMG!!!

Anyone buying a Canon EOS 7D, EOS 60D or EOS 600D DSLR camera but not keen in the the minimiature camera, can give it to me? or sell to me at a cheap price? Pls...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia

Looking for Volunteers - SAVH Flag Day 2012

Imagine what it is like to lose your sight? Do lend a helping hand and do something meaningful during your free time...

Fund raising for SAVH flag day
Date : 17 March 2012
Time : 8am to 6pm (2 Shifts)
Venue : Islandwide
Contact Person & Registration : Mary Kwang, Email to

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Channel U 2012 Blockbuster -- Show Hand《注定》

Am lucky to have won the passes to Channel U 2012 blockbuster Show Hand Private Party @ 4 Seasons Hotel on 24 Feb 2012.

Finger food available for the attendees are yummy, I love the mini fruit tart best!  Guilty but nevertheless, unresistable!
派对开始前还有美味小吃,最喜爱的就是那迷你水果挞! 吃了难免感到罪恶感,却难以抗拒!

Ivy Tan of Y.E.S. 93.3FM was MC for the night.
当晚的司仪 -- 933醉心频道的DJ,陈艾薇。

Special preview of episodes from "Show Hand" drama serial.

Stars for the night - Kimberly Chia, Ann Kok, Christopher Lee, Cynthia Koh & Ian Fang. It's a pity that Chew Chor Meng did not attend the private party.
星光熠熠的夜晚 - 剧中主要演员,谢静仪,郭淑贤,李铭顺,许美珍及方伟杰。可惜周初明没有出席。

It was a great night with games and Q&A session with the stars.

So, what's the drama serial about?  From the poster, one may have guessed, the show is about gambling?  But is this what the entire drama serial about?  Of course not!  There's a lot more to it.  Can't wait to watch the drama serial?  Stay tune to Channel U on 5th Mar 2012 10pm!

Oh yes, the theme song sang by Kelvin Tan! A very nice song with great meanings in the lyrics!
对了,怎能忘了一提《注定》的主题曲 -  “分岔口”,是由久违的陈伟联所演唱的! 喜欢这首歌的旋律,也很喜欢它的词,觉得很有意思 -- 勇敢抵抗命中所注定。

To view more photos of the Show Hand Private Party, click here.
Wanted to be posted of Show Hand updates?  Like the Show Hand《注定》fan page.
想要追踪更多有关《注定》的消息,那就请按“喜爱”Show Hand《注定》粉丝页

人生犹如一场赌注,输赢是否天注定,不置可否;不妨孤注一掷,来个ShowHand! 人定胜天!