Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Camera Launches!

Wow, recently there are several announcement of cameras that seems cool! 

First came the announcement of Canon's first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera -- The Canon EOS M!  I looking forward for a chance to hands on and compare the difference with my sister's Panasonic Lumix GF2.  When I last tweet about this launch, my buddy mistaken that I get a chance to do first hand testing and review.  How I wished so, Canon did you hear me??? lol...
Based around the same 18MP APS-C sensor as the EOS 650D/T4i, the EOS M is the first model to use a new, smaller 'EF-M' lens mount.  the EOS M is predominantly aimed at the point-and-shoot upgrader market looking for DSLR quality and makes greater use of a 650D-style touch-screen interface.
Review on Canon EOS M available in DP Review!
(Disclaimer: Picture is extracted from Canon Europe Website only only)

Then, came the announcement of Panasonic compact camera  Lumix DMC-LX7.  Am surprise the camera is actually with an aperture range of F1.4-2.3, which is a great news to all since it allows better picture quality under low light setting!    The lens also employs Panasonic's Nano Surface Coating to reduce flare and ghosting.

Now that I own a DSLR, I actually wanted a compact camera or rather a prosume camera.  I'm torn between the Panasonic Lumix and Canon Powershot series...  am still hesistating.  Saw the remarkable picture quality from a friend who get to do a first hand review of the camera, a 100% crop still leaves the picture sharp and crisp even though it's at 10 mega pixels only!  Unbelievable!

Beside this, it actually allows one to take picture in RAW format and has a white balance bracket which will allow one to adjust the white balance to a more accurate setting.   Another cool point is it actually allows 3D photo mode.  Really hope that I get to test on 1 of this!

Review on Panasonic DMC-LX7 available in DP Review!
(Disclaimer: Picture is extracted from Panasonic USA Website only)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Bye "Sadako"...

Finally, I managed to find some time to ditch "Sadako"!  So now are you wondering what am I talking exactly?  Let the picture tells the story, muahaha....

This is the "Sadako" that I'm referring to!  It has been with me for quite a while, for almost near 1 year...  Have been trying hard to ditch her but just couldnt find the time, or rather, I did not try hard enough? :P

I'm really getting sick of her... and finally I decided it's high time, by hook or by crook, I shall ditch her! 

I had a hard time thinking where to ditch her?  With sister's recommendation and after doing some online research, I decided that I shall settle at Act Point Salon.  Based on the reviews, I decided to seek Sophie Goh's help to make it a success.  It's a painful 5hrs of process...

Snipping off 5-6inches hair --> Hair Wash --> Blow dry --> Apply Rebonding cream--> Hair Wash --> Hair conditioning --> Hair Treatment --> Hair Wash--> Blow dry --> Final Hair Cut --> Styling --> Apply Serum

Sophie is a rather detailed person, she will share with me the different type of rebonding cream for the various hair texture and what is the combination of the rebonding cream that will be used.  However, she is very popular and there are many customer that goes for her in particular, eventually, she need to split herself to various customers and most of the time, it is the stylist assistant that help with my rebonding, etc.  But she did the final touch up though... But I certainly do hope that she spend more time on my hair since this is my first visit to her. 

In case you are interested to look for Sophie, she is the Salon manager, so her price will be higher than normal hairstylist or Senior hairstylist.  And she is not attached to any particular outlet, but rather she moves around the 3 outlets, namely in Beach Road Shaw Tower, Orchard International Building, Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Center.  One thing good about the Act Point Salon, they are flexible enough to allow me booking when Sophie is supposed to be in another outlet on my intended appointed date. 

The telephone no. for the various outlet as below:
Beach Road Shaw Tower (62985681)
Orchard International Building (67342898)
Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Center (63373822)
They have a facebook page too!

Finally!!!  Sadoko has bid farewell and a brand new me!  As my hair is rather stubborn and tends to curl fast once baby hair grow, I wonder how long will this rebonding last.  Based on past experience, usually not more than 5 months.  Yes, baby hair, you did not hear me wrong!!!  Though I've passed the youth stage, I'm still having baby hair and pimples, lol... 

It's ok, I never really bother to hide my age.  Ageing is just a process that everyone goes through, we just need to know how to embrace it gracefully!

Have a great week out there! Sending my regards from Penang...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another upcoming Youtube Singer? LeeSa

I am surfing through YouTube checking out some MTV, then by chance, I saw this MTV by this cute Korean girl where there has been a hundred thousands of viewers.  By curiosity I decided to check out her cover version of TikTok.  Surprisingly, she's got a powerful vocal and she can sing English songs real good!  She's done a cover version of "Viva La Vida" and "Suddenly I see" which are very nice too.  At times, I feel that there is some similarity in her voice with Singaporean Singer, Tanya Chua.  Her name is LeeSa.  Her MVs can be found in under  I realised that under's Facebook page that LeeSa does release EP.

Check out her Cover Version of " TikTok", featuring Yana from HCube:

Cover version of "Suddenly I See":

After listening to her English songs, how about listening to a Korean Song?  Cover Version of "Run Devil Run", featuring Sgt.Park.  This song is originally sung by 소녀시대 (Girl's Generation):

Don't you love her vocal?  I simply love it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Got featured on IGSG

Recently I'm crazed over Instagram and have been "instgramming" almost every day.  The reason why I'm so crazy over it is, I get to snap photos on my mobile phone, share it, and reach out to people who have similar preferences by hash-tagging the photos of the themes.

So, instead of spending hours on Facebook, playing online games, I now spend hours checking out the photos news feed of people whom I followed and occasionally check out interesting featured photos, look at how others snapped their photos, their perspective of taking similar objects.  This has indeed helped me to improve on my photographer skills. 

Recently, one of my picture got featured on IGSG and published during evening time. Within 20mins, it generates 1246likes which seems mission impossible for myself as my friend list is like approx 30+ people and I'm in no way a celebrity or having huge follower list to gain so many likes on 1 photo.  However, with this feature, I gain a few new followers.  However, never did I expect the photo only gets to feature for 1 day only, else, I would have snap-shot again just before end of the day.  I vaguely recalled just before I slept, there was already 2400+ likes? So Sad...  This would have been a memorable feat for me.

This photo is originally named "Colorful Nation" by me, but for some reason, when it got featured, the caption was "Housing Development Board, Singapore".  Some friends suggested that it may be that the word "Colorful" is too senstive word to use as it may sound racist to some.  In no way, I meant that, all I know, when I snapped the photos, it's the colors of the flats and clothings that caught my attention.  First thing to cross my mind is Singapore, being a multi-racial contry (residents of various color skin tones) is a vibrant country (colorful flats, colorful clothings), which is the reason I named this photo as Colorful Nation.

So what do you think of this photo and captions?  Feel Free to suggest better / more appropriate caption for the photo, All C&Cs are welcomed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Phyto and Gataomo - An experience of Heaven & Earth

Earlier this year, I bought a Groupon coupon at $65 for Rebonding or Perm + L'Oreal Hair Restoration Treatment at Gataomo in Orchard (Worth $160).

I had wanted to make a booking something during 20/ Jun but was told all the appointments slots are full the entire Jun and most slots in Early Jul are filled as well, and the coupon will expire by 8/Jul!  I need to travel to Shanghai for work in during End June till Jul and I'm not sure if I can have time to make an appointment as coming back from Shanghai as I'll need to travel to Malaysia 2 days after my return.

Then just a night before I set off to Shanghai, I realised that Gataomo is offering new Groupon coupon for later period, so I get my sister to call in and check if they can extend the current coupon.  But they were very rigid about it and insisted "NO"!  They are the one who can't offer available slots 3 weeks before the coupon expired and yet they are unwilling to extend the coupon.  When my sister requested the receiver at the other end to approach for their management for consultation on this matter, no only that they bluntly rejected her but slammed down the phone with much rudeness.  It's much hated that she has forgotten to ask who is speaking at the other end.

This absolutely pissed us off with such service.  Not only that there's isn't any flexibility, they do not even have the basic customer service knowledge, how can they simply slam down the phone!!! 

I'm unable to claim back $65 dollars from Groupon due to I did not report my bad experience with Gataomo earlier, but I'm busying travelling from the entire Jun till Mid Jul from 1 place to the other, so it just sort of slipped off my mind.  Just my luck!  Frankly speaking, after my sister's conversation with them, I won't be confident with their service level at all!  And after surfing around, I realized that on some forum, there are others sharing about Gataomo's rude service as well!

As compared in my previous experience with Phyto Hair Spa, it is really Heaven and Earth!  When I tried to make an appointment for 2 with Phyto Hair Spa just 1 week before the expiry of Groupon coupon ($38 for Detoxifying Hair Therapy With Wash and Blow And Styling at Phyto Hair Spa (Worth $128), I was told that the Takishimaya branch slots are full and they proposed me to make appointment with their Wheellock branch instead.  However, Wheellock's branch slot's are full as well but when the caller at the other end hear that I can't get any slots from both branch, they actually offer to extend the coupon for another week.  However, as most of the extended slots are full and available for 1 pax only so I have to book the available slots with an hour difference.  But next day I received a call from Phyto informing that they managed to get 2 slots of same timing for me.  They even offer to make a reminder call the night before the actual appointment.

As the available time slot is during mid day, and I can't go on leave during the busy period, I decided to give the other coupon to my mom's friend.  I informed them to my mom can't understand English and they offer to get someone who is Chinese speaking to make the reminder call to my mom, so sweet of them!

My mom was so happy and keep sharing about her experience @ Phyto, how courtesy and heart warming when they served her throughout the session.  And I'm glad that she enjoyed much.

For what you see, these 2 organizations are not offering typically same service exactly, so why am I comparing both?  FYI, Phyto do have hair salon as well.  Comparing both organizations offering hair service, you can see their way of business philosophy, the flexibility in business operations, and level of customer service.   Being the intelligent consumers, you know better who and what to consider the next time you need a hair service.  There's really no need for me to spell things out clearly. 

I lost $65 with a heavy lesson learnt.  I hereby urge all consumers to always check on review before taking up Groupon Coupon with an organization that you are not familiar of their service or products, especially when the monetary value involved is quite huge, which in this case for me, it is!  I had wanted to save money initially, end up I need to pay "$65" more expensive to get a hair rebonding done!  So far, my encounter with Groupon coupon, if it is the merchant that unable to provide their service (not because of last minute appoinment, but because their slots are full), they will automatically offer extension, or ask me to get refund from Groupon.  So this is really a BAD experience for once!