Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节快了!

Chang'e and Houyi are here to send their greetings, wishing all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou Gala Premiere《我的狗蚪蚪》首映会

Thanks to Homerun Asia, I get to attend the Gala Premiere of My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》which was held in Vivo City Golden Village on 18 September.  The Gala Premiere Reception cocktail started at 6:30pm and soon the Cinema is packed with audience around the stage area.  Everyone is busy shooting with their cameras, mobile phones or even iPads and Galaxy Tabs upon the arrival of the casts.

As usual, the 2 comedian Veteran, Henry Thia 程旭辉 and Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲, brought laughter and fun to the audience by joking and teasing around.  Even the 3 actors /actress from Malaysia - Cathryn Lee 李元玲, Tommy Kuan 关栋珉 and Alvin Wong 王竣 can't help but laugh aloud!

Then came the main cast Jason Wong 王識賢, Ivan Lo 卢楷浚 and Flapper, the Labrador-retriever, together with the movie Director Ng Say Yong 黄世勇.
Having failed to convince the renowned Taiwanese actor, Jason Wong Shixian to sing for all during the press conference.  The host, Lingzhi, does not simply gives up, she tried persuading again and will the help of the audience, Jason finally agrees to sing one of the OST for all.
Coincidentally Ivan's and Flapper's birthday falls on 25 September, so they took chance to make an early birthday celebration for Ivan.  Upon seeing the cake, Flapper started to get excited and was wondering why the cake was for Ivan only but not for him.
When asked to make 3 wishes, eventually Ivan wished for the same for the first 2, that My Dog Dou Dou's box office hit no.1.  Upon asked for the 3rd wish, Ivan started to burst into laughter, reason being, Henry, "his advisor", is advising him to make the same 3rd wish.
After the celebration, all the cast went up on stage for group photos before all proceed to the movie theaters.
Inside the main theater, Homerun Asia's CEO, Daniel Yun 云晖翔 and the casts made their appearance and share with the audience about the movie.

More Photos to be found in my Facebook photo album.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou Press Conference 《我的狗蚪蚪》记者招待会

I'm very honoured to be invited to the press conference of Singapore Local Film, My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》on 18 September 2012, special thanks to Homerun Asia.

The Press Conference was hosted by Lin Ling Zhi 林灵芝 of Radio 1003, and started off with Daniel Yun 云晖翔, Founder and CEO of Homerun Asia, with the film director, Ng Say Yong 黄世勇, to give a brief introduction and come about of the movie.

Upon arrival, the casts are each being introduced with some background information about them and asked to shared about their experience in participation of the filming.
During the press conference, the director, Ng shared that most difficult type of movie to film will be those involved with dogs and kids, however, he did not have much trouble with both 9 year old Ivan Lo 卢楷浚, and  6 year old labrador retriever, Flapper.  But he did confessed that it might be easier to handle the labrador retriever at times as the dog can be easily coaxed with dog treats while the kid may have his temperaments when totally strained out.
Though Ng revealed that he is not particularly in love with dogs, he can be spotted stroking Flapper several times throughout the press conference.  Seems like the intelligent and cute Flapper has managed to won over Ng's heart.

When asked about his experience co-acting with the reowned Taiwanese Actor, Jason Wong Shixian 王識賢, little Ivan answered that he felt very honored to act together with Jason Wong, as he was a really nice guy and a very professional actor.  The host then teased if Ivan's answer was taught by his mother, he denied and ends it off with his kiddish innocent smile.
On the other side, Jason shared that he is very honoured to co-act with Ivan, whose popularity is comparative to Taiwanese child-actor, Xiao Xiao Bin 小小彬.
There were 3 Malaysian actors /actress that participate in the movie, namely, Cathryn Lee 李元玲, Alvin Wong 王竣 and Tommy 关栋珉.  They shared about their filming experience in both Malaysia and Singapore.
The highlight of the press conference was when Flapper performed his stunts picking up 4-D numbers, as well as showing his flair in acting by displaying his innocent look.
Before the press conference is split into small group interview by the various groups of Media, the casts and the film director came together for some group photo shots.
To check out more pictures of the press conference, pls check out my FaceBook Photo Album.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Here I Come, F1!!!

Woohoo, I'm getting more & more excited as the clock goes tick tock tick tock...

This will be my first time to the F1 event and I'm totally lost. But luckily I've got my buddy who frequent to F1 event for the past few years and will share more info with me.

I'm now on the bus and I getting more and more excited when I getting nearer and nearer to CityHall. Simply feel like shouting here I come, F1!!! Or rather, here I come, Jay Chou! Muahaha...

I come to this year's F1 event is for no other reason except for Jay! But it will be a great experience for me and I do hope I manage to get some decent shots. Will be sharing with you guys my first F1 experience!

Remember to check back!

Singapore F1 Photography Survival Guide

My Friend found this F1 Photography Survival Guide by Camera Rental Centre.  I thought this is cool, especially for people like me who is going to the Formula1 Grand Pix for the first time.  Thus, I decided to share with others who may be keen.

In case you are thinking that the lens you have may not be able to capture "the moment", you may want to consider renting lens from Camera Rental Centre.  They are located just opposite Central @ Clark Quay.  I've rented a couple of times from them, I find the range of lens, especially for Canon cameras, are pretty good and often they have promotion which you can rent the lens at a good price / rent with free extended days.  The staff are pretty well verse in photography and able to answer to my queries when in doubts.

They actually have a F1 promotion right now.  Just Flash your F1 ticket and you can get $18 off rental of any cameta body, valid for collections on 20-22 Sep 2012.  Do check it out!

Oh yes, aside to this, do remember that Tripod is not allowed but monopod will be allow.  Happy shooting to all fellow photography lovers who are attending F1 for these 3 days!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor advertorial post. Above recommendation purely based on personal experience.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou Movie Review / 《我的狗蚪蚪》观后感

My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》 is a heart warming, fantasy and comedy movie, co-produced by MM2 Entertainment and Homerun Asia, in association with, CornerStone Pictures, Clover Films Pte Ltd, Jlink Management, Sky Films Entertainment, PMP Entertainment, Grand Brilliance.
Synopsis / 电影大纲:
The movie is about how the gambler father, Meng and his estranged son; and how a dog with predictive powers brings them closer together. Through their ups and downs, Meng, discovers the meaning of altruistic love and loyalty, and the son, Xing, finally finds the father he has always been looking for.

此电影乃是一部温馨奇幻、略带搞笑的影片,讲述一个嗜赌如命的父亲(明),与他的儿子一向感情疏远,机缘巧合下领养了一只能预测真字,让人发横财的狗儿(蚪蚪)。透过蚪蚪;,明了解到爱与家人的真谛, 更发现亲情的可贵,于是拉近父子之间的感情。

Main Casts / 领衔演员: Jason Wang 王識賢, Ivan Lo 卢楷浚, Cathryn Lee 李元玲
Other Casts / 其他演员: Jack Choo 朱厚任, Henry Thia 程旭辉, Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲, Yvonne Lim 林湘萍, Alvin Wong 王竣, Tommy Kuan 关栋珉, 及狗狗Flapper.

My Dog Dou Dou Movie Review / 《我的狗蚪蚪》影评
Being the first Doggie movie in Singapore, this movie naturally fall into limelight. Although this is the first Movie directed by Ng Say Yong, he is actually a veteran in directing / producing television productions.

这是新加坡的首部狗狗电影,自然成为众人的焦点。虽然《我的 狗蚪蚪》是导演黄世勇的电影处女导作,却一点也不青涩;因黄导之前曾执导/监制多部连续剧。电影很有日本狗狗电影的风格,非常温馨。也发现,导演运用了韩式电影惯用的顶广角手法拍摄,这样的镜头鲜少在本地作品出现。

Other than the well known Jason Wong, Jack Choo, Yvonne Lim, Henry Thia  and Liu Ling Ling, who are veteran actors/actresses, some new faces has made their appearance in the film. Little Ivan Lo and Alvin Wong stand out among the new faces for their oustanding acting skills. Cathryn Lee also caught my eyes, she is simply dazzling and with great charisma, I foresee she will be the next big star. Tommy who appears to be blur bur in the movie is cute and comical too! First appearance in a move, Flapper do not seem amateur in any way, and I guess it will soon be offered to more acting opportunities.  It is also interesting to see Jason to cast away his usual image and turn himself to a sloppy gambler.

这部电影中有大家熟悉的王識賢, 朱厚任,林湘萍,程旭辉, 刘玲玲,他们的实力毋庸置疑;除此之外,也大胆的用了几张较新/生的面孔 -- 卢楷浚,李元玲,王竣, 及关栋珉,然而他们都有不俗的表现。尤其是卢楷浚小弟弟及王竣,表现更是出众!气质非凡的李元玲更是令人眼前一亮,漂亮的外型更为她添加几分,未来星路更是指日可待。电影中表现傻傻的关栋珉,其实也蛮可爱逗趣。狗狗Flapper首次演出丝毫不生涩,应该可以在未来的日子观赏到更多他的演出。难得王識賢一改以往深情款款的模样,变成颓废赌鬼。

There are several twists in the movie which most times, are unpredictable. And there have been insights to life indirectly. The film pace is just nice without making it too dragging.  It would have been better if more emphasize placed on the development of the kinship of the father and son.


Last but no least, I would like to praise local musician, Alex Oh, for doing a good job on the music scoring for the film, it brings out the momentum of the film. A good movie will need good music scores, besides a good script and great actors/actresses. Of course, we cannot forget the importance of the director as well as the behind scene production team.

最后,不得不提到电影配乐非常之出色,轻易把观众带入影中其中的情绪。这些配乐出自本地音乐人Alex Oh,令人鼓舞。一部好的电影,除了要有好的剧本,好的演员,更需要好的配乐!当然,导演与幕后的制作团队,功不可没!

While this is a very touching movie, yet not over sensational; however, be prepare to pull out your tissue during the last 15mins of the the movie. The movie will be officially released in Singapore on 20th Sep 2012, it is highly recommending to catch this movie!

这部电影,诚意十足,温馨小品,十分令人感动,却不煽情; 但,最后的15分钟,观众可要准备好纸巾哦。《我的狗蚪蚪》将于2012年9月20日正式于新加坡上映,千万别错过!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Love for Music!

Is anyone still listening to Music CDs these days? Or are you listening to Music MP3 only?  I insist on listening to original for good music/songs.  Just bought a nos. of music albums from Popular CD Rama yesterday.  Due to busy schedule, I no longer shop for music album on monthly basis which I used to do so.  Now I buy in batches, sometimes will pick up some old albums that I might have missed out previously...  This round I have bought 6 albums at one go, including, Wanting's, Jane Huang's, Kelly's, Robynn & Kendy's music albums, Kavin Hoo's instrumental album and Korean drama - Secret Garden's Original Sound Track (OST). 

這年頭還有人聆聽 CDs 嗎?還是,你現在就只聆聽 MP3 音樂? 我堅持,好的音樂,應支持正版!昨天到大眾書局的 CD Rama 買了一疊的專輯。基於工作繁忙的關係,我不在像從前每月定期購買CDs。而是間隔大批掃貨,購買好聽的專輯,甚至是捕買一些之前錯過的好專輯。這回一口氣買了六張專輯, 有曲婉婷的《我的歌聲裡》,黃美珍的《途中》,Kelly 範蓁蓁的《爵士空間Jazz Divas》,Robynn & Kendy 《Robynn & Kendy + Dream Together DVD》版本 ,Kavin Hoo的音樂專輯《A Moment In Time》及韓劇秘密花園的《劇秘密花園電視劇原聲大碟》。

Registration starts for Singapore Canon PhotoMarathon 2012

Remember I shared about the details of the upcoming Singapore Canon PhotoMarathon in my earlier blog post?  Now Registration is open.  Quick, go sign up now!  Online registration is $10 only while walk-in on event day will be $15, and subject to availability.

Click this link to register!  If you are going to participate in the Canon PhotoMarathon and you are able to spot me from the thousands of participants, do come forward and say "Hi!"

Good Luck!

P/S: Just a note, I think there are still many people who are confused oabout the Canon PhotoMarathon.  Most has misunderstand that you must OWN a Canon Camera to participate but this is not true, unlike the N brand, Canon does not restrict to only participants that own their camera.  And it is not necessary to own a DSLR either.  There were previous years where the champion are holding on to compact camera only.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Starbucks New Flavor - Salted Caramel Mocha

The Salted Caramel Mocha is in town!  Have you given it a try? Salted Caramel?   It's so hard to imagine drinking something savoury yet sweet!  Hahaa... this is the first impression of most people around me. 

I've heard of a salted coffee story and was always wonder how I feel towards a cup of savoury coffee.  So out of curiousity, I decided to give it a try upon knowing that Starbucks' launch of Salted Caramel Mocha.  It seems interesting to have a mix of savoury taste and sweetness. 

Currently, Starbucks is having a 1 for 1 promotion when you purchase a Venti size of Salted Caramel Mocha on 10th-13th Sep, from 3pm -7pm.  You can have it hot, iced or Frappuccino blended.  I decided to go for the the Frappuccino blended.

You can see the salt on top of the whip cream.  In case, you wonder why my picture turns out to be not so appetising, I actually asked for less whip cream, and I ordered as take away.  So, by the time I reached home, the whip cream is really not in very good shape.  But nonetheless, it does not impact the taste.

The amount of salt is not substantial so it actually turns out to taste quite nice to have the bit of savoury taste over the sweet Caramel Mocha.  Overall, the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino still taste sweet.  Luckily with some review online, I requested for less sweet, so I love the final blend of taste.

If you have not try the Salted Caramel Mocha, what are you waiting for?  The Salted Caramel Mocha will be available for limited period only, and today is the last day of the 1 for 1 promotion, quickly head down to the nearest Starbucks outlet!

A Star drops by...

Well I'm still pretty much hooked on Instagram and enjoy posting to Instagram almost every single day.
Today, a star drops by and added glamour to my Instagram.  Wondering what I'm talking about? Let the picture do the talking....
Mediacorp Actress, Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅(@prisceliahan actually drops by my Instagram account and like several of my photos.  Her visit indeed added some glamour...
Actually, prior to this, there are some other visits from other stars too...  Medicacorp Actor, Zheng Ge Ping 郑各评 (@zhenggeping) & Mediacorp actress, Constance Song 宋怡霏(@constancesong).

And best of all, I also gets visitor like, famous Aunty Lucy aka Mediacorp Radio DJ/Actor/TV Host, Zhou Chong Qing 周崇庆 (@zhouchongqing).

Frankly speaking, I'm not a celebrity in anyway, nor do I have huge network, so their visits do add some pleasant surprise to me.  In fact, I do get visitors of overseas stars too.  But due to I watch less of English shows, I can't really identify them by their name and confirmed if the so claimed title is true, but I do spot among them, a few familiar faces that seemingly, ever appear on some TV commercial before.
It is amazing how Instagram connects us socially, there is no barrier against the different social status, but only photos of themes that interest us, and got us connected.  Don't you get amazed by the power of social medial?  I do!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Canon PhotoMarathon 2012

Woo Hoo, The Singapore Canon PhotoMarathon 2012 schedule is out!  This year's date falls on 3rd November, seems to be much later date as compared to last 2 years' date.  The venue has also changed from usual Suntec City Convection Hall to Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Two winners from each country, with a total of 10 winners, get to attend an unforgettable 8-day photo clinic to Hungary hosted by professional photographer Triston Yeo.

The registration has yet started, just keep stay tune to the Official Website for the opening of the registeration.  As usual, I'll be participating and I definitely look forward to my Photography Khakis to join in the fun!

Oh yes, in case you are not aware, the Canon PhotoMarathon does not limit to participants that holds a Canon DSLR.  Be it you own any other brands or only a compact camera, you are still welcome to join!

See you guys at MBS on 3rd November!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Home Cooked Pork Chop

If you know me well enough, I hardly cook.  If given the choice, I prefer to bake then cook though my baking skills is just as limited.
However, once in a blue moon, I do cook.  Cook in the sense not about instant noodle, but whip up proper dish - some vegetables, eggs or meat, with simple wolf berries soup.  But these are usually during days when mom is back to Malaysia where I can have the kitchen all to myself, without her nagging how slow I am, in cutting up the vegetables, etc... lol...
Recently, mom is complaining that she don't get to eat a meal whipped up by me, so I took up the challenge and decided to whip up a western food meal.  Due to my busy schedule, she helped to do the shopping and marinate the pork chop in advance.
The pork chop is grilled to golden brown with slices of ginger (This is inspired by a pork chop which I eaten in a Macau cafe previously, that left a deep impression in me).  I prepared my own sauce out of black soya sauce, soya sauce, garlic, etc (actually with some help from mom).  Boiled the black pepper saugage and broccoli, air-fried the sliced potatoes with the newly bought Philips Air Fryer so that I can eat the fries with less guilt.Sliced up the tomato and heat up the bake beans.  Minimal oil has been used during the process of cooking.

Loved the air fryer which makes frying a simpler chore without fear of being splashed by hot oil during the frying process.  Best of all, no oil used for the frying, feels much healthier with eating these air-fired food!
Anyway, back on track, finally get everything in order and started with my garnishing.  Viola, here's my final presentation.
How do you think of my home cooked Pork Chop?  I'm pretty happy & satisfied with it, not professionally decorated though, but at least it seems to be a rather balance diet with a good mix of meat and vegetables.  Don't you think so? ;P

Monday, September 3, 2012


Today is 3rd September, my sick day, was on medical leave due to flu and lymph nodes infection.  But today is also beloved "bro" - Benny's Birthday and also my beloved Doraemon's Birthday!  Just wanna wish you 2 a great birthday!

Heheee, the below pic is my aged Doraemon backpack, which I bought from HK about 13~14years ago.  Although it has turned yellowish, I still not and will not bear to dump it away.  Still loving it, Muacks!!!
Just need to wish you: ~
多啦A夢, 生辰快樂!
otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Doraemon San!
Happy Birthday, Doraemon!