Monday, December 31, 2012

Counting down to 2013, Parties Anyone?

What are your plans on tomorrow, 31 Dec 2012?  Going to have a friends / family gathering?  Or going to countdown parties?

There are several countdown parties in Singapore, so which one will you be heading to?
 Siloso Beach Party
Supernova Countdown 2013
Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013
Celebrate 2013

Wanted something different?  How about counting down in overseas? 

On a budget?  No worries. now you can just cross the causeway and have the count down at Sutera Mall at 全城最HIGH Countdown Party 2013 倒数跨年群星演唱会.

Expect to see:
Taiwan Local King - Jacky Wu 吴宗宪 with other Taiwanese singer - Genie Chuo 卓文萱、Xiao Zhong 小钟、Julia Peng 彭佳慧、Ailing Tai 戴爱玲 and Yuming Lai 赖铭伟.

Mediacorp Artisite - Yvonne Lim 林湘萍, Ann Kok 郭舒贤, Shaun Chen 陈泓宇, Zhang Yaodong 张耀栋.

Popular Malaysia Band Group - ManHanD and DayDream.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Afterthoughts of screening of Old Places 《老地方》and Old Romances 《老情人》

Attended the premiere screening of "Old Places" and "Old Romances" at National Museum of Singapore on 14 Dec.  Glad that I bought the tickets early as just the response was over-whelming and many people seeking for additional screening, which eventually there are another 2 screenings at The Art House on 23 Dec.

Upon stepping into the theatre, we are greeted by the kiddy ride, and other collections of Royston Tan, loved  his collections. 

Frankly speaking, I didn't become a big fan of Royston until I "knew" him through Instagram. His pictures are usually of simple composition, nothing too complicated.  Mostly are shots of chairs, beautiful window/ door grills, vintage finds, places with retro settings, with moments of people. Simple pictures, yet tell so much! After sharing with a couple of friends, they become followers of Royston - @filmr, be it they are on Instagram or not.  We simply love the old places/ old findings that he shared with us via Instagram.
(Photo Credit: Roystan Tan)

I shared similar sentiments as Royston towards old places that are slowly disappearing in sights in Singapore.  Being one of the fastest developing countries, Singapore has changed much over the years.  In fact, she has progress so fast that every second, you can see changes around. Nope, I'm not being exaggerated, you just need to keep your eyes open and be more attentive to your surroundings, especially recently there have been many upgrading going on in Singapore. 

Loved the documentaries of " Old Places and Old Romances by Royston Tan, Eva Tang and Victric Thng.  The 2 documentaries are presented in a very light manner, not like those typical documentaries that sometimes may bored one to tears.  They brought out the sentiments, love and stories behind these old places.

Simple as they may seem, these are fruit of hard work of the team members, with several instances of emergency calls, the "emergency department" rushed down to venue that was announced about to close down.  Examples include Thye Moh Chan Cake House in Geylang Road, the Crocodile Farm in Upper Serangoon Road and New Chay Hong Beauty Parlour in West Coast Road.

In fact, a good 40 per cent of what was featured in "Old Places" 《老地方》 and "Old Romances" 《老情人》, no longer exist now.  So these documentaries served as a valueable means of preserving the last bit of memories for such places which are no longer in sight.  If these documentaries means so much for me, a non Singaporean, who grew up in Singapore, I believe it means much more to the true blue Singaporeans and touch the hearts of many others.

If you loved "Old Places" 《老地方》 / "Old Romances" 《老情人》, and looking forward to the sequel, do your part to write in to National Heritage Board to seek funding for Royston and team to make it possible.

On a side note, a series of 3 limited edition Old Romances Tees are launched together with the Premiere Screening of Old Romances.  There are 50pcs only for each design, available at By1985.  Each T-shirts actually comes with director notes.  Hurry if you like to get one of these T-shirts, limited qty and sizes left.

(Photo Credit:  By1985)

If you shared similar sentiments towards old places, join this Facebook Group, Old Places 老地方

If you like to follow Royston on his instagram, his instagram id is @filmr; even if you are not on instagram, you can still check out his instagram pictures at

If you like to follow Royston on more of his movements and upcoming works, etc, you can go and like his Facebook page - Royston Tan 陈子谦

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winner of BRAND’S® InnerShine® Christmas Gift Pack

Remember my previous post on BRAND’S® InnerShine® Christmas Gift Pack + Xmas Giveaway

Today is boxing day and I shall announce the winner!  Thanks to all who participate!
To be fair, I've used the Random Number Generator @ to pick the winner.
 Congrats to Cookie Huijin! I'll be contacting you shortly!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! 聖誕節快樂!

While I'm not a Christian, on this special day, I still wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a day filled with love & joy...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BRAND’S® InnerShine® Christmas Gift Pack + Xmas Giveaway


Christmas is coming soon and you still have no idea what to get for your BFFs?  When comes to giving gifts, it's always a headache for me... I wanted to get something practical, and suits my best pals' need, yet without bursting my budget.

And here comes my saviour! BRAND’S® InnerShine® now comes in Christmas gift pack, consisting 2 bottles of BRAND’S® InnerShine® Berry Essence (42ml) and 1 bottle of BRAND’S® InnerShine® Prune Essence (42ml), all just for S$8.90!   Exclusively available at Watsons and Guardian only.
Isn't this Christmas pack great for a Christmas gift exchange? Especially for the ladies... Women need to take care of themselves and nourish from young, to stay youthful and beautiful. So guys out there, this is an awesome Christmas Gift for your partner or even gal friends, practical yet affordable. Fairly priced at S$8.90 with beautiful packaging, it even comes with a gift tag for you to drop a message to the recipient.                                             

Wonder what's the benefit of the BRAND’S® InnerShine®? See below:
BRAND’S® InnerShine® Berry Essence – Add brightness to your day
• Contains 7 types of premium berries specially selected from Europe & America – Blueberry, chokeberry, cranberry, blackcurrant, acaiberry, elderberry and strawberry.
• Excellent source of anti-oxidants, which neutralizes harmful free radicals in the body and prevents degeneration of eye cells.
• Contains Zinc, and is fortified with Vitamin A, C & E that benefit eye health.
• No artificial colouring and preservatives.

BRAND’S® InnerShine® Prune Essence – Let your radiance shine through
• Made from premium quality California prunes
• Rich in dietary fibre from prune pulp and skin to promote regular bowel movement, prebiotics to encourage growth of friendly gut bacteria and Vitamin C to maintain skin elasticity and radiance.
• Contains pomegranate, a good source of anti-oxidants, to protect cells from harmful free radicals in the body.
• Enhance overall inner well-being through the promotion of intestinal health, which in turn translates to clear, radiant skin.
• No added sugar, colouring or preservatives.
Hesitate no more!  Proceed to Watsons or Guardian to get your BRAND’S® InnerShine® Christmas Gift Pack Now!
Here's a chance for you to win BRAND’S® InnerShine® Christmas Gift Pack for yourself.  To participate in the giveaway, you just need to do:
1. Like BRAND’S® InnerShine® Facebook page
2. Follow my twitter account @ckchai and tweet  - " I love to win BRAND’S® InnerShine® Christmas Gift Pack from @ckchai #ckchai"
leave a comment in my blog, stating why you want to win BRAND’S® InnerShine® Christmas Gift Pack, together with your Name and Email and Blog Link (If Any).
The giveaway is open to Singapore residents only and shall end on 25December 2359 hours, the winner will be announced via tweeter and on the blog.

The giveaway has been extended for more to participate as some has feedback that they were busy with Christmas Preparation / Celebration for past few days and missed out this giveaway. Winners will be announced on boxing day itself, good luck!

Alien Huang G•host Singapore Concert 2012 黃鴻升夜王2012巡迴演唱會新加坡站

有幸与HP, WilliamJeremy一同观赏小鬼黃鴻升于12月15日在新加坡聖淘沙名勝世界,The Coliseum @ Hard Rock Cafe舉行的黃鴻升夜王2012巡迴演唱會。顧名思義,黃鴻升的小名乃小鬼,而演唱會也以夜王“G•host”為主題。

演唱會中,他演繹了《鬼混》、《 澀谷》、《鬼打牆》、《六十億分之一》,《漩渦》等歌曲,其中幾首乃是他的創作。他也演繹了五月天、 張震嶽、周董周杰倫,及羅志祥的《夜訪吸血鬼》、《分手吧》、《 安靜》、《自我催眠》等歌曲…  他也唱了好幾首他參與的本地電視劇《花樣人間》 “Joys of Life”,與電影《一泡而紅》“ Already Famous”的歌曲,如,《牽掛》及《謝謝你讓我等於你》 。他甚至为新加坡粉丝特别重新编唱《早安老师》。

演唱會中,黃鴻升分享了他一路走來,崎嶇不平的星路。從丸子“Cosmo”男子樂團開始,直至發行《關東煮》專輯後解散。接下來,就只能接一些綜藝咖的通告,一直到他遇到生命中的貴人,小豬羅志祥,在《娛樂百分百》擔任羅主任的助手。在接任娛樂百分百的職務時,更被別人抨擊 “憑什麼!”。一路走來不易,他對羅主任的支持及鼓勵非常感恩,說著說著,小鬼似乎眼泛泪光,有一種莫名的感觸及感動。


演唱會上, 小鬼沒有擺出一如往昔,在《娛樂百分百》可愛,搞笑的模樣;而是語重心長地與大家分享他的心路歷程;他對歌唱的想法、理念。他也特地為了這場演唱會獻上吉他演奏,而抓緊每個空檔練習。看得出小鬼很用心地經營他的演唱事業,并努力想拋開偶像包袱的決心。

或許,現階段小鬼還沒有辦法達到五月天的境界; 但是只要他堅持及不懈努力,假以時日,他一定做得到!小鬼,加油吧!有一天,你一定能夠成為大家認同的創作歌手!就像你做到對歌迷承諾的,會到新加坡開演一樣!
Photo credit of the last photo:  Rock Records Singapore 滾石唱片(新加坡)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is December 21, 2012 going to be End of the World?

Where will you be on the eve of 21 Dec 2012?  Who will you be together on this "special" day?  There have been countless theories about the world shall end on December 21, 2012 at 11:11(UTC) when the Mayan calendar finishes .  So what are your thoughts?

It is just 5 more days from the "doomsday", if all you have is fear, thinking upon the day, then you should attend this first UFO Seminar in Singapore, which will share with you why the world is not going to end on December 21, 2012.  This seminar is organized by Cropcircle Chua, Author for Lianhe Zaobao Fukan comic panel "Hi! Earthings!"

Guest of Honor Speakers via online conference are as followed:

- Suzanne Taylor
Founder of Mighty Companions, is a Movie producer, writer, and networker

- Joseph Mason
Cropcircle Researcher, with 23 years experience.

- Veli Martin Keitel
An author, a musician, artist and researcher.

- Wang Sichao (王思潮)
Chinese astronomy scholar, minor planet specialist and astronomer.
He is currently working as a researcher at Nanjing's Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory.

Details of the UFO Seminar as below:

Ancient World Communication: Symbols, Cropcircle and 2012
Date: 20th December 2012
Time:7pm to 10pm
Location: FY Institute of Technology (Singapore) #02-08 Podium B
Bestway building 12 Prince Edward Road (S)079212
Fee: $5 (Students $4), light refreshments provided

Directions to FY Institute of Technology (Singapore):
Bus: 70, 75, 106, 107, 128, 130, 133, 162, 167, 186, 196, 400, 402, 700, 970
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar MRT

For more infomation, you may check out, or email

A Facebook event has been created, and you can click your attendance here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Premiere Screening of Old Romances 《老情人》& Old Places 《老地方》

Once here, now gone. Remembering old sights, sounds and stories; the premiere of Old Romances, the sequel to the documentary Old Places (directed by Royston Tan,  Eva Tang & Victric Thng), will be screening at the National Museum of Singapore.
Screening of Old Romances 《老情人》
Date/ Time: 15 Dec 2012 (2.30pm) / 16 Dec 2012 (4.30pm)
Admission: S$11, including handling fees
Duration: 67 minutes
Venue: Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore

Screening of Old Places 《老地方》
Date/Time: 16 Dec 2012 (2.30pm)
Admission: S$11, including handling fees
Duration: 77 minutes
Venue: Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore

Contact: 6332 3659 / 6332 5642
Ticketing Outlets: TICKETBOOTH outlets or visit

Synopsis of Old Romances 《老情人》

There is romance in every corner we turn. In this sequel to the documentary, Old Places, Old Romances takes us on a journey to experience Singapore through the collective voices of ordinary Singaporeans.

Through their voices, we hear personal stories from members of the public who shared their anecdotes on radio. Everyday spaces come alive with these special memories, which are bonded forever with these places.

Old Romances is a journal of love letters to places that we grew up with.

Featuring: Carnival Beauty Salon at East Coast Road; Sembawang Hill Estate Taxi Service; Pearl Bank Apartments at Chinatown; Kovan Coffeeshop at Simon Road; Thye Moh Chan Cake House at Geylang Road; and many more.

Synopsis of Old Places 《老地方》

Old Places shows us the oft-forgotten yet almost immediately familiar areas in Singapore through the eyes of ordinary people. Prior to the production, members of the public were invited to call in to the radio to recount their significant memories of places in Singapore – places that will soon disappear or be redeveloped.

These personal stories come alive through the callers’ narration and the stunning visuals that capture the nostalgia and hidden beauty of the places. Re-discover Singapore and journey to places like a playground in Toa Payoh, a barbershop at Commonwealth Avenue, Capitol cinema, and an unassuming bakery in Whampoa.

Old Places celebrates personal stories of joy, love or loss, and weaves them into a tapestry of memories amounting to a collective and yet typical story of life in Singapore.

The Old Romances DVDs will be on sale at a special price of SGD 20.00 after both screenings with part of the proceeds going to the Action for Aids charity. There will be autograph sessions too. If you missed the screening, you can still get the DVDs at SGD 23.00 at Objectifs from 17 Dec 2012.

Latest update as of 15 December 2012, 1pm:
Tickets to both days screening of Old Romances 《老情人》 are sold out.  Only limited tickets to Old Places 《老地方》 available.

Photo credits: Royston Tan, Objectifs

Movie Review: LIFE OF PI 《少年PI的奇幻漂流》

Before watching "Life of PI", I have heard others mentioned that this movie is not meant for the no-brainers as it is a thought provoking movie.

Adapted from Yann Martel's Booker Prize-winning novel, "Life of Pi" stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Gérard Depardieu, Tabu, Adil Hussain. The story is about this young man, Pi Patel,  left stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker after a shipwreck. It talks about the unexpected connection between Pi and Richard Parker, and and how PI miraculously survived through 227 days out in the sea.

The movie triggers one to many deep thoughts. While it seems to be talking about survival, it covers many more - religions, humanity, faith, truth and self-discovery too. It brought out the belief/conflicts among people in religions; the importance of faith; and the fact that sometimes the truth is just too brutal that one may opt to believe what they prefer to believe, is the truth; than what they actually believed is true.

I shall not reveal too much of the storyline else you may lose the thrill to watch it!

I would highly recommend you to watch the movie in 3-D with Dolby® Atmos™, it is certainly worth to pay slightly more to watch the movie in 3-D. The employment of 3-D photography and CGI technology brought about beautiful and breathtaking sceneries and spectacular moments.  The vivid color palette used throughout the movie simply creates a magical feel.
The Dolby® Atmos™ offers a more realistic sound field, and provide a lifelike sensory experience.  Experience the dramatic change from peaceful to turbulent sea during the storm; feels the ocean floating around you during moments of tranquility; jump as you feel the tiger pouncing at you!

I would highly recommend this movie to all. Oscar winning director, Ang Lee, basically serves as an  assurance to the quality of the movie.  Love how the movie provokes the viewers to think deep. And it's really DEEP... It took me a while to actually understand some of the underlying messages.  Even if you find it hard to understand, simply enjoy the beautiful fantastical sceneries, as well as the lovely film scores and imagine for a moment, yourself being PI...

本人大力推荐大家前去观赏《少年PI的奇幻漂流》Dolby® Atmos™ 3-D 版。奥斯卡得奖导演--李安,本身便是电影品质的最佳保证。影中利用3-D摄影及CGI特效,制作出令人叹为观止的怡人景色,虽然有点梦幻,却依然感觉真实。Dolby® Atmos™ 音响令人感受到平静海面随着暴风雨的侵袭,而海浪汹涌;老虎扑向过来时如此真实,不免惊吓一跳。

这部电影引人深思,所涉及的课题包括:存亡,宗教,人性,信仰,真理, 自我探索。要参透当中要传达的信息不易,须有一些慧根。但,即使悟性慢了点,依然可以观赏影中美景,聆听当中悦耳的电影配乐,感受一下奇幻漂流

Photo Credits: Life of PI Facebook page
- To read review of GVmax® Dolby® Atmos™, you may check out my guest post in Hpility.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Staying Fresh against Fatigue - Eu Yan Sang Wild American Ginseng Tea

I'm always in lack of sleep as I sleep an average of 5 hours or less a day. Some friends find it unbelievable and wonder what keeps me alert and look refreshed the whole day through out. 

Other than coffee, Eu Yan Sang Wild American Ginseng Tea is my next best friend.  It first started out 5-6 years ago when we bought for dad as he sleeps for average 5-6 hours a day and as a carpenter, he is doing very strenuous job despite of his old age.  He is starting to show signs of fatigue.
The American Ginseng has adaptogenic properties, which help to increase the body's resistance to stress. It helps to nourish the Yin essence, clear excess heat in the body and increase vitality. It is also ideal for smokers and people who lead hectic lifestyles and suffer from insufficient rest, and those who stay up at night; which my dad happened to fall into all categories!

As Dad is stationed at the factory site or off-site for 10-12hrs a day, we feel that an instant Ginseng tea pack may be the best option for him to replenish himself.

I used to have the impression that instant packs may not be able to contain the full essence and was a bit hesitant to buy initially, especially after looking at its price.  However, after having tried the Eu Yan San Wild American Ginseng Tea, I feel that I can dispense off my earlier perception.  It taste no much difference from actual brewed Wild American Ginseng tea!

Frankly speaking, Eu Yan San Wild American Ginseng Tea wasn't really cheap and I did tried to look for cheaper alternative, but sad to say, I couldn't find any other brands that is of comparable quality, that seems to be original with the taste.  It is no doubt, it's value is worth every cents paid.

Ever since then, I've been purchasing Eu Yan San Wild American Ginseng Tea for my family members, occasionally, when anyone of us feel lethargic, we will just drop a bag into a cup of hot water and gets ourselves perked up!

Photo Credit: Eu Yan San

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial post, above recommendation is solely based on my personal consumption experience.

"Faces and Places" Photography Contest

Photography Lovers, check this out! 

Asia’s leading business space solutions provider Ascendas has recently launched a photography contest on Facebook, themed "Faces and Places" which is a fresh take on traditional photo contest that offers novice and professional photographers across the region an opportunity to showcase their talent in capturing the essence of any Ascendas building or business park located in nine countries where Ascendas has its operations: Singapore, China, India, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia.

The contest can be accessed by fans of the official Ascendas Spacetobe Facebook page and will run through till 2359 hours, 31 December 2012.  Each participant is only allowed to submit one photo in either of 'Open' Or 'Semi Professional' Category.

Top 3 winners under Open category for amateur photographers are selected according to the most number of votes recorded during the contest period, while the Top 3 winners of Semi-professional category are selected by a panel of judges based on creativity (80%), photographic quality (15%) and public votes (5%).

To Participate, simply follow below 3 simple steps!
1. "Like" Ascendas Spacetobe Facebook Page
2. Snap a "Happy Moment" at your Favourite Space in Ascendas and upload Your Photo with caption, and indicating which Space the photo was taken from.
3. Share Your Entry With Friends & Get Them To Vote!

Here is a list of few prominent Ascendas Spaces.
To find the full list of Ascendas Spaces, please click here.

The winner of each category will receive an iPad Mini (64GB) with WiFi and Cellular capabilities and have their photographs published in Ascendas’ quarterly newsletter Ascent which is distributed to more than 10,000 readers. Two runner-ups from each category will receive an iPod Shuffle.

Quick! Drop by any of Ascendas Spaces near you and unleash your creativity. You may be walking away with an iPad Mini in the coming new year!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012 (MAMA 2012)

Singapore KPop fans, did you managed to catch the MAMA 2012 on Channel U  30 Nov 2012?  If you have missed it, fret not, you can still catch a repeat tele-cast on this coming Sun, 2 Dec 2012 at Channel U.

Here's the list of winners for your quick reference!
Best New Female:  Artist Ailee / Heaven
Best New Male Artist: Busker Busker / Cherry Blossom Ending
Best Female Artist: IU / You and I
Best Male Artist: G-Dragon / Crayon
Best Female Group: SISTAR / Alone
Best Male Group: BigBang / FANTASTIC BABY
Best Global Group - Female: KARA / Pandora
Best Global Group - Male: Super Junior / Sexy, Free & Single
Best Collaboration Performance: Trouble Maker / Trouble Maker
Best OST: Seo In Guk&Jeong Eun Ji / All for you(Reply1997)
Best Music Video: PSY / Gangnam Style
Best Rap Performance: Epik High / Up
Best Band Performace: Busker Busker / Cherry Blossom Ending
Best Dance Performance - Solo: PSY / Gangnam Style
Best Dance Performance - Male: Group SHINee / Sherlock•Clue + Note
Best Dance Performance - Female: Group f(x) / Electric Shock
Best Vocal Performance - Solo: K.Will / I Need You
Best Vocal Performance - Group: Davichi / Will think of you
Song of The Year: PSY / Gangnam Style
Artist of The Year: Big Bang / FANTASTIC BABY
Album of The Year: Super Junior / Sexy, Free & Single
Best Global Favorite Artist: PSY

Obviously, the biggest winner is PSY, he alone pockets Best Music Video, Best Dance Performance - Solo, Song of The Year, and Best Global Favorite Artist! Followed by Big Bang and Super junior who pockets 2 prizes each.

Well, I had missed yesterday's tele-cast on Channel U and I'll be out of town 2 Dec 2012, so now I can only pray hard that it will be on XINMSN Catch-Up TV... Tolong Tolong...