Monday, May 27, 2013

Song of the Day: Kiss The Rain by Yiruma

Today, I would like to introduce you a Pianist, a Korean pianist that had been studying music in England.  It is by chance that I get to listen his music through a Virtual Photography friend, Tangerine's previous blog (橘子 の 城堡).  After checking with Tangerine, then I get to know to know that the melody was played by Yiruma 이루마 (李闰珉).  I was totally in love with the melody as it matches the storyboard of his photo album perfectly!

Melody: Kiss The Rain 雨的印记

There was a period that I was totally in distraught that I almost slept through my tears with this song every night.  This may sound real bad, however, for me, crying is a good way to distress... I'm someone who is very sentimental and tears very easily.  Weak as "crying baby" as I may seem, but I'm actually tougher than most people can imagine.  I simply love this tune, I can feel the rain dripping along as my heart sinks and melts...  And if you were to listen to this tune on a rainy day, all the more you will feel for it.

Other then Kiss The Rain, Yiruma had other very nice tune too and also very internationally well known, e.g. River Flows in You《你的心河》 and Moonlight 《月光边境》 Quite a nos of his piano melodies pieces are actually being used in film scores and drama serial OST.

Melody: River Flows in You 《你的心河》

Melody: Moonlight 《月光边境》

Just some months back, Yiruma has released his 7th album "Stay in Memory" and the below is one of my favourite.  Do check it out...

Melody: The Days That'll Never Come

The reason why I love Yiruma's melodies is because, they are very soothing, not too heavy for me. Love listening to them during late nights and when I'm down on mood, they help to calm me down...  Although most of his tunes may sound melancholic, but they just seems to have the magical power to touch my heart and heal my soul... 

Frankly speaking, if you were to ask me, which Korean Artiste do I wish to see them live, it will be non other than Yiruma. 
If you are now feeling down, why not try listening to Yiruma's music?  Otherwise, these will be soothing music to your ears during late nights...

Check out Yiruma's Vevo Channel here.

[10/Feb/2014] Realised these few days, there have been many checking out this post, for the benefit of those who are not aware that Yiruma going to hold his first ever concert in Singapore, check here for the concert details!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Singapore International Racing Festival 2013

Thanks Singapore Turf Club and Hong Peng for the invitation, I get to attend this grand event of Singapore International Racing Festival 2013. Singapore Airlines International Cup and KrisFlyer International Sprint are two major races of the year, and there were even live broadcasting over Channel News Asia (CNA) CNA channel during last Sunday, showcasing more than millions of audience to witness the live SIA race in Singapore.

Dining table beautifully set up for guest to enjoy their buffet meal while watching the exciting race live on screen.

Beautiful Turf Belles of year 2013, which one is your favourite?

Check out the fantastic drum performance!

Delighful foods available for the guests, and the desserts corner is my favourite!

So lucky, get to meet this group of Famous SG Japanese VBloggers - the Ninja Girls!  They are really cute and I love how they can pose so naturally in front of camera!  I think, I'm still more suitable to standing behind the camera, haha!  But still, I took a photo together with the Ninja Girls and Hong Peng.

Here start the horse racing!

The Turf Belles cheering for their favourite horses!

We then proceed to the next viewing area where we get a spectacular view of live performance lined up for the Parade Ceremony as well as the Singapore Airlines International Cup 2013 and KrisFlyer International Sprint Race.


One more group photo before we call it a day at the Singapore Turf Club.

Food Review: ONAKA Restaurant & Wine Bar at ARC

Thanks William for the invitation, I get to attend this Food Tasting Session at ONAKA Restaurant & Wine Bar @ ARC some time during earlier of the month.
Photo Credit: Hong Peng Yeo
Actually, prior to this food tasting I've been to Onaka during the private screening of Start-Up, I've tried a couple of the dishes and there are really nice....

When first came to this restaurant, I've thought that this must be a Japanese Restaurant; however, ONAKA is actually Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts in short.  The restaurant's specialty is Conscious Cuisine, serving food using only wholesome and selective organic ingredients in their Asian culinary with a Western twist.  They set to promote health consciousness through "Eat Consciously; Live Mindfully"; in hope to inspire their customers to eating in balance and moderation, 

With ONAKA's dedication to use all-natural ingredients without artificial addictives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings , MSG and trans-fats and focus to serve food with Low Glycemic, Gluten Free and Vegan Options; we really need to worry less about what we are putting into our mouth.

About 50% of the menu is Vegetarian; no pork or lard is served at the restaurant.  This is a great news to all, as it's always so difficult to accommodate to each and everyone when all have different eating habits.  One no longer need to worry, if their friend is vegetarian or on strict diet.

Let me bring you through the Conscious Cuisine that Chef Jason Vito, and Chef Benson Tong had prepared for us!

Shooters and Dips

Asian Hummus - a blend of organic chickpeas, tahini, topped with chilli-marinated olives, served with Nacho Chips or Wholemeal Pita Crisps.

Omega Soy Smoothies - The smoothie contains Mango + Banana + Organic Vanilla Soy milk with cinnamon and chia seeds.  It's rich and thick, with a nice fragrance from the Mango and Banana.  This is probably a great alternative to replacement meal for the girl on diet.
Bread Basket  - Actually, the bread taste great to eat on itself, without any dips. Crispy on the outer and fluffy on the inner, dip it into the olive-oil mixed in balsamic vinegar, it gives you a totally different sensation.  The bread is so yummy that most of us ate at least 2 each.
Cold Appetizer
Water Melon Sashimi - This is really interesting, the last time I saw it during the "Start-Up" event, I dare not try it as, although the name seems to suggest it as water-melon, but the look of it looks indeed like raw fish.  Only then I came to realised that this is actually of compressed water melon and this is 100% vegetarian.  Dip into the sauce, you totally feel as if you are eating Sashimi while in actually fact, is 100% water-melon.

Tofu Avo - Indulge into this salad with the tasty Tofu and Avocado.  There are even bits of Walnut that adds on some crunchiness!  Perfect for the vegetarian and health conscious!  This ought to be one of my favourite!

Hot Appetizer
Mushroom Tea - This is something unique, I felt like I'm drinking mushroom soup, instead of mushroom tea.  The tea is very clear and gives off a nice aroma of fresh mushroom, love it to bits.  It is clearly a MUST TRY for mushroom lovers!

Noodles & Grains
Roasted Mushroom Soba - This is a twist from the usual cold Soba that we eat at Japanese restaurant.  Cooked with mushroom and topped with seafood, this is clearly another great dish for the vegetarian and mushroom lovers.
Hot and Sour Prawns Rice Noodles - I personally do not find this dish very spicy, it tasted very much like Assam Laksa. The rice noodles has a very QQ (springy) texture while the prawns taste awfully fresh and yummy, crispy at the side and yet not overcooked.
Organic Pineapple Fried Rice with Quinoa - Organic Brown Rice is used instead of white rice for this dish.  Personally not so much to my liking, as I will prefer it to be slightly more sour and topped up with some Pork Floss or rather, Chicken Floss, since ONAKA do not serve Pork or Lard. 
Meat and Seafood
Duck Confit Pancake - I have never eaten duck in such a manner before, it is simply interesting and the honey actually brings out the sweetness of the duck meet. This is another TOP Favourite among all.
Pumpkin Seabass - The roasted pumpkin seeds layered on top of the seabass' skin adds on crunchiness. Tasted a bit blend on itself, but it certainly goes well with the tomato puree.
48hrs Beef - The beef is cooked over 48hrs with red wine reduction which explains why it taste so tender and juicy.  Even for a non beef lover like me, it taste pretty good.
Pear and Salmon - The pear goes really well with the Salmon and it has a refreshing taste, totally in love with it! 


Avo Choco Emotion with Cocao 7 Chocolate -  Ain't the dessert look cute???  This is pretty much like an Avocado and Chocolate combination mousse.  Great for those who love dessert but have low thrashold for sugar.

The pricing at ONAKA seems to be of medium-high range, however, if compared to most organic restaurants, ONAKA's price range is actually considered reasonably priced and affordable.

Last but not least, check out the current promotion at ONAKA:

Getting to ONAKA @ ARC
Address: 460 Alexandra Road #01-32 PSA Building Singapore 119963
Nearest MRT Station: Labrador Park ( Circle Line)
Contact No.: +65-62702012

Opening hours:
Mon- Fri - 11.30am to 10pm
Sat & Sun Brunch - 10am to 5pm
Sat & Sun Dinner - 6pm to 9.30pm

Facebook Page:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Today is 5/20, 520...

Did you realised today is 5/20? So what's so special about this day?

During the early pagers days, text messages could not be sent, so people uses number codes to symbolise certain messages. One commonly used code between couple is 520, which symbolise "我愛你" (I Love You in Chinese).

Get it? Start sending your "520" messages around.  It need not meant between couple only, but also can be a message for your other loved ones, like family and friends.  Spread the love around!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

ShopGuru App: Shop and Be Rewarded at the Same Time

Don't you like the idea of being rewarding when doing your shopping?  Now your dreams can be made true with the ShopGuru App.

A launch event for The ShopGuru mobile application was earlier of the week held where shoppers get to experience for themselves how ShopGuru App works.
Beautiful models enaged to brief through the guests and shoppers on how to use the ShopGuru App.
Host of the night, Oon Shu An, explaining how easy to clock points just by scanning the QR code.
The ShopGuru app also allows the user to:
• Collect reward points for browsing retailer offers on the app;
• Receive offers tailored to his or her preferences;
• Obtain reward points for certain actions, such as scanning promotional QR codes or barcodes of        certain items;
• Earn reward points for spending at partner retailers;
• Earn points by referring friends to join ShopGuru
• Redeem rewards with collected points, such as free coffee, gift vouchers, flat screen TVs or air-tickets. Users can even donate their reward points to charity.

It takes a breeze to clock in the points just by walk in/check in/making purchases.
Participating stores:
World of Sports, Columbia, Salomon, Mizuno, Surf & Liquid, World of Outdoors, Eastpak, Bread & Butter, Evisu, True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Baby Phat, Springfield, Tally Weijl, Affliction and many others.

Last but not least, The ShopGuru App is available for free from both the App Store on iPhone and Google Playstore.
Do indicate "FDjs" as the referral code when you join ShopGuru as a new user, so that both of us gain additonal points.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2013 is earlier this year!

Wow, I just realised that Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore is happening earlier this year!  It used to be held, usually towards end of Q3 or Q4 for the past few years.  This year it will be in July only and the venue is now back to Suntec Convention Hall!

However, the details of this year's prize has yet been announced which keep everyone in suspense.  (Usually the prize is announced way ahead of offficial registration starts).

Anyway, go sign up now at SGD$10.00 to secure your participation slot.  Walk-in registration is at SGD15.00 and is on first-come-first-served basis and dependent on the competition slot availability

(Photo Credit: Canon Singapore Pte Ltd)

Date: Saturday, 6th July 2013
Time: 7am - 8pm
Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401-402

Just a side note, the Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore does not restrict participants to using Canon camera only, which is a great news to all photography lovers.  So what are you waiting for?

Register here.

[Updated 05/26/13]
The Prize is now announced, winners get to attend the PhotoClinic to Kansai, Japan!  Kansai houses two of the oldest capital cities in Japan, namely Nara and Kyoto, as well as vibrant urban cities of Osaka and Kobe, cool isn't it?

P/S: I realized that many are still confused and mistaken that you must own a Canon Camera to participate.  No, this is not the case!  Unlike N brand, as long as you own a camera, be it compact camera or DSLR, regardless of the brand, all are welcomed to join.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! 祝天下的媽媽們,母親節快樂!(not forgetting the mothers at the other side of the world...)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who is Barack Obama?

This is a true blue story that my colleague (L) shared with us few days ago, a conversation between her and her 5-year old daughter (A) that really makes one can't help but LOL...

L was actually chit-chatting with some girlfriends over a afternoon tea, then they started to touch on some global current affairs topic and happened to mention about Mr Barack Obama....

L: ...... Obama....
A: Obama!!!
L: You know who is Obama?
A: Yes, I know!!! I know!!! Obama is the funny man who sings "Call me Maybe!"
L: ... *faint*

Lol... really love kids' talk, they are simply so cute and innocent... they just come straight to the point of what hits their mind.

I really admire the creativity, as well as the patience of the video creator. Imagine the time spent to screen through some many of Obama's speech just to do this video editing. Gosh!!! I believe some Obama supporters might get offended over this video. But come to think of the bright side, this Obama Parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" actually managed to create an impresssion, and even a 5-year old kid now know who is Obama ;)

Then just some moments ago, @Hpility shared a Obama Parody of PSY's "Gentleman" MTV via twitter.  Come enjoy this entertaining MTV with an open mind...
Video Credit:
Baracksdubs - Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Riend - PSY - GENTLEMAN PARODY Barack Obama

Friday, May 3, 2013

胡思亂寫: 刪除記憶


@星座愛情001:  就像某個朋友說的一樣,在我們人生的路上,會有許多需要刪除的東西,在生活的軌跡裡,會有許多需要刪除的記憶,在生命的旅途中,會有許多需要我們刪除的人。所以,為了不再記得你,我寧願... 寧願清空我所有的記憶!