Friday, August 30, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface RT bundles and Touch Cover Price Revisions

30, August 2013, Singapore - Microsoft Singapore announced price revisions to Surface Pro, Surface RT bundles and Touch Covers effective from today onwards.

Surface Pro is comparable to a full-blown Windows laptop that also boasts the portability and mobility a tablet offers. For the first time, customers can have a fully functional PC that looks, feels and acts like a tablet. With Surface Pro, customers can do virtually everything they have ever done on a PC, ranging from using their favorite desktop applications to enjoying the protection of world-class safety and security software.

Surface RT, on the other hand, weaves productivity and mobility into one beautiful product. With up to 8 hours of battery life, the Surface RT is great for those looking for an entertainment-first experience, along with the ability to still get work done. It is also equipped with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT at no additional charge, providing a complete Office experience which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The recently announcedWindows 8.1 update will see the inclusion of Outlook RT for Surface RT users, giving more value for users seeking an all-rounded productivity experience.

The Touch Covers are a great add-on to Surface devices as a dual- purpose pressure-sensitive keyboard and protective cover.

The New Price effective from 30 August 2013:

Surface Pro, Surface RT and accompanying accessories are available at the following locations:
  • Challenger (Funan Digital Life Mall, AMK Hub, Bedok Point, Causeway Point, Changi City Point, The Clementi Mall, Funan DigitaLife Mall, Great World City, Hougang Mall, IMM Jurong, Jcube, Jurong Point, 112 Katong, nex Serangoon, North Point, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, Tampines 1, Tiong Bahru, Vivocity, and White Sands.)
  • Harvey Norman (Parkway Parade, The Centrepoint, Funan Digital Life Mall, Millenia Walk, Square 2)
  • Newstead (Jurong Point, DigitalStyle @Funan DigitaLife Mall, IMM, Nex, Sim Lim Square #03-90/91) outlets.

For more information on Surface, please

Photo Credits: Microsoft Singapore

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[Quote of the Day] The Contradictions in LOVE

Came across the below which I think is meaningful and would like to share with you guys...

Love is very patient, but we are mostly impatient.
Love is very kind, but we are frequently unkind.
Love knows no jealousy, but we are often jealous.
Love makes no parade, but we are proud.
Love is never rude, but we are often rude and ill mannered.
Love is never selfish, but we are mostly self-centered.
Love never gets irritated, but we are short-tempered very often.
Love is never resentful, but we seem to look for slights and wrongs and make note of it.
Love is never glad when someone else goes wrong, but we often take secret delight in someone else's failure.
Love is gladdened by goodness, and is always slow to expose and eager to believe the best, but we are often judgmental.

Something worth pondering: 
Angels are supposed to be angelic but there are times of devilish acts. Are Angels no more Angels by these acts? Or have Angels transformed to Devils upon these acts?

P/S: This is a repost from my previous personal blog

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Song of The Day] Ma Que Xian Zhu Zhi 麻雀衔竹枝

Yay, MDA finally lifted the ban on "Ma Que Xian Zhu Zhi" (麻雀衔竹枝) on 08/01/2013, after a good whole 23 years of banning!!! Just because of this song consist of some verse of a cantonese nursery rhyme, majority of the public has missed this great song by Dr. Liang Wern Fook (Liang Wenfu).  This song can finally be aired on local radio stations! 
经过23年后,媒体发展管理局终于解除禁令!梁文福博士作词填曲的“麻雀衔竹枝” , 终于于8月1日解禁了,可以在本地各电台亮相了!当年梁文福博士写这首歌时加入了一段父亲经常吟唱给他听的一段广东童谣,却因此遭禁播, 让许多人错过了这一首好歌。


And now, the casts of the "That Girl in Pinafore" had done a cover version of the song as one of the soundtrack, which gave a different zest from the original song by Dr. Liang Wern Fook (Liang Wenfu).
如今,“麻雀衔竹枝” 由 参与电影, “我的朋友家,我的同学我爱过的一切” 的演员:陈世维,陈欣淇,胡佳琪,胡佳嬑,黄艺萱,文兆保,邱锋泽,余珈庆,等人重新演绎,并收录于"我的朋友家,我的同学我爱过的一切"  电影原声带;别有另一番风味。 

After listening to both versions, which one do you prefer?  I personally like  Dr. Liang Wern Fook's version more.  After all, he is the composer, he will be able to deliver the song better.  Feels so good that now I get to listen this song through radio, unlike the past, only via CDs only.

相比两个版本,你比较喜欢哪个版本呢?我个人还是对梁文福博士的版本较有感觉,毕竟此歌出自他笔,诉说着自己的情怀,必然更能诠释歌中的意境。很高兴如今不再只能透过CDs 听这首歌,而能透过电台播映。

Lyrics extracted from / 歌词取摘自: 心情客栈

Monday, August 12, 2013

[Quote of The Day] Letting Go 放手



Will translate to English Version later...  ^_<

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Singapore and Malaysia Street Food Fiesta at Azur Restaurant

The month of August has come and both Singapore and Malaysia National Day are on the way!!!   In conjunction with the national days of Singapore and Malaysia, Azur presents a bustling spread of street food of the two neighbouring countries with live stations galore every weekend in August starting August 7, 2013.

Look forward to Executive Sous Chef, Andrew Tharm and his culinary team to prepare Azur’s interpretation of hawker fare ala minute for diners at the live stations. 

Be ready to indulge in familiar dishes like Sambal Grilled Squid, Sambal Stingray, Oyster Omelette with Chinese Celery, Black Pepper Sri Lankan Crab, Ipoh Hor Fun, Stir Fried Chilli Bamboo Clam and more.

The Ipoh Hor Fun uses flat rice noodles, shredded chicken, shrimp, Chinese mushrooms, greens and gravy topped with fried shallots and green pickled chilli. Somehow, I felt that there is a herbal taste which makes its taste stand out.

The Black Pepper Sri Lankan Crab is simply savory and a TOP favourite dish among all. I personally felt it's slightly too salty, however, the rest find the saltiness is just nice.

Love that the Sambal Stingray is served on Banana Leaf, like the typical hawker style.  However, I prefer the stingray to be cut into smaller chunks as it is too thick.  The stingray isn't spicy enough to have "shiok-ness", however, this spicy level might be just nice for the tourists.  We suggested that additional sambal chilli be made available so that those who loves it real hot.

While the Curry Yong Tau Foo looks so common, it's actually stunned many with a "WOW".  The thick curry gravy taste so heavenly that we wanted to have it with some noodles or bee hoon, to make it more complete, like the typical curry laksa commonly available in Malaysia.

I personally prefer the Oyster Omelette with Chinese Celery be fried to a more crispy texture and starch is a bit too much, which is pretty much of the Malaysian style, as some suggested.  I personally not used to Azur's rendition of the chilli sauce for the oyster omelette, it tasted more like the chicken rice chilli.

Beside the Singapore and Malaysia Street Food, you still get to savor a wide variety of food...


At the dessert bar, be delighted by sinfully delicious Bobo Cha Cha with Shaved Ice, Layered Pandan Kaya Cake, Cheng Teng Gelee as well as selection of yummy miniature desserts.

Cheng Teng Gelee is something unique, instead of the conventional way in liquid form, it is made into gelatine form. The gula melaka gives it a luscious taste that makes it so delectable!

A great mixed of the Nonya Kueh & lapis is available for your indulgence to the typical Singapore and Malaysia delights.

Apart from these, you can look forward to other delightful yummy desserts, cakes and pastries.



Singapore & Malaysia Street Food Fiesta is available on weekends for brunch and dinner.
Brunch (8 – 11, 17 – 18, 24 – 25, 31 August, 1 September 2013)
Adult: S$52.00++ Child: S$26.00++

Dinner (7 – 11, 16 – 18, 23 – 25. 30 – 31 August, 1 September 2013)
Adult: S$65.00++ Child: S$32.50++

* Please note that menu items differ for lunch and dinner and are rotated on a daily basis. Please check with Azur for the full menu.


Venue: 75 Airport Boulevard, Singapore, Singapore 819664 (Level 2)
To make a reservation at Azur, please call 6823 5354 or email
Visit Crowne Plaza’s Dining website for more information:
“Like” their Facebook and keep up to date on their latest promotions:

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cooking with Ayam Brand at Food Playground


What is your favourite Singapore heritage dishes?  Prawn Mee? Laksa? Satay? Nonya Kueh? Or...  Have you ever thought of trying out on your own to cook these heritage dishes?

I got to attend this cooking session with Ayam brand at Food Playground recently to learn to whip up a heritage meal of all time favourite dishes like Laksa, Chicken Satay and Kueh Dadar.

After all the bloggers arrived, the cooking instructor of the day started to brief us through points to take note of, before heading to the kitchen.

Of course, a group photo need to be taken before we start cooking and get ourselves into a mess...

Time to proceed to the kitchen, and we are divided into teams of four, my team members consists of Joey, Valentine, Zac & me.  Only then I realised that the 4 of us have forgotten to take a group photo, lol...  So now I can only grab some photos from Food Playground.

We started off with pounding the chilli paste for both Laksa and the Chicken Satay...

While Valentine & Zac prepare the Laksa Paste, Joey and I prepare the Chilli Paste for the Chicken Satay.


Gosh, it is hells lots of hassle just to prepare the chilli paste, you need to chop the ingredients to real fine for easier and speedier pounding.  And this is not all...

Look at the complicated steps before we get our laksa properly garnished and ready to serve!


Neither is it for the Chicken Satay...  The chilli is used to marinate the the Chicken Satay and we still need to prepare the peanut sauce...  Did you notice the cute minion designs on Joey's nails?
I love this rendition of Peanut Sauce for the chicken satay, it taste slightly sour, not overly sweet.

Here comes the Kueh Dadar...
Can you guess which one is wrapped by me?  Frankly speaking, I did not do a good job on the Kueh Dadar skin, but luckily wrapping is still ok, mine is actually the 3rd from the Right.
Do you get scared off by the complicated steps and procedures of cooking the above dishes, especially laksa?  Fret not, the Ayam brand actually comes up with a ready made Laksa paste which spares you from the hassle of chopping and pounding of the ingredients, etc... 
The instructor actually did a demonstration of a dry laksa with the Korean sweet potato noodles which is commonly used in the korean dish, Japchae.
See how she did the laska with a swift, in a few simple steps?

After a few hours of cooking, all the dishes are finally completed and it's eating time!!! 
Last but not least, thanks Ayam Brand and Food Playground for hosting the cooking session and thanks for all the goodies with the recipe book :)

Now, would you like to win an an Ayam Brand Heritage Food kit as below?  Simply 'Like' Ayam Brand Singapore's Facebook page and tell them which heritage dish you love most to stand a chance to win .

Want to win a fun hands-on cooking session at Food Playground on the 24th August? It does not matter if you can cook or not, since there will be step-by-step guidance provided by the cooking instructor.

All you need to do is, leave a comment in the blog post to stand a chance to win.  Remember to provide your email address for contacting you should you win. 


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Giveaway will end 11 August 2013, 23:59 hours!

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