Saturday, September 21, 2013

BigBang Rocks At Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix Opening Concert

G-Dragon, T.O.P and Seungri had came together for the F1 event back in 2011, and now for the first time, all 5 members of the BigBang (Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung) come together in Singapore on 20 Sep 2013 at the 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix Opening Concert!

I've always wanted to watched BigBang Live, thanks to Cynthia and Jamie,  I get to watch this FANTASTIC show by BigBang!  You guys are really Fantastic, Baby!

BigBang F1 Opening Concert Setlist:
1. Tonight
2. Hands Up
3. Fantastic Baby
4. How Gee
5. Stupid Liar
6. Crooked
7. Knock Out
8. High High
9. Gotta Talk To U
10. Strong Baby
11. Gara Gara Go
12. Number 1
13. Bad Boy
14. Feeling
15. Lies
16. Last Farewell
17. Crayon + Fantastic Baby Remix
18. Encore (Hands Up, Feeling Bad Boy)

Here are some of the shots that I've taken during the F1 Opening Concert by BigBang, BigBang, hope you enjoy it!

P/S: I did not managed to get into the fan zone in time so I am shooting from far with super zoom in, thithus,

These guys are really great in heating up the atmosphere, the fans simply went crazy!!!  By the way, you can look forward to their individual solo album soon! 


By the way, did any of you managed to catch the goodbye kiss from Taeyang at the end of the F1 opening concert? 


Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Movie Review] American Dreams In China 中国合伙人


《中国合伙人》 乃香港知名导演,陈可辛的新作。影片是以“新东方英语”为故事蓝本,讲述内地一名老师如何凭着英语培训学校而致富。片中三名青年-黄晓明饰演的成冬青、佟大为饰演的王阳,及邓超饰演的孟晓骏,横跨几个年代,从一无所有到家财万贯。三人在逐梦的当儿,友情备受利益考验。



( What is dream? Dream is something that makes you feel happy when you persist.)

(Love is like a VCR, sometimes you need to fast forward, sometimes you need to take a pause, so is life.)

(Failure is not terrible, terrible is the fear of failure. )

(Seek victory in failure. Seek hope in despair.)


Directed by award winning Hong Kong director, Peter Chan (陈可辛), American Dreams In China 《中国合伙人》 is based on a real-life story of a mainland Chinese teacher who rose to become one of China's wealthiest men through his English-language tutorial centers. The movie sees a trio of idealistic young men - Cheng Dongqing (Huang Xiaoming, 黄晓明), Wang Yang (Tong Dawei, 佟大为) and Meng Xiaojun (Deng Chao, 邓超) , where friendship is being tested on fortune & fame in pursuit of their dreams.

The movie will be officially released in Singapore on 19 September 2013, do check it out in the cinema!

Lastly, thanks Clover Films for the invitation to the Special Preview of American Dreams In China 《中国合伙人》!

To read my full movie review in English, pls check out Hpility SG.

Photo Credit:
American Dreams In China Facebook Page
我們制作 WE Pictures Facebook Page

Thursday, September 12, 2013

GUINNESS by the Decades Exhibition at Mint Museum of Toys

The Mint Museum of Toys has launched the ‘GUINNESS by the Decades’ Exhibition in conjunction with Guinness Arthur's Day, a global celebration happening in Singapore for the second year running.  The exhibition features a collection with close to a century of history, consisting of more than fifty unique premiums and advertising materials dating as far back as the 1900s.
From miniature and stoneware beer bottles to quirky metal showcards, the items were acquired over a period of more than 30 years, from both local and overseas dealers as well as through auctions and private sales.

Other exhibits include porcelain coin-banks in the shape of the red-tongued Alsatian dog meant for the Singaporean market, the Bulldog for the Malaysian market, and the seated cat for the Indonesian market – these representations also carrying over to other items such as vintage cups and glasses.

Details of the Exhibition as below:
'GUINNESS by the Decades’ Exhibition
Date: 4 - 31 September 2013
Time: 9.30am to 6.30pm
Venue: Mint Museum of Toys (26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382)
Usual admission charges to the Museum apply, with access to the Exhibition included.

For more details, please visit

Image Credit: Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tiong Bahru Community HappinessServed Campaign to Recognise Good Service

The Tiong Bahru Community has launched Singapore’s first of its kind - #HappinessServed campaign. Aimed at building a culture of appreciation in Singapore’s service industry, over fifty local businesses in Tiong Bahru Estate have come together with the common goal of showing the public that good service is very much alive in their enclave.

Market research group Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), revealed that 87 per cent of service providers (across industries such as retail, F&B, hospitality etc.) cited customer appreciation motivated them to perform better and go the extra mile, in a recent survey. Customer support also ranked highly on encouraging businesses to up the ante on delivering quality service experiences.

#HappinessServed:) encourages customers to recognise good service via Instagram. The campaign runs from 7 to 22 September 2013, at the Tiong Bahru estate, known for its diverse business mix of modern bistros, traditional eateries, quirky lifestyle stores, and cosmopolitan demographic. The public is invited to join in the celebration and recognise their favourite service staff and businesses in 3 easy steps:
1. Visit any participating store in the neighbourhood
2. Snap an image of the service staff who served you well
3. Upload the image with the hashtag #HappinessServed:) and add the store's geo-location on Instagram

Service Professional, Jay, serving his customers with a smile at the HappinessServed Campaign

Customers showing their appreciation via Instagram at the HappinnessServed Campaign
#HappinessServed:) counters placed in participating stores will add up all the votes in real time, providing instant recognition to the businesses and service personnel for their outstanding service. Such would highlight the exceptional service levels of these local businesses and reinforce the need to build a culture of appreciation in Singapore. Customers without the Instagram application can also participate via the submission of physical voting slips located at various collection points on-site.

The campaign will close by 22nd September 2013, business, store and service staff with the highest votes will be announced then.

Just within a day's time, there is already 1500 #Happinessserved:)

(Photo Credit: Tiong Bahru Estate Facebook Page)

For more information on this campaign, please visit

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fresh On Board at The Manhattan Fish Market - The Manhattan Star Platter

Seafood Lovers Alert: It's time to visit Manhattan FISH MARKET again!

Check out the new star creation: The Manhattan Star Platter!

Whether flamed, baked, poached, fried or grilled, The Manhattan Star Platter has it all! With five different seafood cooked in five fin-tastic cooking methods, how can you not be spoilt for choice as you tuck into the smorgasbord of tastes and flavors to invoke the taste buds?!
The Manhattan Star Platter (SGD$39.95) is available for dine-in at all outlets of The Manhattan FISH MARKET from now to October 31st 2013

Poached: Garlic Herb Mussels
You can start with the Garlic Herb Mussels, where the mussels are poached to preserve the moisture, juiciness and flavors so that you can relish the seafood at its fullest. Served in the restaurant’s signature Garlic Herb sauce, you will get to enjoy a side serving of baguette to mop up the sauce with to its very last bit.

Fried: Fried Oysters
Next, you can make your way to savor the Fried Oysters which are coated in batter to give the oysters a crunchy bite on the outside while locking in the juicy tender goodness on the inside.

Grilled: Grilled Calamari
From the juicy Fried Oysters, move on to the goodness of Grilled Calamari where the juiciness of squid is sealed during the grilling process.

Flamed: Manhattan Flaming Prawns
Your dining pursuit will not stop at the calamari, for the next item on the platter will rev up your appetite to greater heights with the restaurant’s signature Manhattan Flaming Prawns. This glorious flaming process is filled with the visual excitement of showmanship where the service crew also known as Sea-cret Agents perform on-the-spot flaming to bring out the caramelized sweetness of the succulent prawns.

Baked: Mediterranean Baked Fish
Round up your dining pleasure with gusto over another of the restaurant’s hot favorite, the Mediterranean Baked Fish. By having the dory fillet baked in an irresistible blend of flavorful spices and herbs in foil, this cooking method helps to seal in the tantalizing aroma and flavor within to allow each and every diner to savor the goodness of the fish right up to the very last bite.

Note that it's served with Garlic Herb rice, so remember to bring more friends along to savor the new star creation... so you can have room to order other nice dishes, and the yummy desserts, e.g. the Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream~ *saliva drips*

To keep updated with upcoming promotions, visit The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s Facebook:
P/S: All prices quoted are before tax and service charge
Photo Credit: The Manhattan FISH MARKET 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lenovo Singapore Announces New Range of Multimodal Devices

Lenovo had recently announced the availability of a new range of devices that are designed to fit in with the multiple facets of modern consumers’ lives.

The Lenovo Miix, a 10.1-inch Windows 8 tablet with a PC processor, is the perfit fit for those who needs work and entertainment on the go. Sporting a “quick-flip” detachable folio case with an integrated AccuType keyboard, the Lenovo Miix instantly switches between PC mode and tablet mode to quickly adapt to user’s needs. Weighing in at approximately 0.5 kilograms and measuring just 10mm thin, it’s a perfect fit for today’s consumer who needs one integrated device for work and play.

Lenovo Flex is the world’s first multi-mode mainstream Ultrabook that comes in two practical modes.  Consumers can tap on laptop mode for productivity and content creation, or flip the product into stand mode to for entertainment through internet browsing, watching movies and gaming. Its ultra-slim design and touchscreen interface allow for anywhere, anytime use and is perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle of today’s consumer. Previously comes in 15" screen, now is available at 14" as Lenovo Flex 14.

Lenovo is also launching a compact seven-inch tablet for portability and ease of handling whilst on-the-go - the Lenovo A3000 tablet.  The tablet is powered by a 1GHz MTK processor, allowing optimization of the user experience for games, video, photo-sharing and web-browsing, offering seamlessly fluid navigation and highly responsive performance.

Lenovo also unveiled Lenovo’s latest mainstream Ultrabooks defined by their elegant design, the U330P and U430 Touch, with a thickness of only 19mm, packed into a svelte metal frame.

 In additon, a range of affordable, thin and light laptops bundled in an ergonomically-designed frame to maximise portability - Lenovo S210 Touch and S410, that weighs approximately 1.4Kg only.

Lenovo has also launched the IX2 and IX4-300D, Lenovo® Iomega® ix Series Desktop line of storage solutions, designed to make the lives of consumers’ easier by unifying content across multiple devices and platforms. With networked storage, consumers can access their content from anywhere, anytime, reducing the hassle of replicating their work files, games, movies and music across all their devices. The ix Series are also suitable for SMEs (small business enterprises) and home offices, increasing workflow efficiency and providing anytime, anywhere access to documents.

Availability and pricing:
The Lenovo S210 Touch is available immediately, priced at SGD$799
The Lenovo S410 is available immediately, priced at SGD$899
The Lenovo Iomega ix2 and ix4-300d are available immediately.

The Lenovo Flex 14 will be available during COMEX, with prices starting from SGD$999
The Lenovo A3000 tablet will be available during COMEX, priced at SGD$269
The Lenovo U330p will be available during COMEX, priced at SGD$999

The Lenovo Miix will be available at a later date, priced at SGD$799
The Lenovo U430 Touch will be available end September, with prices starting from SGD$1399

All products are available through Lenovo retailers and business partners.

Information via Lenovo Singapore

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Singapore-Exclusive: Limited Edition Casio Hello Kitty X Exilm EX-TR10 Camera

Singapore, 04 September, 2013 – Casio Singapore today announced the launch of its limited edition Hello Kitty X EXILIM EX-TR10, exclusive only to Singapore. Singapore consumers will be the only ones in the world who can purchase this latest and much-coveted addition to Casio’s self-portrait line of digital EXILIM cameras, designed in partnership with Sanrio Hong Kong.

The Hello Kitty X EXILIM EX-TR10 comes in a beautifully-decorated Hello Kitty-themed wooden case, with a variety of Hello Kitty-themed accessories which every Hello Kitty fan will be delighted to add on to their collection. This includes a camera strap, passport holder, carrying bag, camera pouch and screen cleaner as well as a limited edition certificate of authenticity.

The EXILIM EX-TR10 is a 12-megapixel digital camera featuring a one-of-a-kind swivel function that makes possible perfectly-framed self-portraits. Similar to the much sought-after EXILIM EX-TR15, the EX-TR10 also features a motion-shutter that allows consumers to activate the camera’s countdown timer from a distance and is equipped with the widest angle lens in the industry, allowing photo buffs to capture wider landscapes. The main difference between the two models is that, TR10 does not have wireless connectivity to smart devices which is available on the TR15.

A total of 100 units of Hello Kitty X EXILIM EX-TR10 cameras will be sold at the upcoming COMEX Show 2013 (5th to 8th September) at the Casio booth 6116, Hall 6A and will be limited to 25 units per day retailing at S$1,199.00.

P/S: Each consumer is only entitled to purchase one unit of the Casio Hello Kitty EX-TR10 and no reservation allowed.

For more information, please visit:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Singapore Couple Shamed for Damaging Hello Kitty Themed Hotel Room

A Singapore couple has hit the Taiwan headlines - for all the wrong reasons!

The couple allegedly caused damages amounting to at least NT$30,000 (SGD$1,300) during their stay at in a Hello Kitty themed family-owned bed-and-breakfast in Taipei earlier this year in June.

Accordingly to the owner of the bed-and-breakfast, Mr Wang, the couple had turned up a day earlier than expected and checked in without his consent and the couple did not stay for the agreed period after checking into the bed-and-breakfast earlier.

The pair had also reportedly left the water tap in the toilet running, and turned on the air-conditioning in the room at 16 degrees celcius for two days straight which caused ice to form on the interior of the air-conditioner and the compressor to crack, leading to irreparable damages to the unit and high utility bills.

The couple had also refused to pay for their stay and even threatened to not return the room key, according to the report on Taiwan's CTI TV.

Items were also reported stolen from the Hello Kitty-themed room, which was decorated with various Hello Kitty merchandise.

Just Some Thoughts:
It is nothing new of ugly Singaporean behaviour being heard / seen of, during trips to overseas, e.g. littering, complaining for the slightest issue.  There was once, where the local guide, upon knowing there there were Singaporeans on board the land tour, specifically requested of the Singaporean tourists, should there be anything not of satisfactory to them, to go direct to the local guide first to sought for solution, instead of complaining directly to the tour agency.  I was thinking "OMG" in my heart upon hearing this. 

If what is being reported, I think it's too much!  Apart from the stealing, one shouldn't waste electricity and water just simply because these are not being separately billed.  But I wonder why the couple behave this way, it will be better if they can show face and tell their side of story before everyone made judgement just based on the video clip.

(Video Credit: CTI TV Via China Times)


据台湾《中天新聞》报道,一对新加坡情侣原定在6月7日到11日间入住一个以Hello Kitty为主体的民宿。结果,他们不仅提前一天入住,隔一天便吵著要退房退租金,甚至不願意退還鑰匙。事後发现,房间的冷气被调到摄氏16度,并把冷气的强度调至最大,连续开了两天,冷气机的滤网都结冻,无法修理;同时,浴室水龙头的水也开着,连续流了两天,房间里的一些凱蒂貓 (Hello Kitty)周边商品也不翼而飞,估计损失约为3万元台币。(约1282新元)。現在房東懷疑是這對情侶動手腳,­已經提告竊盜和侵占。