Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Feet Mumbleʼs Wild Ride at Sentosa 4D Adventureland

Sentosa is always the favourite pick for parents during the school holidays, now all the more, parents should head to Sentosa with the premier of Happy Feet Mumbleʼs Wild Ride at Sentosa 4D Adventureland.

(Image credit: Sentosa 4D Adventureland)

Was invited to the media preview and had a chance to try out the Happy Feet Mumbleʼs Wild Ride! prior to the general public.  There was even a mascot of Mumble, which the kids just can't help pestering, poor Mumble... but the kids are definitely having a great time.

Executive Director of Sentosa 4D Adventureland, Mr Kevin Cheong giving a welcoming speech

 The Kids just can't help surrounding the Mumble mascot.

Yes, here we come, getting ready to join Mumble and his hilarious penguin friends to embark on a breathtaking icy adventure to discover the cause of his colonyʼs diminishing food supply! Racing down the frozen cliffs of Antarctica at chilling speeds and face Mumbleʼs leopard seal nemesis...

 Group Photo (From bottom anti-clockwise): Evalee, Alexia, Michelle, Clinton, Vivian & me.

Camwhoring with Vivian, or rather, Vivian camwhoring with me ;P

The SengKang Babies were here too!

Enjoy the motionsimulated extravaganza of the Happy Feet Mumbleʼs Wild Ride! and be totally immersed in the 4-D multi-sensory effects; experiencing shakes and bumps with its fun computerized graphics, 3-D moving technology and chilling air blasters. 

In additional, there is an interactive zone themed towards Happy Feet Mumble’s Wild Ride! where children can participate in educational activities such as connecting the dots and crossword puzzles.

Other than enjoying the thrilling Happy Feet Mumble's Wild Ride!, visitors of Sentosa 4D AdventureLand will also have unlimited admissions to enjoy below:

(Image credit: Sentosa 4D Adventureland)

4-D movie ʻJourney 2: The Mysterious Islandʼ - where you immerse in a 4-D movie experience through a synchronisation of 3-D imaging, wind, water and other special effects.

4-D motion-simulated, ʻExtreme Log Rideʼ - where you will be riding through ravines and down valleys in a virtual roller-coaster.

4-D interactive shoot-out game, ʻDesperadosʼ -where you aim and fire and compete in a run for the top sheriff honour with the motion-sensor pistol.

P/S: The Happy Feet Mumbleʼs Wild Ride! will be sharing the same theatre with the The Extreme Log Ride and the rides will have alternate screening. 

I personally feels that the Happy Feet Mumbleʼs Wild Ride! is more thrilling than the 'Extreme Log Ride' and it should attract the kids more. While there is no age restrictions, I think it may be more appropriate to bring kids of 5 years old and above, as some parts of the rides can be too vigorous and overwhelming for toddlers and those below 5 years old. But again, it will also very much dependant on the kid.

Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable ride, be it for the kids, or for the adults. So if you are running out of idea where to go, or what to do during the weekends, you may want to consider heading to the Sentosa 4D Adventureland.  The One-Day Adventure Pass will allow you to enjoy all four 4-D simulated movie / rides / game to all your might, with unlimited entries on day of visit!

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand

51B Imbiah Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099708

Operating Hours:
7pm - 11pm, Daily 
(last ticket sale, redemption & entry @ 8.15pm)
One-Day Adventure Pass Admission Fee:
Adult: S$38.90
Child: S$26.90 (3-12 years old)
**Unlimited entries on day of visit**
**Free entry for children below 3 years old**
** Sentosa Island admission and transport charges apply.**

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Samsung S Pen Mightier Than The Finger

The Samusung S Pen is marketed as more than just a stylus as it offers an incredible 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity so one can sketch and snip with a breeze. Samsung cleverly changed from the metonymic adage "The pen is mightier than the sword." to "The pen is mightier than the finger."

However, yesterday there is a viral circulation of the Samsung's S Pen Billboard ad, which rumoured to be spotted in France, reads, "The penis, mightier than the finger."  The missing space between the two words with the addition of a comma leads people to wonder if this is a typographical error, or an intended marketing gimmick to attract attention.  (Picture Source: @SamMobiles )

No one has been able to identify the authencity of the advertisment, until @_Martinovich_ received an inbox tip from a follower in France, that the advertisment is fake.  It seems that someone has meant to crack a joke on the Samsung S Pen advertisment slogan; if neligently placed the word "pen" and "is" together in the slogan, will mean totally different. While this seems to be of a bad humour for Samsung, it actually brings to the attention of consumers on the Samsung S Pen and become free publicity, which may not seem to be a bad thing afterall.

Exclusive Norton Deals at SITEX 2013

Check out the exclusive promotions of Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus at the SITEX 2013.  Each purchase will entitle you to great freebies like GP Battery Pack, Targus Messanger Bag, etc. The SITEX 2013 will be held at Singapore Expo, Halls 4B, 5 & 6, from 28 November - 1 December 2013, admission free.  Opening Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 - My Choice Earpiece

I owned several earpieces, among which, the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 best fit my required criteria as a great earpiece.  The wireless bluetooth earbuds connects with my smart devices with a breeze, be it smart phone or tablets.  Love that it comes with inline controller and microphone so I can switch between calls and music listening easily.
 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-connectedtoiPhone.jpg

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-connectedtoiPadmini.jpg
Per charge last for a good whole of approx 4 - 4.5 hours long, which is good lasting duration.  Especially since I travel to and fro Singapore and Johor for work pretty often.  One way trip is approx 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on traffic condition, so a full charge is good enough to last me for the round trip.  I can enjoy music or movies without disturbing the rest of the mates who are trying to make full use of the 1 hour+ of travelling time to catch some sleep.

 photo OnTheCar.jpg

Love its compactness, as it can be conveniently keep in the charging case.  The fully charged case allows up to 14.5 hours of listening time, in any case, should you missed out to charge the earbuds, all you need is 20 minutes quick charge through the charging case, and you will get an hour of listening time.

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2-Charging.jpg
Best of all, it is sweat proof and water-resistant, no more worries about sweat stained earpiece, or worry that it may get spoiled after an accidental spill of drinks on it!  But mind you, water-resistant does not mean it's waterproof, so do not try to swim in water with your earbuds!  ((+_+))

As all are aware, the public transport is getting more & more crowded during the peak hours with the growing population...  Many times, my wired earbuds got hooked on someone's bag / accessories and got pulled off. There was once I was wearing dangling earrings when the earbuds got pulled out and hooked against my earrings, the pain just can't be described in words.  Worse is when you are charging the smart phone and you will need to hold on the charger with the smart phone and trying to balance yourself without any hand stand to support, and run the risk of being knocked against and dropped these precious devices.  So I love the BackBeat Go 2 for being tangle-free and fuss free.

 photo At_MRT_station.jpg

No radio tuning in the office, but needed some music terribly to lift up your spirits?  The Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is your saviour!  Let down your long hair and camouflage your earbuds, and no one will go notice that you are listening to the radio...

 photo IntheOffice_1.jpg
Shhhhh.... Don't let the cat out of the bag.  But luckily, my office does allow me to tune in the radio as long as the volume is kept low...  This is just a tip for the less lucky ones...  heheheee...

 photo IntheOffice_2.jpg

Out late at night and walking your way home as no more feeder bus service available? Always get engrossed when listening to music?  Beware of falling into prey of the baddies.  Love that these wireless earbuds can hide well underneath my long hair and I can continue to listen to my music without being preyed so easily as it isn't obvious at all that I'm totally immersed in music!

Now that you know why the Platronic BackBeat Go 2 is my choice earpiece, do you want a pair as well?  Grab your chance to win a pair of BackBeat Go 2 just by answering 2 simple questions at here.  Good Luck to those participating!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Life's about Making Choices

Life's about making choices...

First thing in the morning, you can choose to be happy, or choose to be grumpy, whichever you decided on, shall affect your whole day's mood... Same things goes to choosing your head set, whichever headset you have chosen, shall determine your entertainment experience.

It is always a headache to look for that "PERFECT" headset, as there doesn't seem one that fits all the determining factor when making the purchase...  So when choosing my headset, I'll go for the one that fits most of my criteria.
- Good Sound quality with crystal clear sound and good bass;
- Comfortable earbuds, this is very important as uncomfortable earbuds cause me bad headaches;
- Tangle free, hated to untangle those long wired earpieces;
- Pocket Friendly, money doesn't come easy, every dollars and cents are hard earned money;
- For bluetooth headset, I will need it with good lasting duration so that I do not have my music or calls cut half way due to battery died down on me out of a sudden.

 photo headsets.gif

Black or White?  What is your choice?
For some, colours doesn't matter, as long as the device functions well, and is able to deliver. However, for some, colours does matter as it will affect the mood.  For you, which colour will you pick?  To me, black is classic and never goes wrong, it goes well with any attire and accessories.  As for white, it goes well with any colours too, and is considered more chic and trendy, however it is harder to maintain since white get dirty more easily.  This is also why I am agreeable to exchange my white earbuds with Celine who wanted the white earbuds badly.  Not that I do not hesitate about the exchange, but if the exchange can make 1 more person happier, why not?  It's all about choices...

But if you ever get to choose any colours of your own, what will be your choice?  Comment here, and maybe the Plantronics folk will consider adding in the new colour varieties in the 3rd generation.

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2BoxSets.jpg

Read on to why I choose Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 as my choice earpiece...

Don't forget about the 15% discount promotion that is only available for a limited period of time.  Get the Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Bundle at S$169.15:

1. Visit Http://

2. Enter promotional code: 15omycchai
 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo2Bundlepromocode.jpg

Friday, November 22, 2013

Chilling out at Bartini Kitchen

When I learnt of the chance to try out cocktail mixing at 'Nuffnang Lovin' x Cocktail Fun' @ Bartini Kitchen,  I jumped on the chance and RSVPed.  And YES!!! I got it!!!  I just can't help but get excited.

Under the umbrella of the WWW Concepts Group, the Bartini Kitchen is of simple modern aesthetic, juxtaposed with the warm wood accents, vintage floor tiles with original artwork by Fran Holden, a UK-based illustrator.  This creates a quirky yet welcoming atmosphere, perfect for all occasions.

Before the bartending workshop, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner by the kind folks at Bartini Kitchen.

The beetroot, spinach and goat cheese salad simply taste great especially when the spinach is really fresh, don't you think the spinach looks seductive? Goat cheese is not my cup of tea, nonetheless, it does not reduce my liking for this delightful salad.

Beetroot, spinach and goat cheese salad 

Love the The Retrospective’s legendary Mac & Cheese best, it is truly a crowd pleaser. Creamy and cheesy, yet not overwhelming.  A very comforting dish, I think I prefer to have the whole plate by myself, lol... 

The Retrospective’s legendary Mac & Cheese

Heard the Mussels in White Wine & Creamy Sauce is great, but before I get to try any, they are all gobbled up! I scooped a spoonful of the creamy White Wine sauce to taste and it is really delectable. I regret for spending too much time on the photography that I missed out to try this dish... Urghhh!!!

Mussels in White Wine & Creamy Sauce

Escalope of Pork Parmigianna served with creamy masih

Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Pizza

Yay, finally came to the cocktail mixing timing!  We were splits into groups of 4 to do different cocktail mixing and our team is doing the Bartini Esspresso.  I have always fancy coffee though am in no way a coffee connoisseur; anything that associates with coffee simply attracts me. 

After using all my strength to do all the shaking, My Bartini Espresso is finally completed with 3 coffee beans as the final garnishing.  What do you think of my cocktail mix and how do I fare as a bartender? :P 

Other teams consist of the Pornstar Martini, Fire & Ice, Elderflower Collins, Mojito, The Hunk (inspired by Sex and the City movie), etc...

There is a competition held, where all teams compete against for the 'Best Tasting Cocktail' and 'Best Looking Cocktail' award.

(Photo Credit: Nuffnang Singapore)

Which  team do you team will win the 'Best Looking Cocktail' and 'Best Tasting Cocktail'?

Drum Roll.... ...

The  'Best Looking Cocktail' goes to the Pornstar Martini team!  The Pornstar Martini is a mixture of vodka, raspberry liquor, passionfruit, a dash of sugar syrup served with a shot of Champagne won the 'Best Looking Cocktail'!  Congrats Charlene and Hannah!
 (Photo Credit: Hannah Chia)
And the 'Best Tasting Cocktail' goes to... the Bartini Espresso team, which is our team!!!  Woohoo!!!  I believe the reason we won is mainly due to, we managed to strike a balance in the portion of the Martini and coffee. The aroma of the coffee lingers around without overpowering the alcohol taste.
 (Photo Credit: Nuffnang Singapore)
All good things come to an end, so before we bid farewell, a group photo is definitely a MUST!
(Photo Credit: Nuffnang Singapore)

And not forgetting a shot with our mentor for the night  -- Barnaby Murdoch, Cocktail Director of Bartini Kitchen.  Thanks for the awesome experience as a one night bartender!

Last but not least, thanks Nuffnang SG for organizing 'Nuffnang Lovin' x Cocktail Fun', we really had much fun and definitely looking forward to more similar sessions in the future! I would love to attend barista or latte workshop, can you hear me? ;P

Bartini Kitchen
29 Boon Tat Street,
Singapore 069624

Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm

To keep up with latest promotion by Bartini Kitchen, visit:

~~*All photos are taken with iPhone 4s only, unless those originated from others as stipulated*~~ 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Starbucks and The Salvation Army Celebrates 10th Year Partnership

It's the time of the year again where Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) and The Salvation Army get together to spread the joy of sharing during the festive season. They will be into their 10th year partnership this Christmas.  Coffee-lovers will get to enjoy a complimentary tall-sized Starbucks beverage on 5th December 2013, 5 - 7pm island-wide, while donations are collected for The Salvation Army in Singapore.

Other than the Open House, Starbucks will also be holding a Christmas Festival at its Plaza Singapura outlet on 5 December 2013, from 5 pm. The Christmas Festival is in celebration of the 10 years partnership between Starbucks and The Salvation Army, featuring music performances by local artistes, and a pop-up thrift store run by The Salvation Army where customers can shop for Christmas pressies.

“Starbucks aims to make a difference in the local communities where we do business. We are proud of our ongoing partnership with The Salvation Army that has lasted a decade. As we continue to collaborate, we look forward to warming the hearts of our beneficiaries in this season of love and giving, by bringing a little more sunshine and cheer to their lives,” said Jane Lau, managing director of Starbucks Coffee Singapore. “The support provided by our customers and partners has always been the highlight of the year. For our 10th year partnership, we hope to do even more for The Salvation Army.” 

As a lead up to the celebration of the decade-long partnership, Starbucks will be lining up a series of intimate Christmas Get-togethers where local talents like, Natalie Hiong and The Gladstones, etc will perform at selected Starbucks stores to spread the festive joy.

The performance schedule will be available at Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page, fans can check out the schedule to catch.their favourite artistes at the selected Starbucks stores daily.

For more information, visit

Photo Credit: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Monday, November 18, 2013

Navy@Vivo 2013: RSS Endurance Exclusive Tour - II

During the tour on the RSS Endurance and looking through the profile of the Naval Chefs, I noticed that most of the Naval Chefs have been with the Navy for pretty long.  Even the youngest Naval Chef, ME2 Alex, at age of 26, has been with the Navy for 9 years. 

Being a Naval Chef, isn't an easy task at all.  Having to work for long hours and with irregular working schedules, they will need a lot of understanding from their family members to accept the fact that they will be away from home pretty often.  So what keep them going?

To them, being a Naval Chef is more than just cooking, it is serving the nation in a way that they are passionate about!  They love the fact that they get chances to travel, not only they get to learn new cuisines, but also the culture of the other part of the world and broaden their view. Some took on as a challenge as cooking while sailing in the sea is a total different experience.

"Being a Naval Chef is not just about cooking, but it allows me to travel more as well.  I get to see different parts of the world." -- ME2 Jagen.

I had some deep talk with Naval Chef, ME2 Wisely Tay, the pioneer Chief Chef for RSS Resolution and RSS Formidable, who has been with the Navy for 21 years. He was involved in numerous exercises and cocktail functions held at foreign ports and had converted to a Submariner at the age of 34 to experience a different type of training and lifestyle.

From then being looked down upon Cook, to now well respected Chef, it was not a easy journey for him. Those were the days when he first joined the Navy, people tends to associate cooks as the "Ah Bengs". It is over the years that cooks started to gain the recognition in their social status and re-labelled as Chef nowadays.

So why be a Naval Chef?
"I believe that a Naval Chef faces more challenges that a hotel chef working in a stable environment.  For example, we have to cook while the ship is out sailing in the seas, and we also have to work under pressure and meet our expectations on time.  For me, I relish these challenges and enjoy the unique experience cooking on board a military ship."

A former drop-out student after his secondary 2 studies, he is grateful to his then-superior, Executive Officer CPT Kumaran, for encouraging him to upgrade himself while his is young.  Heeding his then-superior’s advice he went for his N-Levels, and then did his Diploma in Culinary Skill (Western) from SHATEC.  He believes that one should not be self contented and firmly believe the importance of continual learning, and is now looking to upgrade to an Advance Diploma in Western Food Preparation (Western) with ICASTEC.

While Wisely's strength is in western cooking, he loves experimenting, and exploring new tastes and different cooking methods.  He loves to infuse local hawker food with western food preparation methods and the unique taste of Japanese cuisine, e.g. Teriyaki Chicken Chop with Hainanese Chicken Rice.  Although he spend almost 18 hours a day in the kitchen, he loves his job and gain the most out of it, when his fellow mates applaud his new creations.

A truly inspiring story of working hard towards in achieving one's dream, and he who perseveres wins at last!

Wisely had recently participated in the Star Chef Competition 2013 held by the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS), which results will be out soon on 26 November 2013. Wish him all  the best and may he gain Championship!
Shall end the post with some quotes to keep you inspired!

"People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to." -- George E. Allen

"I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature." -- John D. Rockefeller

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" -- Winston Churchill

"There is no failure except in no longer trying." -- Elbert Hubbard

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 Navy@Vivo 14-17 Nov 2013