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Clover Films Upcoming Local and Regional Movies

Attended Clover Films' Bloggers Event on last weekend, which we had a chance to get a sneak peek of upcoming movie release till 1st quarter of 2015 by Clover Films.

Release Date: 9 Oct 2014
Starring: Mark Chao 赵又廷, Lin Gengxin 林更新
Directed By: Tsai Yueh-hsun 蔡岳勳
Genre: Action

Panic spreads the whole city as a series of bomb explosions happen within hours and this is just the beginning of a tight-knit conspiracy. Righteous and impulsive, Wu Ying-Xiong (Mark Chao) is paired up with the intelligent but arrogant loner Chen Zhen (Lin Genxin) to track down the mastermind behind the bombing incidents. Stolen military missiles are now aimed at the Harbour City; and a deadly virus is about to breakout, which is highly contagious that it can devour the whole world in 14 days. Wu and Chen discover that the bombings are just the prelude to a massive destruction, planned by the Nightwalkers…

What's enticing?
* USD 15M production with top-notch international crew.
* Stunning visuals and adrenaline-pumping actions in 3D!
* Heartthrob Mark Chao, despite him already married.
* Participation of local artiste, Christopher Lee.

Read here for the movie review.

Release Date: 16 oct 2014
Starring: Kim Yun-Seok, Park Yoo-Chun, Han Ye-Ri, Moon Sung-Geun, Kim Sang-Ho
Directed By: Shim Sung-Bo
Genre: Drama

HAEMOO is about a group of fishermen who are driven into madness when their attempt to smuggle illegal migrants ends in a horrible tragedy. Six crew members – led by the captain, together with ‘Wan-ho’(Moon Sung-geun) who had an eventful life and lives hidden on the boat were together on the ship. To the naive and youngest crew member ‘Dong-shik’(Park Yoochun) who just started working aboard the ship recently– begin their dream of having their boat with a full load of fish. However on the open sea, they are transporting something, it is not meat but human beings!  An unknown ‘sea fog’ to which they cannot see what’s in front of themselves comes down and they become swept into an uncontrollable accident…

What's enticing?
* The script is based on true life story.
* JYJ pop group member - Park Yoochun, who is a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer and model at
    the same time.
* Veteran actors that will bring you through their struggles to survival.
* Selected as the Korea entry for the 87th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film

Release Date: 16 Oct 2014
Starring: Tang Wei 湯 唯, Feng Shao Feng 馮紹峰
Directed By: Ann Hui
Genre: Drama

Born into a land-owning family in Manchuria, Xiao Hong's mother died when she was young. Her estrangement from her tyrannical father sparked a long quest for an independent and emotionally satisfying life. Rescued from destitution by hard-drinking fellow writer Xiao Jun, their fraught and competitive relationship brought her more heartache than joy...

What's enticing?
* Art film directed by award winning Director, Ann Hui
* 71st Venice Film Festival Closing Film
* Toronto International Film Festival 2014 Masters Selection *Busan International Film Festival 2014 Gala Presentation
* Selected as the Hong Kong entry for the 87th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film

Release Date: 30 Oct 2014
Starring: Donnie Yen 甄子丹, Wang Bao Qiang 王宝强, Charlie Yeung 杨采妮
Directed By: Teddy chan
Genre: Action

Martial arts instructor (Donnie Yen) working at a police academy gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer (Wang Baoqiang) starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in exchange of his freedom.

What's enticing?
* A tribute to the martial arts masters
* Loads of fighting scenes with demonstrations of different forms of martial arts
* BFI London Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

Release Date: 13 Nov 2014
Starring: Miriam Yeung 杨千嬅, Louis Koo 古天乐, Gao Yuan Yuan 高圆圆, Vic Chou 周渝民, Daniel Wu 吴彦祖
Directed by: Johnnie Teo
Genre: Romance

As soon as Shen Ran loses his ingénue of a girlfriend Zixin to an architect, he revert to his usual womanizer self with a vengeance. He starts hitting on every pretty girl that crosses his path until he met the stock market maverick Yang Yang, whom is as gorgeous as she is talented…

What's enticing?
* Heartthrob Daniel Woo and Louis Koo with the addition of Vic Chou.

Release Date: 30 Oct 2014
Starring: Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, Maggie Jiang 江疏影, Xie Na 谢娜, Da Peng 大鹏
Directed By: Chu Yen-Ping
Genre: Comedy / Romance

Otaku (Jam Hsiao) and his roommate Mr. Cheap (Da Peng) are known as the ultimate geeks of their university. Like any other guys, their goal is to fall in love with their girls of their dreams. To get close to their goddess, Mr. Cheap pretends to be a spoiled rich kid, appearing everywhere Mei (Xie Na) goes. Meanwhile, Otaku tries to create a chance to talk to class beauty Ling (Maggie Jiang) by running into her in the hallway, only to have his plan fail awkwardly.

The school’s legendary couples party is fast approaching, and the only person to show up without a date will be etched on the “pillar of shame” and be mocked forever. To avoid this catastrophic fate, Otaku and Mr. Cheap decide to put away lame disguises and try winning their goddesses over by being sincere and earnest, and a fierce battle for love is about to kick off...."

What's enticing?
* Funny gags that chase your blues away, great stress reliever.
* A different aspect of Jam Hsiao with a nerdy look, apart from his usual rock prince in his singing career.

Release Date: 11 Dec 2014
Starring: Focus Jirakul, Chonnikan Netjui, Kittisak Patomburana
Directed By: Chookiat Sakveerakul
Genre: Horror

It has been three months since Nott (Punjan) lost his beloved girlfriend, Pla (Focus) in the motorcycle accident. Full of guilt, he tries to find a way to find back Pla’s soul and decides to join the emergency crew volunteer which he secretly picked up the belongings of the dead ones, hoping that he will be able to find back Pla’s soul, but things are not that simple. His friend, John (Jack) warns him against seeing spirits lightly, however, Nott continues to confront the haunting spirits hoping that they will lead him to Pla.  Never did he expected that everything that is happening is actually under Pla’s watchful eyes...

What's enticing?
* Horror thrills that drives you down the spine.

Release Date: Jan 2015
Starring: Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚, Jacko Chiang 蒋伟文, Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲, Eelyn Kok 郭蕙雯
Directed By: Lee Thean-Jeen
Genre: Horror

Jia En (Jesseca Liu), a grieving mother, seeks the help of her former caregiver, Mdm Seetoh (Liu Ling Ling), to bring back his soul of her seven-year-old son who died in a tragic road accident. However, after several strange and deadly occurrences in the house, she begins to suspect that there is something amiss with the soul she has brought back. As she unravels the truth, she realized that the horrifying truth that may cost her her life and the lives of those around her...

What's enticing?
* Jesseca's great acting skills gonna brings you through the journey of a grieving mom to a horrified mom

Release Date: 1st Quarter 2015
Starring: Chapman To 杜汶泽 , Mark Lee 李国煌, Michelle Ye 叶璇
Directed By: Adrian Teh
Genre: Comedy

“King of Mahjong” centers on the decade-long feud and eventual reunion of Huang Tian Ba (Mark Lee) and Ah Fatt (Chapman To), two top disciples of legendary mahjong guru, Master Ru. 20 years later, Huang Tian Ba, becomes a world-acclaimed mahjong magnate and shows up in Ipoh to challenge Fatt to The International Mahjong King Competition. Determined and contented to lead the life of a commoner, Fatt declines to join the competition. In a bid to force Fatt into the showdown, Huang abducts Fatt’s wife, Lei Meng Na (Michelle Ye), Fatt has no choice but to join the competition. On the mahjong table, Fatt and Huang compete as the finalists; Ru Wu Chang’s secret mahjong technique and the truth comes to light as the winner emerges...

What's enticing?
* A great mix of Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong artistes, of different demographics.
* Expect a good show put up by the many veteran artistes.
* Expect great laughs with veteran comedians - Chapman To and Mark Lee.

Among the above listed movies, which are your must see list?  Pls do share with me.
I personally am looking forward to BLACK & WHITE : THE DAWN OF JUSTICE 痞子英雄:黎明再起, KUNGFU JUNGLE 一个人的武林, and BRING BACK THE DEAD 招魂.
Although I had not watched the sequel 1 of BLACK & WHITE, however, the stories aren't much related.  I'm really looking forward to the visual effects with the strong production team, the trailer tells all!  Gosh, Donnie Yen's martial arts are great admired by all, and what interest me is that, KUNGFU JUNGLE 一个人的武林 is a tribute to all the martial masters and you get to watch the different forms of martial arts through out the movie! Jesseca Liu's acting skills has improved much over these years and I have no doubt in her leading the audience through the emotions of her character in BRING BACK THE DEAD 招魂.

If I must say, there's another movie that I'm looking foward to, which is Clover Films' acquired movie - Second Chance 逆轉勝,  starring the guitarist of Mayday 五月天 - Wen Shang-Yi 溫尚翊 (nickname: Monster 怪獸), Jason Wang 王識賢, Jasper Liu 劉以豪 and Peijia Huang 黃姵嘉.  In fact, I have been hearing many Mayday fans hoping that the movie will be brought in to Singapore.

Last but not least, thanks Clover Films and William for extending the invitation.

To keep up with latest movie release by Clover Films:
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Clover Films Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cloverfilms
Twitter: @cloverfilmsSG
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Image Credits: Clover Films

Monday, September 29, 2014

Anthony Neely's Truthful Confession 倪安東 真實告白

倪安東於數小時前上載了視頻,做出最真實的告白。坦言自己以在2010年與所愛的人結婚,並於2011年獲得了女千金。他希望大家可以藉由視頻,透過他的眼睛,感覺到他的真誠,並諒解他隱瞞的苦衷。當初為了愛,而隱瞞已婚的真相,是希望家人能夠保留個人隱私,避免受到不必要的騷擾。然而,與此同時,他的家人也因此受到傷害。因此,為了愛,他選擇公開真相,讓妻子不必再隱身, 也不再需要想辦法跟寶貝女兒解釋為什麼爸爸不能帶她去公園。同時,他也祈求獲得大家的諒解。

選擇在他的小公主生日這天公告天下,意義非凡。從視頻可看出倪安東眼中泛著淚光,也感覺到他的真誠,很是感動。雖然不算是他的粉絲,卻非常欣賞他的歌喉,因此依然會繼續支持他。想保護心愛的人的想法,並沒有錯;勇敢站出來於丈夫、父親的身份面對大家,實為勇氣可嘉…  想必心智成熟的粉絲,依然會給予支持。在此,祝福倪安東與家人幸福美滿。加油吧, 倪安東!

 Anthony Neely had just uploaded a youtube video few hours ago, making his confession that he has actually gotten married in year 2010 and his wife had given birth to a girl in year 2011.  He hope that via the video, audience can sense his scencerity through his eyes, that he had no wish to deliberately hide the fact that he was married, and now a father. The initial intention to hide the fact that he was married, was out to protect his family, to allow them to lead a normal life and have some privacy.  Yet, he realised, at the same time, he has done some hurt to his family, that he decided to make his confession and seek understanding from his fans / supporters.  He confessed his love for his wife and apologized for always having her to hide behind him, without made known.  He no longer wished  to explain further to his little princess, why he couldn’t bring her to the park and chose to make this confession on his little princess’ birthday.
Oh well, from the video, I can see the Anthonly seems to be fghting hard to hold back his tears and sense his cincerity too, I’m much touched. His decision to put up this video, I believe, isn’t easy at all; much courage is needed.   I sincerely wish him and his family a blissful life.  I’m not really a fan of Anthony but I do love his songs and his voice and will continue to show my support to him.  I believe any sensible fans, will continue to show their support to him.  For, it should be his songs / voice that lead them to support him.  Also his courage to stand up as a husband and as a dad is truly admirable. Gambetta, Anthony!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


仿似永無止境 ;

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MTV Sessions: B.A.P Exclusive Showcase In Singapore

Six-member K-pop boy band B.A.P (acronym for Best, Absolute, Perfect) - Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, and Jong Up brought the house down with close to 300 screaming fans in their first performance for MTV Sessions held at Resorts World Sentosa’s state-of-the-art Waterfront Studio on 11 September, 2014.
(Left to Right) Jong Up, Young Jae, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Zelo andBang Yong Guk of B.A.P.
Members took to the MTV stage and wasted no time showing why they deserved the audience’s enthusiastic screams and cheers. Performing against a backdrop of flashy video effects and dozens of stage lights, the group put up an exclusive showcase of their songs, including “Excuse Me,” “Hurricane,” “Where Are You?” “Lovesick” and " 1004 (Angel),” which left fans almost hyperventilating.
B.A.P greeted the audience and started the showcase with the rap-heavy “Excuse Me”.
Zelo posing for the fans.

In between tracks, the boys paused for a Q&A session with MTV VJs Alan and Hanli to answer some questions sent in earlier by fans. They performed a “chilli crabs” dance moment in response to what they love in Singapore, sending their fans into bursts of laughter.
B.A.P with MTV VJs Alan and Hanli.
When asked who the quietest member in the group was, Zelo, Jong Up, Young Jae, and Dae Hyun all pointed to Bang Yong Guk.
Zelo, Jong Up, Young Jae, and Dae Hyun pointed to Bang Yong Guk as the quietest member in the group.
As fans lit up the studio with their green B.A.P. Matoki light sticks, the boys captivated the crowd with their solid vocals and fancy dance moves. The close to 300 fans, left on a high, feeling satisfied, privileged and screaming for more.

Fans lit up the studio with their green B.A.P. Matoki light sticks.

The MTV Session ended with catchy dance number “1004 (Angel)”.

Catch B.A.P's performance on MTV Asia on Thursday, 25 September at 7pm (WIB), 8pm (SG), 9pm (MAL) and 11pm (PH) with additional content available online at www.mtvasia.com/mtvsessions. It premieres in Thailand on Friday, 10 October at 8pm.   
Repeat airings of the show are at the following times:
  • Thursday, 25 September at 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SG) and Friday, 26 September at 12am (MAL)
  • Saturday, 27 September at 11am (WIB), 12pm (SG/PH) and 1pm (MAL)
  • Tuesday, 30 September at 3pm (WIB), 4pm (SG/PH) and 5pm (MAL)
  • Thailand: Saturday at 11 October at 10am, Sunday, 12 Oct at 10pm, Tuesday, 14 October at 1pm and Thursday, 16 October at 5pm
MTV Sessions: B.A.P is ignited by Xpax, and in partnership with Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.
Image Credit: MTV Asia/Aloysius Lim

Thursday, September 18, 2014

WINNER Meet & Greet at Westgate Samsung Experience Store

14 September, Singapore - YG Entertainment’s newest boy band, WINNER, made an appearance at the Samsung Experience Store at Westgate, where they held a Fan Meet session.  Lucky fans picked, got the chance to get up close and personal with WINNER, and receive autographed poster from them.

WINNER with lucky fans at the Meet and Greet event at Westgate

The boy band also took a tour of the Samsung Experience Store, checking out the latest Samsung devices.

WINNER at the Samsung Experience Store in Westgate

Members of WINNER checking out the latest Samsung devices

WINNER testing out the camera function on the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+
Image Credit: Samsung

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singapore’s First and Only Collagen Hotpot Buffet @ Momiji Shabu Shabu

Newly established Momiji Shabu Shabu, promised to provide Singaporeans a wonderful gourmet experience. The restaurant is first in Singapore to offer the collagen hotpot buffet. Complementing the collagen soup are over 100 items including including premium items such as Kurobuta pork, half-shell scallops, deep red sea prawns and Asari clams.  A splendid indulgence at an affordable price!

The divine soup base is made of collagen pudding, which is the culmination of six hours of simmering kampong chicken, where chicken bones are fully dissolved and every bit of goodness goes into the broth. Fresh vegetables are also added to provide more nutrition and flavours. The broth is then cooled, solidifying into a silky smooth pudding that brims with collagen.

Patrons can take the enjoyment up a notch with the Himalayan Pink Salt: a natural and pure mineral substance gathered from the Himalayas, as well as Collagen Shoyu or Hot Kimchee Paste to customise the flavour of the soup to their liking.

With over 100 items to tuck into, from a wide variety of sushi to bouncy fish balls, handmade bamboo meat pastes to crunchy vegetables, perfectly sliced shabu shabu meat and fresh seafood, patrons are simply spoilt for choices. Pair these delicious ingredients with the unique dipping sauce you create from a total of 12 different dipping sauce choices! You can end the meal with warm desserts and ice cream.


Special deal for 2:
For every two diners, they will get a complimentary premium item of either wagyu beef or snow crab.

Operating Hours and Price List:

With such a wide spread at the above mentioned mentioned price, it is pretty worth going for.  Have fun in mix and match for your sauce creation for that unique taste.
Momiji Shabu Shabu
Address: Balestier Shaw Plaza #04-01 (S) 329783
Tel: 6258 3398

Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Samsung] YG Family Singapore Press Conference 2014

12 September 2014, Singapore - YG Family artists BIGBANG, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH and WINNER came together for “YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore” press conference. This is the first time that a YG Family concert is being held in Singapore and also Epik High’s and WINNER’s first visit to here.

Media photographers / videographers getting ready, waiting for the arrival of YG Family Concert artistes 

Samsung Representative giving a speech before the Press conference starts

Almost all YG Family Concert artistes turned up at the press conference, with the exception of PSY and BIGBANG’s member, Seungri whom met up with a car accident in the early hours of September 12.

YG Family Concert artistes
Pre-screened questions were randomly picked and asked by the emcee.

Emcee for YG Family Singapore Press Conference 2014
When asked which particular food or dish they like to try in food paradise Singapore, Daesung joked, “The last time we were here for our tour, we had a lot of pepper crab and chili crab that we went ome walking sideways.”, which sent Tablo and G-Dragon into laughing fits.

When asked who is BIGBANG’s inspiration among the YG Family, T.O.P replied that they are inspired by WINNER.  “I don’t have a special reason for WINNER being our inspiration. They inspire us just because they are winners.” As for artistes whom BIGBANG like to work with, T.O.P answered, 2NE1 and Epik High.

With regards to the style and genre of their next album, DJ Tukutz from EPIK HIGH responded that it’s a secret.  “We do not want to spoil things by revealing too much today but we promise that we will be meeting you soon with a great project. One thing for sure, it’s going to be amazing.”

When asked which was their most memorable moment since their debut, WINNER’s leader, Kang Seung Yoon replied that it would be to be with their seniors here in Singapore is very special for them.  “I’m sure this will be very memorable.”

When asked who Epik High wants to collaborate with? Tablo replied the boss of YG, Yang Hyun Suk. That it would be a rap and dance collaboration.

Dara answered that “I have always liked to try acting like T.O.P and be in movies”, when asked what other projects would each member of 2NE1 love to take up.  She was immediately challenged by T.O.P to do a crying scene on the spot. But Dara stated that she would like to try a kissing scene with fellow label mate Mithra Jin from EPIK HIGH, and would show them the next time.

All the artists were having fun snapping around and taking selfie with their latest Samsung smartphones, Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G.



Each artist is also presented with a Samsung goodie bag.

Group Photo Time!!!

YG Family will be heading to Beijing, China on 19th October and Taoyuan, Taiwan on 25th October for their next performance.