Monday, April 20, 2015

Eu Yan Sang TCM Weight Management

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Most women are dealing with their weight issues for their entire life, be it underweight or overweight, except for the few blessed ones.

Women like me, who are near to stepping into the big forties, are likely to face midlife crisis, such as midlife weight gain due to slow down of body metabolism. If I tell you I've never thought of slimming down, it will be lying to you!

Here, I'm not promoting for excessive weight loss. While I strongly believe that natural is beauty, and we should never judge a book by its cover, we can't deny the fact that first impression counts. Excessive weight loss can only bring about health issues like anorexia nervosa which is an eating disorder.  As a modern woman today, we need to take charge of our own lives and know what is needed best for ourselves.

We need to recognize that obesity is a problem, not because it hinders our looks, but rather, it may be suggestive to health issues. We all know that obesity is likely to bring about health issues like: fatigue, sweating, headache, shortness of breath, back pain, constipation, stomach bloating, diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis, etc.  Also, it is likely to bring upon lower self-esteem when one simply can't fits in all sizes available in that department store, not even XXL!?!!  Self-confidence is a great contributing factor to beauty!

It's not as if I was never tempted to step into the slimming centers, but I see real life examples of friends of mine, who successfully slimmed down, soon gain weight rebound after they stopped their slimming program and STRICT diet plans suggested to them.

I do ever consider taking a more natural approach like TCM which promotes healthy weight loss through their treatment. Having learnt that TCM approach is mainly referring to the use of acupuncture really puts me off.  Friends who know me well, I'm very afraid of injections, let alone having needles pricking on my body??? This is a big NO to me.

However, after watching the below video on TCM Weight Management (Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic), I do have second thoughts....

Apparently, I have the misconception of acupuncture is a painful process, which should be more like an achy or numb sensation. After verified with some of my friends who have ever taken acupuncture before, some shared that it felt like a mosquito sting for that moment.

Eu Yan Sang’s TCM approach helps with improving the internal health conditions, stimulate sweat glands, detoxify body, improve metabolism, slow down digestion and suppress appetite, etc., with mainly acupuncture, coupled with prescribed herbal medication, cupping and ear acupressure.  Their proprietary Weight Management Program has a stabilization period that helps reduce chances of weight rebound.  It’s always better to consult a physician to prescribe the best herbal treatment for your specific physique and body condition in order to lose weight effectively.

Interested to find out more about Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Weight Management Program? Sign up for the FREE WORKSHOP on 05 May 2015 by filing up the form here. Dinner and refreshments will be provided during the workshop. There will also be a token of appreciation for all successful attendees.

P/S: Remember, a good treatment alone is not sufficient for you to conquer your weight issue.  A good & balanced diet with regular exercising are also crucial in achieving to live in the body you have always wanted.

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