Friday, July 24, 2015

Relive childhood memories and win invitations to "1965" with KDK "Treasured Moments"

Gone are the days where we stood in front of an electric fan, pretending to be Darth Vader or Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator”. These days, children have the luxury of having technological gizmos as toys during playtime. However, the unity and love of a family stands strong through the changing times, and this is reflected no more clearly than in the upcoming celebrations of SG50.

To celebrate the nation’s golden jubilee with your family and loved ones, Capital Distributors (S) Pte Ltd, key distributor of KDK Fans has launched a nostalgia campaign titled “Treasured Moments” to showcase the timeless journey of love through the generations.. KDK will also be giving away 50 sets of exclusive invitations to the public and their families (up to 6 pax) for a private screening of the “1965” movie, an SG50 celebration film about Singapore’s growth from the racial riots. Participants just need to submit an entry of three photographs.

Together with MM2 Entertainment, the same production house behind the “1965” film, KDK Fans has also produced a short film titled “KDK Fan Talk – Treasured Moments” which bring back fond memories of childhood days, standing in front of an electric floor fan and pretended to speak like a robot.

Simply visit to submit three photographs depicting, depicting your treasured moments with your family and loved ones – with captions and the year that the photograph was taken in order to generate a personalised Photo Journey on the KDK “Treasured Moments” microsite. Participants can also share their personalised Photo Journeys on their Facebook accounts, as well as LINE accounts.

Submit by 31st July 2015 to stand a chance to win invitations to the private screening at Shaw Theatres Lido on 11 August 2015. 
**Updated: The contest deadline has been extended till 3 August 2015.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trapped.SG - Singapore 5D Real Escape Room @ *SCAPE

Some time back, I was invited by Trapped.SG (Trapped Escape Room) to try out one of their escape rooms.  They have 2 branches, one is at Kandahar Street near Arab Street, where the famous swiss roll cake shop - Good & Rich is nearby; and the other is conveniently located at *SCAPE.

Trapped is a 5D real escape room, whereby players are trapped within a themed room and need to use their wits to solve puzzles and locks to find their way out within the 60 mins time frame.

There are total 5 themes of different difficulty and intensity level available in the 2 outlets:
Avengers / Friday the 13th / World War Zombies at *SCAPE outlet
Hunger Games - The Escape / Hansel & Gretel - Witches Lair at Kandahar Street Outlet

Together with Samuel, Crane, Yyann, Jessie and Joanne, we headed over to the branch at *SCAPE to try out the World War 3: Zombies Edition (World War Zombies).  Upon knowing that we will be trying out a horror themed room, Jessie and Joanne were a bit worried if there will be something horrified that will suddenly drop down right in front of them.  But during the briefing session, they are rest assured that this will not happen and they felt more at ease.

Image Credit: Trapped.SG

As usual, there are some games rules that need to abide to, of which, one common rule among the various escape room operators is that, no mobile phone is allowed.

Crack all clues within the 60 mins time frame and get your photo up on this wall of fame!

Although the room capacity is stated to be 2-10 person, it is highly recommended for a group of not more than 6 person as the walkway can be a bit narrow.  Especially when we start heated up and run around to search for clues, we tend to bump into each other occasionally.  One thing to take note of, the room is real dark for the World War Zombies room, until you solve the first puzzle and found the torch light.  We wasted 15 mins cracking our brains and going nowhere to solve the first clue before we decided to ask for help.  But mind you, the assistance given isn't that direct so you will still need a bit of thinking to solve the puzzle.

The puzzles to be solved are quite challenging.  Sometimes, the most obvious ones are neglected, resulting us taking much longer to solve the puzzle.  Unfortunately, we did not managed to solve the puzzles in time.  But we are given an extra few mins and finally we get to escape from the land of zombies!

Have your photos taken together with the photo props available after the game and Trapped.SG will actually upload your group photos on their Facebook page. One problem with the props, is that many are in poor conditions so maybe they may look into better way of storage and maintaining them.

Current game rates:
Off Peak Hours (Mon to Fri, before 6pm): $22/pax
Peak Hours (Mon to Fri after 6pm, Sat/Sun/PH All Day and Eve of Christmas/New Year): $24
Student Rates  (Mon to Fri, before 6pm): $18/pax, 21 years old and below with student pass

Do make your booking in advance to ensure the availability of the escape room that you desire to challenge and you can opt to either pay online, or pay by cash/nets in the store.

Trapped Outlets:

Kampung Glam Shop Houses
42 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198896
Tel: +65-6292 2177

2 Orchard link #02-20/21/22
Singapore 237978
Tel: +65-6636 9722

Working Part Time in Singapore Now and Then

With the high living expenses in Singapore, it is not uncommon for one to hold part time jobs in Singapore to earn that extra dollar, even students.

One may hold a part time job for different reasons.  Those days, most of the students who hold a part time job aims to lighten the burden of our parents where we earn our own pocket money / tertiary tuition fees, but nowadays, most students hold a part time job to fulfil their materialistic needs.

Kids are very fortunate nowadays, most of them get a hefty sum of pocket money, compared to my times.  As the family size grows smaller now, with most families having 1 kid only, most parents are more willing to splurge on their kids.  Back in 20 years ago when I was in poly education, anyone who were to get an allowance of $10 a day, is considered getting a lot!  But now?  The teen will probably be complaining that this amount is too little when comparing with their peers.

Those days, most of the students will probably be part-timing in fast food chains like McDonald's and KFC with a miserable rate of around $2-$2.50 per hour, which I heard the current rate is now doubled or more.  Others may look for part-time retail assistance or waiter/waitress job that can fetch better rates, averaging $3.50-$5 per hour , which now average out to be $6.50-$9.50 per hour.  Other common part time jobs are like distributing flyers or night shift/weekend production jobs.  Now, there are much more variety of part time jobs Singapore opportunities available, and the rates much better compared to the past, even having factored in the inflation rate.

Those were the days, we do our part time job search by flipping through the temporary / part-time section of the Straits Times recruitment.  But now?  All you need is to enter a search of keywords like "part time jobs for students" and there is a list of readily available part time job options for you to pick.

Whatever the reason you are holding a part time job, it is important to pick up some skills which will be of good use in the future!

Time management 
While part time job is flexible, one needs to have a proper time management to juggle between his/her work and studies.

This is very much related to time management too.  Not all people suits to take up part time job, if one is unable to prioritise, it is unlikely he/she can manage his/her time well.

Customer Service
Day to day, you will face both external and internal customers; this is where you need to apply the customer service skills to handle these people of different facets in different ways. You may be interested to read my old post on my own definition of customer service.

Problem Solving 
It is inevitable that you may come across a difficult person during your work, and how to handle him/her may be a challenge. Other than getting an idea of his/her frustration/anger, it is importable to offer solution or suggest alternatives. This is where you may need to practice a bit of flexibility and sometimes to think out of the box.

Communication Skills
Be accountable to what you said and listen with empathy.  Keep your points short and concise to have message clearly convey across.  Check your interpretation and do not make any assumption to make sure you get the correct understanding.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road 2015

The pilot Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road has been successful in garnering public interest and enhancing Orchard Road’s street vibrancy.

At each Pedestrian Night, the stretch between Scotts/Paterson junction to Bideford junction will be closed to vehicular traffic from 6 pm - 11pm, allowing visitors to experience an array of bustling activities across the entire space on the iconic shopping boulevard.

The Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road will be extended from July - December 2015 as we commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. For the extension, the buzz will extend beyond the street and visitors can look forward to different themes, in-mall activities, special promotions and contests. Visitors can also participate in the monthly photo contests on Instagram/Facebook and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

  • Entry and exit to all operating carparks are not affected. The ingress and egress to all the carparks in the malls remain fully accessible.
  • • Orchard Road remains accessible via train services. 
  • • For drivers, entry to Orchard Road via Grange Road.

Monthly Themes:
4 July 2015 - Orchard Road Flash Sales
1 August 2015 - SG50 “Red and White” Party
5 September 2015 - Rev-up on Orchard
3 October 2015 - Get Active on Orchard Road
7 November 2015 - Fashion with Friends and Family
5 December 2015 - Christmas on A Great Street
* Theme and highlights are subjected to change

This initiative is organised by Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) and supported by Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

For the latest information about Pedestrian Night, please visit!
Follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at

Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2015

The Singapore International Jewelry Expo is back to Marina Bay Sands Singapore from July 2 to 5, 2015, with more than US$150 million exhibit of exquisite range of jewelry and designs from around the world by 200 exhibitors from 26 countries.

Backed by strong support from the international jewelry industry spanning the globe from United States to South Africa, from Europe to Australia and from Asia, the Singapore International Jewelry Expo to showcase a truly spectacular trove of jewelry, gems and accessories to both members of the trade and the public and integrates two areas of interest – jewelry and investment.

This year, the organizer has worked tirelessly for twelve months to commission some of the most exquisite and affordable jewelry from jewelers from all over the globe, for buyers here in Singapore. These range from S$259 to S$15,000 and are crafted by some of the most talented jewelers from Italy, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

The Million Dollar Row presented by IVY Masterpiece showcase an extremely rare collection of Burmese ruby ring and diamonds ranging from rings to earrings to bracelets priced from S$1,500,000 to S$3,300,000. Learn about investments in gemstones from Ms Ivy Choa of IVY Masterpiece.
The show highlight is a 950-ct natural unheated Burmese ruby rough, which is extremely rare find! This is exhibited at the Luxe jeweller DeGem. To appreciate the importance and value of this amazing rough, one need only refer to the sale of a 25.59ct Burmese ruby ring at a world record price of USD30.33 million, at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in May 2015. This world record was not only for a ruby sold at an auction but also for any colored gemstone at an auction.

Other highlights includes:

Exquisite 9.47 carat rare cushion cut Fancy Yellow Diamond worth USD 700,000 from KGK Diamonds. The GIA certified diamond is regarded as top most diamond certification lab globally.

​DeGem’s ‘Pinnacle of the Ocean’, a 38-carat unheated Burmese Sapphire set in place against the diamond-embellished, blackened gold ring. Certified by the Gem Research Swisslab, this natural sapphire with a rich and intense blue hue, makes it the centre of attention among all the other exhibits.​
IVY Masterpiece presents a rare S$600,000 diamond necklace made up of string of exquisite white diamonds accompanying a 5.06 carat pear shape centrepiece.

The show is organised by Conference and Exhibitions Management Services (CEMS). Visa is the official credit card for SIJE 2015.

Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2015
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Halls A & B
Dates : 2 - 5 July 2015 (Thursday to Sunday)

Admission Time: 
11:30am to 8:30pm (Thursday - Saturday)
            11:30am to 7:00pm (Sunday)

For more information, pls visit: 

Photo Credit: CEMS

Canon PhotoMarathon 2015

The Canon PhotoMarathon is back in Singapore! Take up this highly anticipated challenge to create themed masterpieces under time pressure, roving around Singapore’s breathtaking cityscape as your visual playground. Be part of the multitude of passionate photographers ready to push the limits in capturing still images.

Date: 22 August 2015
Time: 0700 Hrs
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Hall C
Participation Fees: (Open / Corporate) $15, (Student) $10

One Best Of Show winner from the Open Category and student Category will each win a Photo Clinic to Japan worth USD $5000.00!

Sign-up at NOW!
Official Facebook Page: 

P/S:  The Canon Photomarathon is open to all digital camera (DSLR/Mirrorless/Compact) users, regardless of brand of the camera.